Thursday, April 11, 2013


Total depravity
Unconditional election

Oh wait, wrong Calvin.

This boy of mine, he's a real squirt. He cracks us up all the time.
He also makes us pull our hair out a little.

A few weeks ago he came home from school and handed me this paper. He had found a recipe that "sounded good" in a book he was reading, so he copied the whole thing down for me at school.


I die.

Can we say "Mama's Love Language"?

Of course I ran out for some zucchinis and made it.

For the record, this is what I look like most days around here. You might as well know. The next time you say nice things to me and make me all blushy, might I direct you back to this?

And just in case I haven't already over-shared, that shirt? Pajamas.

It's a shameful secret I bear, but I don't want to talk about it.

I often sleep in the shirt I wore during the day. And sometimes I do it the other way around.

But I said I don't want to talk about it, okay?

I feel cleansed.

Also, I stand like this all the time. I have no idea why. It's always been like this.
I'm part flamingo, only not as exotic or pink.

I think it might have something to do with my uneven legs.

But we're here to talk about Calabacitas.
It was pretty good. Not sure that I'll make it again?

Calvin wasn't sold, either.

But we ate it all and we ate it happily and I looked across the table at my child who arrived from across the ocean with a faux-hawk and now holds a pencil in his hand and writes words like "margarine" and "Montery jack" cheese on lined paper because he loves me so much.

A few weeks later he pulled this out of his back-pack like it was 2-dozen roses and I was the Queen.

He gets to check out two library books each week at school and got a cook book for me.
(Though I think there may have been some ulterior motives involved...)

He recently made this for his Papaw - a folder to keep all of his gardening paperwork.

(If you know anything about my dad, you know he indeed has gardening "paperwork".)

So yeah, I'm being a total bragger Mom tonight. I have the raddest kids ever.

* We just tucked Silas into our bed after the most heart-wrenching, complicated, endearing conversation. He's growing and understanding more. He's starting to figure himself out a little. He's starting to really know his place in this family, and that it's forever.

* Last night we talked to Robert about an on-going quasi-conflict with his counselor. I asked him if he was nice when he talked to her. "Not at first, but at the end I was." My response, "Be nice. Show your teeth (smile). We raised you better than that." He cracked up so hard. Giggled like a girl. It appears that there's no end to his giddiness and amazement over being found and kept by us. He's wonder-struck. We all are.

* Ruby is overdue for a post of her own and I've been keeping notes, so stay tuned. For now, I'll just say that she's blowing me away with her smarts. The girl is reading like no body's business. Lordy, how I've always prayed that my kids would love reading!

Yesterday after she read the hardest book yet I hooted and hollered and yelled and sang. Calvin calmly walked over and patted her on the back, "Great job, Soup!* Just keep working on your fluency."


I'm clearly in over my head in innumerable ways. It feels like a good place to be.

*Family nickname chart (explanations will not be offered at this time) (because there are none to offer) (I blame my mom)

Mr. Lee
Poskie (Me)
Poskadoozaloo (Me)
Keevis (Me)
Calvisbobalvis (Dad)
Calvo (Dad)

El Rubo (Dad)
Rubis-Cuebis (Dad)
Youbis (Me)
Soupis (Calvin)
Soup (Calvin)

Pilot Parkis
Pikesmandu (Calvin)

Howard the Cat
Howsing (Calvin)
Singy (Calvin and Ruby)
Sing-Sing (Ruby)


  1. Love this boy...and his love for recipes and you. Love that Robert knows he's found--and he's yours. Be. still. my. heart. And Siley? He's finding his way, isn't he. And just don't be so bossy to him and we'll all get along.
    Soup? I followed the chart...and kinda get it. But I'm a nicknamer, too, Harry, Steve and Bill, here. And for some reason Harry is ALWAYS Harry. I didn't even realize I did it until he asked me if it was on his birth certificate. ;)

  2. What I really need is a list of your nicknames. It I can just make up my own, since I already do:


    Also, Keeks is up to these:


    Everyone else I refer to as Leroy.

    Squeeze Siley for me.


  3. You and your littles are awesome, lets be BFF. The end.;)

  4. Hey, my son stands like that! We got kinda worried the other day that he would make himself bow-legged. Any such troubles? It's comfy to him I guess! :) And I love your momma bragging. It's so...comfortable. In a way that makes me happy, and like I could brag right back to you about my kids. No competition, just joy!

  5. Ain't nuthin' wrong with a little braggin'. Besides those kiddos are as sweet as can be. (By the way, I don't own pajamas, I just wear the days shirt and leggings or yoga pants. Ya know, if we're being honest :) )

  6. Too cute. Love that he brought home cook books. That's either to encourage you or to shame you. I'm guessing it's the former.

  7. wait. Who is howard?

    I literally loved all of this post. THEY ARE PRECIOUS (She screamed)
    also? Died at your intro. Straight up died. I mean, could you be any funnier?
    And if I bring you a cookbook, will you make me food?

  8. this kid gets me every time!! sighhhh his heart is so big and so loving!

  9. Your intro had me hooked!! Laughed my pants off. And I don't own pjs. What's the point? But you can bet my kids have really cute ones :)

  10. Miles sleeps in his clothes almost every night. I might do that sometimes as well. Ahem. So you are in good company ; )

  11. I freaking LOVE that kid.
    He copied the recipe?
    Stop it right this second.
    And the cookbook?
    It's all just too much.
    I am on my way to kidnap him right now, and I might, or might not be wearing a pajama top/ shirt.
    You'll never know will you?

  12. I wish my pajama shirts were cute stripey like that. For winter I own two different penguin flannel pajama sets that are so old they are too short both in the arms and legs. I do, however, wear yoga pants as often as possible.
    And your stories about your kiddos - all FOUR of them - I smile and get weepy-eyed all at the same time.

  13. what a cute post! I stand!!! all the time. my daughter does too - how funny is that? never met another soul who stands that way. love your cute little family - you rock as a momma :)

  14. I guess I can come out of the closet to and admit to not so tedious hygiene...I sleep in my clothes at times, too...sometimes for several days. I never knew kids would drive me to this!!!

    Just found your blog a few days ago through a link on Pinterest. I'm hooked.

  15. You're a flamingo! Love it.
    I stand with one foot on my other foot or ankle. I don't know why?


  16. This makes me smile so big!

    I call my son's quirky comments, "Jake-isms" and my husband constantly asks me why I named my children with names I rarely call them!

  17. I love that he is bringing home cookbooks. I bet my son will do that too. I tend to get into cookie ruts.

  18. That boy and his sweet little baby cheeks, oh man. I don't know how you get through the day without giving them a little squish!
    Loved this post, the fact that you were pajamas as day clothes (me too) have a thousand nicknames for your kids (ditto) and Robert laughing his head off about being raised by you…..that warms my heart :)

  19. Still grinning :)
    Loved this post and your funny nicknames :) My 31 year old is still Bubs and his 26-year-old sister is Sweetie :) On occasion I use their proper names, but most often NOT.
    I have one hip an inch higher than the other due to severe scoliosis (wore a back brace my senior year of high school) which means skirts always look awkward on me. I was pretty happy when it became the fashion to wear your shirt out and not tucked in 'cause that hides my "issues" - haha

  20. My heart is swooning over this precious post and your precious kids... the big and little ones! And one even brought you home a cookbook from school... Absolutely adorable! ~Jenny

  21. Are we related? Every woman on my mom's side of the family stands like that - my grandma did, my mom, all 3 of my aunts, my sister and I, our daughters, even her 8 year old granddaughter! Love your family!

  22. I smiled through this whole post. So sweet.

  23. This was fun to read. If you think you look bad, then I am in serious trouble. I am wearing red sweat pants, green t-shirt, gray boyfriend cardigan, and to top it all off, I wore some old snow/rain boots to the bus stop. It was not raining or snowing it was 50 degrees. They are my favorite shoes. My husband laughs because they are so ugly, and i love them so. I love the nickname soup!

  24. You made me smile with your flamingo stand. I do that too and don't know quite why! Cute post : )

  25. First, you've inspired me. Today I am going to sit down with a pile of cookbooks and my five year old and have him pick out what he thinks looks good. The kid barely eats. Perhaps him having a say in it will motivate. Thanks for the idea! Secondly, my youngest is Silas as well. He gets Sike Pike, Siley Pike, and Sikey Pikey. His middle name is my maiden name, Pike. Funny that your Silas has Pikemandu as a nickname. : )

  26. Oh, man. I love you guys. Calvin Lee is one fly kiddo. Can he find some recipes for me? Preferably ones with caritts. And the fact that you sleep in your shirts and wear pajamas as daytime clothing seals the deal on our friendship.

  27. Do you have a future chef on your hands? AND you look fabulous in your pajama there! You can't get out of being beautiful no matter what excuse you use or sly tactics that try to "unconvince us." Your family reminds me of a crazy quilt. A beautiful tapestry of warm, rich fabrics with imperfect zig zag stitches, pieced together with love. An amazing work of art! I know the artist and the author of your story. He ALWAYS gets it right :)

  28. love this!!!
    also, i am wearing what i slept in right.this.minute.
    i freak my daughter out a little about that, i think, bit

  29. We are a total nic-name family is hard to explain to most folks..but YOU get it! My sister did her make-up every day in high school on one leg! I think you are long lost flamingo sisters!

  30. Loved this post. The copied-down recipe is the best!

    We have lots of nicknames for our kiddos, too, and you've inspired me to make a list for my next blog post. Fun times!

  31. You make me smile. And that boy of yours is completely kissable.

  32. did you go to school to become this hilarious or does it truly just come natural?
    are you as funny in person?

    every once in a blue, blue moon, i'm hilarious.
    but, i don't feel like it's something that comes naturally all day long for me.

    okay...about your boy...his eyes make me drool. i tell lydia 92 times a day that her eyes are beautiful.
    we have nicknames for our kids, too.
    what is it? i wonder if everyone does?

    last thing....
    i have 10 boys at my house tonight to celebrate our oldest turning 13...
    i feel like i'm going to lose my mind bc i don't think they're going to sleep at all. like. at all.
    i'm delirious just thinking about it bc it means I WON'T SLEEP.

    Crabby McCraberson.

  33. I totally stand like that. (And wear my shirts as pajamas at the end of the day, or my pajama tops as shirts.)

  34. I've made a career out of making pj's look like real clothes. Some days are more successful than others!

    Calvin is such a sweet and thoughtful boy. He reminds me of Emerson my nephew. He bought me roses for valentines day and set his mom up for delivery as he was out of town with his dad. He's ten!

  35. Flamingo standers unite! Oh the ridicule. Regular standers just don't get it. I find it especially comfortable when I am doing the soap-in-the-sink kind of dishes.

    Yours is my most favorite blog. Ever.

  36. Most days I love my life.
    Then there's other days when, just before leaving the house I change out of my shorts and put on jeans (modest is every way) to go to the grocery store for 2 hours. I come home. Put away the cold stuff, change back into my shorts, smell the jeans I took off, and immediately, disgustedly, I throw them in the laundry pile. I know this post was about Calvin, but the equator and sweat made me jealous of your 24-hour clothes.
    I have the flamingo stand too. Just, again, to beat a dead horse (who probably died from a heat stroke) I find my foot slipping from the sweat on my legs as I do dishes.
    I'm gonna go now and say 3 nice things about where I live (and NONE of them will have to do with the sun).

  37. I love hearing about your kiddos and can't wait for Ruby's post!

  38. Hey Shannon! This is Renee (Wehrley) Whitman. I found your cute blog through a friend and enjoy seeing what the Lord has done with/in your life! Your comments are so entertaining! Have a sweet day!

  39. I totally think you should get a frame for that recipe and hang it in your kitchen....
    cause that thing needs to be preserved!

  40. oh my word I love y'all -- your kids (all of em) are the cutest!

  41. Your boy is adorable. Also, who DOESN'T sleep in the shirt they wore that day? Is that not a thing? I thought everyone did that. I'm going to go to bed right now and sleep in my shirt. Probably wear half of tomorrow. Hope that's okay that I shared that. Night!

  42. I didn't even know that I had a dream of one of my children bringing me a recipe that sounded good to them.
    Thanks for that.
    I can't wait for it to come true! ;)

  43. While we don't have human littles with nicknames, we do have pet littles with nicknames. Thought you may like to see these ol' blog posts of mine...

  44. I love that he copied a recipe for you!

  45. "I often sleep in the shirt I wore during the day. And sometimes I do it the other way around"

    BEST CONFESSION EVER!!! Thought I was the only one...

  46. You crack me up all the time! Love your blog love all your posts they are never dull i could just keep reading and reading... your awesome!

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