Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Blue Dress for No Dang Reason

I confessed that I very recently bought a blue dress.
I don't know, it was just one of those times. (You know the ones.) I hadn't bought something pretty in a very long time, and...well, the tax refund came.

So I did what any normal version of myself would do and I did a little pretend shopping at Ruche.
It felt like the right move.

Of course, as often happens (and the reason I don't often pretend shop these days) that line between "pretend" and "this will cost me real, paper money" blurs and bada-boom, I've got myself a new blue dress. For no dang reason.

It was...nice.

So the dress came, along with a (cough) skirt. The skirt? I couldn't pull it halfway up my hips. It was demoralizing. It was also a relief, because I knew I had to send it back and I liked it, but not enough to order it in a size up. (This is what happens with impulse buys. You end up with things that you only "like". Not even worth it.)

Cut to late Saturday night. I'm up way past your bedtime watching that part of SNL where you know the writers have all sort of given up. Back-half SNL.

I was already regretting the morning and drumming up ways to eke out a few more minutes of the sleep I already knew I desperately needed. Deciding ahead of time what to wear saves minutes, right?

Of course it was way to cold for the BDfNDR....or was it????

(dramatic pause)

I remembered reading something six or eight years ago about wearing a Summer dress in the winter. With tights, people. As fortune has it, I have tights! And boots! And a sweater!

It was worth a shot.

(Or maybe that was just Bill Hader and Cecily Strong talking.)
(Love you forever Cecily Strong!)

I felt so twenty-something!
And slightly overdressed!
And super awkward posing for a picture in the front yard!

Lazy alert!
Totally didn't iron that bad girl up.

And yes, I have twig legs. Don't talk about it.
I don't want to talk about it.
For real.

At the end of the day, who can say if I actually pulled it off?
But it was fun to shake it up for a while.

And if you're going to take a fashion risk, you might as well bust it out at your beloved new church, where the average member is 72.4 years old and they find it appropriate and maybe even complimentary to tell you you look exactly like their sister. Like, now. Not 40 years ago.

Incidentally, this is the terrifyingly restrictive Barbie skirt from Hades. Those daisies called out to me.
I desperately wanted to wear them with a navy and white striped shirt. Right??

And as a final warning, this right here is why we never, ever browse online unless we actually have real, paper money to spend. (Come to me!!!)

Dear Ruche,
You are Anthro's cooler, younger sister.
(Yes, I said you are younger.)
I love you for your prices and your swooniness.
But your daisy skirt is whack and almost made me cry.

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  1. You have AWESOME legs. Forgive me for Talking About It.

  2. Yes don't be so hard on yourself you are darling! I would love to have stick legs than stump legs, lets just put that out there.Lol

    It's always nice to have a pretty blue dress right!


  3. I feel like that when I shop for jeans. There will ever be a tight skirt on my butt again. I want a yellow dress from Shabby Apple, but alas I know will never spend the money. The blue is pretty.

  4. It's ok. I have twig legs too. There are people who would kill for twig legs. Don't complain :P

  5. I love everything about the gray stripey dress.

  6. It's just that you SAID you were wearing tights, and yet our legs look the same color wise. Why is that? I mean, I am Mediterranean and middle eastern. Why? Hey. Wait. MAYBE I am wearing white tights and I don't even know it!! Brb.
    That dress is perfect.

  7. Super cute - and I love it with the tights especially. You rock the Ruche!

  8. :) i have nothing in particular to say to this. how do you respond to such a nonsensical blog post void of any real content?? except I LOVE YOU. total creeper alert. seriously. one time i wore tights with open toe flats. RED open toe flats. i felt like i had made a real contribution to bravery in the world. it's the little things that feel like big things you know?? well sometimes it's just the big things. but everyone needs a little bit of both. ps.. i love ruche but i've always been scared that all the dresses would be too short on me... but that looks perfect on you. pps.. i love the combo. well done. :)

  9. So cute! I'm all about letting the wrinkles fall out on their own...

  10. That dress is GORGEOUS and so are you. I love your fashion.

  11. Love it.

    By the way, you do realize most of us want "twig legs", right? ;)

  12. You make me want to be brave.

    I almost wore blue gingham with hot pink stripes yesterday.


  13. So a couple years ago I watched the movie "Factory Girl" about Andy Warhol's muse and out of all of it the only thing I really took away from it was, "Ya know. When that one girl shot her with heroin and she didn't even see it coming and then she was all addicted...that was just unfair." After I followed the link to Ruche - as innocently as Edie Sedgwick went to that party and had no clue, no clue what was gonna happen- I got that same "that was just unfair" addict kind of feeling just from their front page promos.
    How was I to know? How?!

    1. It's late...but, you should also know that Sienna Miller cutting all her hair off and looking fab was the last reason I needed to chop all mine.

  14. FPFG, you're so pretty.
    I visit Ruche every single day, just to see their new arrivals. No lie. Every. Day.
    And Modcloth. Do you ever pretend shop at Modcloth?
    And have you seen the gingham shirt fest going on at Old Navy and Gap?
    Be still my heart.

  15. You look so pretty.
    I think your legs are perfect.
    So glad you got something special for you : ).
    Happy Wednesday.
    Love, Becky

  16. i love your outfit! you pulled it off amazingly!! i love wearing tights and sweaters or long sleeves with summer dresses! i also love wearing tights with summer shoes!! that feeling . . . the freedom, abandon, joy . . . those old school dressers will never know. i'm so glad you experienced it. it's good for the soul!! : )

  17. Buy the ding, dang, daisy skirt.
    They're the happiest of flowers.

  18. That last comment was a note to myself.
    Love that skirt.

  19. you are cute.
    that daisy skirt is adorbs.
    order it... DO it!
    and yes, paired with stripes!!!!
    that blue is divine... my birthstone color, sapphire! :)

  20. I'm having similar problems fitting into skirts this spring, but I blame it on "someone" introducing me to butter keks! totally addicted.

  21. We have the exact same sweater. Last Friday I finally decided to give up on the idea that the single remaining button was doing anything for me and snipped it off. At work. Where I'd worn the sweater dozens of times with one clinging, desperate button left. Perhaps I need a little blue dress shopping in my life.

  22. We went to a church of oldsters, as well, a few years back (actually we lived in Indiana at the time...) So here is how the hand shaking went...
    "Hi, I'm Carolyn and this is my husband, Gail".
    "No, Carolyn."
    "No, Gail"
    hahahahaha. Gotta love it.

  23. gorgeous and gorgeous legs...i will say no more, you don't want to talk about it i know! xxxx

  24. But your daisy skirt is whack and almost made me cry.

    Bahahaha, so great. Thank you for providing me with laugher, and even a single tear of mirth.

    You look killer in that blue dress get-up!

  25. I LOVE the grey striped dress. And your tights! They look cozy, like little leg sweaters. Is that weird? I want leg sweaters....

  26. Hadn't even heard of this! New obsession!!