Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Bright Idea and a Free Canvas Deal

I've made a decision, the consequences of which are sure to reverberate through the ages. What once eluded me now seems entirely clear. It's fate, maybe. Or serendipity.

I'm making a gallery wall.

In the stairwell.

Did I just invent this idea?

What??? No???????

Is stairwell a proper word? Or am I channeling Mr. Carson agayne? (said with a long A) (oh wait, that's Canadian...)

As I've lamented, we have precious little wall space up in this nest. We're maxed out. Except for the stair...well? There's loads of space there. And it's partially visible from the living room. So, you know, win/win.

Think this. But there's a twist.

Bear with me. (I like to twist.)

I want to do all or most of it in canvas prints of our personal photos.

!!!!! ZING !!!!!

(You better be as excited about this as I am. The least you could do is pretend.)

True, I won't be able to bag this beast in a couple of weeks, or even months. BUT... We keep saying we want to enjoy more of our photos and I see deals at Canvas People all the live-long day. As in, they really want me to have this gallery wall. No otha explanation. I'll be able to chip away at it, deal-by-deal. Right now, they're giving away an 8 x 10 for free-eeee! (think Oprah) All you have to pay is shipping. It's a little bit'a extra cash well spent. (Also in that category: babysitters for date night, bi-monthly Hacienda chips and salsa, Butter Kek, fig or pomegranate candles from TJ Maxx, the occasional cooking magazine, tulips from Aldi.)

I've been kicking this around for a while and last night I started snooping around our ginormous electronic warehouse of pictures. It did my heart good, man. So I think I'm going to go way, way rogue and swing for a flower/farmy/cute kid theme. (No one's ever thought of that either, right? I'm entirely original, yes? No????)

Here are some contenders in the category, "Flower":


(This is reportedly Cory's favorite photo that I've ever taken. I find it kind of creepy. I must've been in a real mood that day.)

The nominees in the category "Farmy" are:

 And now, "Cute Kid":

Uh, yeah, I've barefly even started combing the archives. I could probably wall-paper the whole dang house in cute kid and flower pics. I'm sure much deliberation will ensue.

But I do know that I'll make sure to include this beaut. I still crack myself up over this. I daresay it was my finest hour. Email if you're interested and I'd happily send you the jpeg so you can have this sexy beast printed on canvas for yourself!

Click here to order your free canvas! This would make a fantastico Mother's Day gift, too. (Just make sure you order by April 25th if you're buying for your Mum.)

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