Sunday, April 21, 2013

Home Alone Volume II

Some girls shop their way back to sanity.
Rich girls travel, or do a spa weekend.

I read books, cook food, take naps. I watch a little telley.

But yesterday I found myself with a rare and priceless gift, the likes of which I haven't seen in a very long time: I had 2 hours alone in my house on a sunny Saturday afternoon. And I had already had a fun morning shopping and lunching with Mr. Lee and Rubester and I'd already spent one light-headed hour scrubbing the tub.

My Home Alone came to me by way of fluke, unplanned and impromptu, which was probably for the best.

I didn't know what to do. I felt almost exactly like this. I wanted to do everything (and by everything, I mean books, food, and nap) but the truth is, I still hadn't showered and I had dinner plans with two charming ladies, so that probably needed to happen.

I ended up doing what any sensible girl would do - I took 19 pictures of my baby succulents. They were $2 each at the CVS and yes, it seemed a little splurgey for something so tiny and killable, but what kind of sick person would walk away from a baby succulent? Not me, that's who. I bought triplets. They make me smile every day in their little green crib.

Unfortunately/fortunately, that little escapade took me all of ten minutes because I played my favorite rogue ultra-amateur photographer game, "Don't Move the Dials", which means that whatever the camera happened to be set at for its last use is what I'm stuck with.

{Incidentally, the camera I used to take the above photos is for sale to a good home. It's a Canon 40D with a Canon 28-135mm lens. $350 for the pair. Very good condition. Email me if interested at shannandmartin@gmail...} Edit: SOLD!!!

As my Good-Luck Saturday would have it, our land-line rang, which only means one thing - prison call! We blew right through the allotted 30 minutes. Hilarity ensued, so of course I facebooked it. (On the slim chance that you need more FPFG kid quotes in your life, follow me on facebook here. I also rant about celebs and talk too much about food.)
Robert: People always be tellin' me I'm too white. I don't care. I use proper English!
Me: You're your own person. I love that about you.
Robert: Yeah, but I might need to kick up my "hood".
Me: Well, Dad and I are more hood than you think.
Robert: laughs
Me: You don't even know.
Robert: Yeah, you're so hood that you just drove your mini van to Target and bought pink shoes.*
Hahaha. LOVE this kid.

After our call, I somehow ended up on a 90's Country Music bender. I don't even know how it happened but I sure am glad. It was divine. Just, Sammy Kershaw, I love you. I need more of your nasal in my life. I feel bad when my friend Melanie says you're a dirty old man. You're the Charlie Daniels of the slightly-buzzed crooners. Joe Diffie? I like it that you had a beer gut and didn't try to look pretty. Pam Tillis? Maybe it was you, maybe it was me, but it shore felt right. 
The 90's was where it was at, people. They said "ain't" without irony. They said "cain't" instead of the blase, stuffy "can't". Their boots weren't just for show.

(I'm sorry, Reba. I was never a fan. Truly very sorry.)

In typical fashion, I spent too much time singing in the shower and had 20 minutes to pull myself together. I wore old bootcut jeans, navy velvet blazer, grey v-neck, bubble necklace, and converse. My hair was a free-flowing fright, I'm sure. But it was so worth it because I heard Baby Kenny Chesney singing a real country song and not Carribean-Pop-Country fusion.

Since I'm already over-sharing I'll go ahead and say this:
Blackberry sangria
Goat cheese guacamole and homemade tortilla chips
Something called Al Pastor, which involved delicious pork, fluffy tortillas, fresh slaw, and tomatillo salsa.

Our weeks have gotten stressful and insane lately. I needed yesterday like Tim McGraw needs his hat. 

What was your weekend like? More importantly, what would you do with two free hours in your casa?

*Ruby has been saving her allowance money for pink patent ballet flats with bows on the toe. I literally pried them off her cute brown feet an hour or so ago while she lay fast asleep.


  1. Love your conversations with Robert. Maybe we can see a photo of Ruby in her pink shoes??

  2. Two free hours - I think I would nap. Sleep is my love language. But in reality I would probably spend the time doing odds and ends.

    True confession: I am not a Reba fan.
    Truer confession: When The Hubs and I were just married, my southern California mother-in-law found out I liked country and got out a Reba cd for a family party just for me. And The Hubs told her, "Amanda doesn't like Reba." instead of just letting me fake forever liking Reba to appease my new mother-in-law.

  3. sounds like a great day!
    dare i even admit that i already killed a succulent, so when my mom and i went shopping yesterday i bought FAKE succulent plants for 50% off at hobby lobby(how lame am i?!?).
    three totaled under $5 bucks and they will be the gift that keeps on giving.
    also, my husband thought they were real!

    1. Now that's what Im talkin bout! I bought a fake orchid- fake roots and all! And a fake African violet! Hey, they cost the same as real and I don't feel remorse in 6 months!

  4. a weekend full of 7 teenagers and 3 littles. i would have loved 2 hours alone...i would have tried to fit it all in: nap, read, shower - all 3 things uninterrupted...sigh

  5. I checked A LOT of things off of my to do list in preparation for "May Madness" which includes a college graduation, a wedding, a high school graduation and putting our house on the market. If I had had 2 hours to myself I would have sat on my deck in the sun and napped and read.

    Goad cheese guacamole? I am going to have to google a recipe for that! Sounds YUMMY!

  6. A weekend full of rushing, doing and nothing seemingly accomplished and yet we are all happy and tired. Papa is reading books to the boys before bedtime now and I must go finish a sink full of day old dishes. Although I did manage to write a short poem and post it on the blog.

  7. First of all, you crack me up! I need that. Thank you.
    Secondly, two full hours.....
    Nap, clean or pin. Not sure. :)

    1. How could I forget about pinning? I'm sure I took a quick gander while I was kickin' it with the country boys.

  8. This post makes me smile. It's here, there and everywhere and I love it.

  9. two free hours?? unthinkable bliss. i really hope my cvs is as succulent-y as yours. i want some!

    cheers to two hours well spent.

  10. dude. seriously? why does kenny think he is now some islander/country singer? lame-sauce. i feel the same about jason aldean and his sometimes rappish-country.

    2 hours? last week on my two hour rest {once a week from my mama} I actually drove around the part of our county I love and day dreamed about owning a home there. pathetic.

    1. Sounds so dreamy.

      And yes on Jason Aldean. I queued up my favorite JA song during my bender, "The Truth". Yo, Jason, no more rapping!

  11. I SOOO identify with the spastic "I want to do it all at once" during rare, kid-free time. Your day sounds awesome. Only my anal retentive self is more interested in getting things done, so I can finally be caught up (for 2 mn anyway). I even made a game of it once - For relaxation, I just stay up until 1:30 a.m. pinning and stalking blogs (like yours!) Sadly, it makes me less than pleasant the next day. A nap would be smarter, I suppose...

  12. Three things
    1. I had a few hours of Home Alone time yesterday too. It was awesome. I sewed stuff and read & journaled but more importantly I did not clean anything.

    2. I asked my husband to buy me a couple succulents when he went to Home Depot a couple weekends ago. He let the boys pick them out. I now have to catcuses/cacti?? on my windowsill. Not exactly what I had in mind.

    3. Today while I was working on school stuff I wanted to watch a movie so I picked one on Netflix called Butter because Jennifer Garner was in it. It was really stupid, I actually turned it off after having to skip ahead a couple times. Once because of a bad scene and once to see if it was going to ever get better. Anyway, there was a story line about a little black girl in foster care who gave a funny run-down of all the families she'd been with. The last one she described as "the whitest people I have ever met." Totally made me think of you guys & Robert. Especially when she opened the door to her new room and it was all pink :)

  13. I lied. I had four things.
    4. I emailed you about the camera. Twice.
    Now I'm done for real.

  14. I've never been a Reba fan either.

  15. I love the succulents and their little green crib!!! Good splurge!!

    I used to love Reba! I met my man while country line married in 95 and had a full blown country western wedding!! Yep, I did, complete with white boots, bolo ties and men in levi's!!!

    I would love two hours to myself, but would most likely end up blowing the time in facebook, or instagram or pinterest! But have no doubt that I'd have a long list of blissful things that I'd truly want to be doing!!

    Love you!

  16. girl you should see my succulents. i bought a whole big flat of them last year and they look awful now. i really need to replant them, but i don't like the mess. i'm sooo not a farmgirl lol;) glad you got some free time. nice treat.

  17. We partied up the adoption this weekend between coughing and wiping noses. It was divine. That, or I really need to get out.


  18. 'Their boots weren't just for show' How do you come up with this stuff. Two hours? I read and stuff my face. Adore.

  19. Oh how 90's country music holds a special place in my heart. Two hours with no husband or children, means I would be sitting on my couch reading a book. I love mu succulents. I planted them in cute old white tea cups.

  20. I love your description of country music! I especially loved the part about Reba. We are kindred spirits you and me. ;)

  21. Every, ok most Tuesdays my husband does the ballet/taekwondo run and takes all the kids, even the wriggly toddler. I have 2 whole hours. I make dinner, without "help" and I fold clothes, often with a movie. To not have my "helpers" while doing these tasks? Bliss!

  22. "I wanted to do everything (and by everything, I mean books, food, and a nap)" LOVE that and love your blog. We could be such good friends! Oh well, hopefully, someday in heaven!

  23. I spent my Saturday hanging with my fave 10 year old. We hit the Dollar Tree with lots of ideas, made a plastic water fountain with dollar store finds (three chip and dip trays make a great fountain with a plastic bat as the base!)- emerson has very creative ideas!

    We rounded out the day with Mad Libs and yesterday I worked all day but did watch Busey and learned his love language ( I was in South Africa and heard people being murdered in my hotel!")

    I also learned his acronym for Romance.. Do you remember it?!

    1. I missed last night! Please share with the rest of us...

    2. I can't recall what he came up with for Romance- thought you would! Darn it!

      He did say the above about South Africa to the clients for South Africa tourism! He's both dear and irritating. He refused to call liquor stores to find South African wine and liquids for the display as " I don't know who to call.." So he moved palm trees back and forth and ate a whole chicken while his teammates worked.

      Ill have to google his romance acronym- that's where he truly shines.

  24. I am definitely becoming a Facebook fan of yours - never enough Shannon and her stories of everyday life :)

  25. Oh boo! I spelled your name wrong...

    1. No worries. I spelled my name wrong 2 days ago. True story.

  26. Two free hours.....I think I would spend at least the first 30 minutes just laying on the bed staring at the ceiling enjoying the silence (I have a two year old, I don't remember silence during daytime hours). Then probably read a book, watch some crummy tv, and eat snacks that won't get stolen out of my hands. Sigh.

    And truth: all country music makes me want to stab out my eardrums. I just can't get past it, I'm not even sure what it is.

  27. two free hours...
    a long hot bath...a good book...a glass of wine...brainless tv.
    except for the brainless tv part, i like it to be completely silent.
    those moments don't come around often, so silence is golden...
    i'll glare 80's music when the kids come home. thankyouverymuch.

  28. reba.
    can NOT stand that voice.
    its like nails on a chalkboard.

    if i had two hours alone... i would sit in the silence. take a bath. probably write a little. pinterest a little. eat something sweet.

    my favorite kenny chesney album is When the Sun Goes Down. craig even bought it for me and listened to it too! we wore that out in our windstar minivan! loved it.
    what the heck is up with that pirate flag sign??? i picture michael bolton singing Jack Sparrow songs every single time it comes on!

    miss you.

  29. ps... wow that succulent planter is the prettiest little box EVER! wink wink

  30. Ah, 90's country. :) I happened to meet Kenny once in the 90's. If I had two hours I would probably want my house completely silent though just for fun! Peaceful.

  31. "But it was so worth it because I heard Baby Kenny Chesney singing a real country song and not Carribean-Pop-Country fusion." amen and amen!! Our song for our first dance at our wedding was Me and You and when I said that to my hubby the other day he thought I was crazy, said there was no way we danced to a Kenny Chesney song, but he had that one good album! :)

  32. Oh my gosh I love you! And 90s country. Timmy is so cute but please leave the hat on. But then again, isn't every man hotter in a black stetson?? And Joe Diffie... mine and Court's song is Somewhere Under the Rainbow. Take a listen. I declared that our song during our engagement. He might have rolled his eyes and shrugged it off but we still slow danced to it for my 19th birthday. And what girl wouldnt want their name painted on water tower?

    One more thing! Give Reba a chance! She's the real deal. Have you not heard Fancy? Or the night the lights went out in georgia? She's the sound of my childhood. :)

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