Saturday, March 23, 2013

You Should Know

I have to say, I'm still blushing over all the love you guys threw my way. I wasn't expecting it! It made this girl pretty smiley. Thank you.

To return the favor, I want to tell you that I positively-plum love you. It's one of those surprise turns in life, I suppose. Over 4 years ago I started keeping record of my life and before I knew it, I had pals all over the place, some I've been lucky enough to meet, some I won't meet until the other side. (Won't that be amazing??!) You can't even imagine the way you make me feel supported and cared for. You make me feel normal in my weirdness and weird in the best way ever. You've become my kin, like it or love it.

That's mostly what I came to say, but there's more you should know.

You should know that I made Jenny Rosenstrach's spaghetti and meatballs for dinner last night. I suffered many errant tomato splatters on my t-shirt, but other than that, it was a slam dunk.

You should know that discovering 10 packs of paper napkins whilst organizing a cabinet will cause you to question many of life's fundamental principles.

You should know the shelf below has issues of its own.

You should know that when I do my hair, my closest friends look at me quizzically and ask things like, Did you get your hair cut? Colored? It looks lighter! Darker! Is that a wig? Etc... (You should know that this doesn't happen often.)

You should know that I don't really wig about my kids watching tv. They watch some almost every day. On weekends, they watch quite a bit. They also read, play, draw, and fight with each other. So we have balance. Also? I have tremendously fond memories of spending time every day with Woody the Woodpecker, Dennis the Menace, and the troubled (in hindsight) cast of Today's Special. Let's not even talk about Degrassi Jr. High.

You should know that we had dinner at our favorite Korean restaurant tonight in honor of Cory and Calvin's birthday and Siley's gotcha day.

You should know that this kid cannot get e. nough. of Korean food.

You should know that I wore this to dinner, just for you, Meghan. #Ginghamstyle

My Dad would like you to know that there are 5 Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays this month. It hasn't happened in 823 years.

My mom would like you to know that if you have a yellow cat there's a 75% chance it's a male. "That's my cat fact!"

Cory would like you to know that it's impossible for a scuba diver to pass gas once they hit 33 feet.

There. Wasn't that enriching?

Lastly, you should know that my friend Tina (aka Tiny) is rallying an effort to help a dear friend of hers pay ongoing medical expenses for two of her four rescue dogs, Monty and Lily. Check out their cute mugs and read her story here.

ps - You should know that we're going to visit Robert tomorrow. !!!! We just talked to him on the phone and he said, "I'm not gonna be able to sleep cause I'ma be so excited for our visit." I replied, "Have you decided what you're going to wear for the visit?" (He didn't seem to find it terribly funny, but I'm sure he was laughing deep inside.)


  1. things you need to know in return:

    i could eat korean food all the livelong day. also thai, italian, mexican and hawaiian.

    most of my jokes are like that, where i leave people laughing on the inside. (i think it just means my humor is subtle, right? tastefully understated.)

    two of my five children need to be scuba divers, though i shall not rat them out by name on the big bad intersphere. but truly, oxygen tanks and flippers for everyone this christmas!

  2. You should know: Do not wear a bra with underwire to a prison visit. Don't ask me how I know!

    1. Same thing at the airport. Luckily I read it ahead of time! LOL

    2. Don't wear one when lost in the woods trying to navigate while using a compass.
      Or, if you do...
      Use the Compass to Cheek method rather than Compass to Chest.

  3. you should know...
    that i like you a darn lot!
    especially b/c you just mentioned my most favorite tv show from my childhood...
    my sis and i used to sneak watching it b/c my mom thought it was bad.
    too real.
    too many issues those kids had.
    oh man... kaitlyn and joey 4 EVAH!!!!

  4. i love that you hash-tagged it too. #ginghamstyle. and what is even more crazy is i wore the very same blue gingham shirt today. i am still giggling over #ginghamstyle. xo

  5. you should know that i banned degrassi from our house.... from my tween at the time.
    how long was that show on? how old are you? how old am i?
    i feel super lame.
    you should know that i want that spaghetti and meatballs really bad.
    and you should know that THIS VERY AFTERNOON we talked about Woody Woodpecker in our living room while watching the birds outside. i havent talked about that show in FOREVER. and here you are mentioning it on the same day!
    soul mates.
    weirdo soul mates.

    1. meg... your kids probably watched degrassi the next generation.
      am i right?
      here's a link to an episode from the awesome 80's degrassi that i religiously watched as a tween myself! ;)
      watch it alone... without your kids.
      these scenarios are the real deal! ;)

  6. You should know that my BFF also knows the same monthly fact that your dad knows- the once in 823 years five weekends! She also knows when peanut buster parfaits are on sale. I've always found it odd in an endearing way.

    I spent a lot of my formative years watching Scooby Doo and I turned out mostly okay... ;)

    I made pasta too - minus balls of meat and I read your hash tag as gangnam style..

    Thanks for helping my cause!



  7. ...and you should know...that many many lurkers love you too...blessings laney

  8. You should know I love you more now that I've seen inside your cabinets.

    You should know I've never had Korean food.

    You should know to take plenty of change for the vending machines during your visit.

    You should know I grew up watching TV after school and most of Saturday (when it was too hot or rainy or too cold). After school my sister and I ate our meal on a TV tray in front of our favorite shows like The Brady Bunch, Lost in Space, Gilligan's Island, etc. I dated myself there, didn't I?

  9. You should know: I do have an orange cat and he is, in fact a boy...Atticus. He can be found here He is the handsomest cat you ever did see.

  10. I love the little bit of Korean food I have had in my life...we are seriously deficient in Korean food here in Richmond, VA. In general we have a good selection of ethnic foods so maybe I just need to look again! Enjoy your visit with Robert. Praying for him :)

  11. should know that YOU breathe some fresh air into my sometimes claustrophobic world!!

  12. Have a wonderful visit with Robert...hmmmm still wondering if I should tell my 6th grade class about passing gas....hmmmm, they might love me a little more. But their parents won't :)

  13. You should know that you make me laugh every time I stop by this place. I love you for that. You should also know that I think you're great for "momdom" everywhere because you so readily admit that your kids 1) watch t.v. and 2) eat junk food. A little balance is healthy for EVERYONE. I was that mom, too, some time ago, and my kids have turned out to be fit, healthy, smart, hard-working, Jesus-loving young adults. Soli deo gloria!

  14. I would like a meatball right this second : ) 9:40 AM is a perfect time for a meatball on a Sunday morning.
    You should know that you always make my day AND that I absolutely love your Mom and Dad. They are my favorite people you post about. The kids being a close second.

  15. I posted "Shannan's Dad's" message on Facebook. I agree that people should know.

  16. Bahaha!! Priceless. What you're going to wear. That guy arrived home when he met you.
    I love when you comment on my blog. It's as if you just autographed my baby's forehead, only it's not so Talladega Nights.

  17. Send a little love & encouragement to Robert from WA state!

  18. You should know that reading your blog is always a bright spot in m. You should also know that sometimes I have no idea what you are talking about, hah. I love the picture of the three wee ones. You should also know that I would love to meet you sometime when you come to Ohio to visit and no I'm not a stalker, just a Grammy. I also love that you live a real life and don't pretend to be someone that you aren't.

  19. You should know that the 823 years "fact" is false. March had the same calendar as 2013 in 1974, 1985, 1991, 1996 and 2002. So this is the sixth time in my lifetime that March has had 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays, and I'm only 42. By the way, the next time it will happen is 2019.

    1. Dad is SO BUSTED! I clearly need to start fact-checking him. haha (but really...)

    2. :-) The "823 years" hoax has been floating around the Internet since at least August of 2010 .... it gets attached to different months. In fact, if you look at any 31 day month, whatever days of the week the first three days fall on will repeat five times within that month. It's the NORMAL behavior of the calendar.

    3. I can remember being young marrieds and looking at the calendar closely so we'd know when we were getting that extra paycheck!

  20. gahhhh!
    so much goodness/familiarity/awesomeness going on in this post!
    i kept having thoughts of what i wanted to comment on and then they all piled up in my brain until i got confused so i'm just going to say that i love it! and you.
    you are rad and i totally feel like we would just get along swell.

    have so much fun seeing your heart just skipped a beat!

    and now i remember what i was going to say.....the's like a gift from God(even better when it's paper plates...and the chips???? you SNUCK IN MY CUPBOARD! :)

  21. I don't comment much but I've been reading for a couple of years now and I wanted to tell you why. You make me smile! :)
    Honest. I love reading how positive you are through all of lifes trials big or small. It's something I've been working too. Thanks for lifting me up.

  22. You should know that we're all a little bit wonky in our own way. Oh wait... I shouldn't speak for everyone I guess. LOL. I am wonky. Count on it.

  23. I just love posts like these. You totally made me want to do a post like this on my own blog, and even though this isn't technically a link up, I linked you anyways. Because I love your space, and because I ripped off your idea. :)

  24. Thank you SO much for telling us your kids' TV viewing habits. I am so sick of feeling guilty for letting my kids watch TV every day, including large chunks on the weekends! They also play, read, draw, imagine, laugh, and everything else kids who don't watch TV do. We have Netflix, so no commercials (the true source of TV evil in my opinion), and we monitor what they do watch, so why should I feel guilty?

  25. You should know that I, too, live in a "declining neighborhood" by choice...plenty enough equity to cash out and move away, but Jesus put on flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood, so why not us? And you should know it is snowing in east TN on the 25th of March, and it almost never does that here. Gophers lie.

  26. You should know that I often crack myself up, even when no one else is laughing. I think that is God's gift just to me. God bless humor. It's one of His greatest gifts.

  27. You should know that we had the same stack of plastic plates for like 3 years. They were for camping. And, we would forget them each time we went. I finally just served dinner on them this year to get rid of them.

    You should know that I always wanted to life in an ABC After School Special. They always seemed to be time-travel ala Pleasantville and I wanted to be the main character.

    You should know that...I also added to the list of places you shouldn't wear an underwire bra - in the comment up there ^ :)

  28. always love these random bits of information that you give us....
    my life isn't nearly as exciting as yours...does that scare you? :)

    love the t-shirt..hate the song not for any other reason than my kids have played it 6,758,093,99,873 times. i am over it. the end.

    oh, digging cory's information that he wants us to proves that if we ever meet..(you, me and our hubbys) will fit RIGHT in together.

  29. Swahili shirt! Where did you get that?!