Saturday, March 16, 2013

Right Now

You know what I'm a sucker for? Those posts where people answer a million or twenty-five random questions about themselves. I will read every ding-diggy word of those surveys. Even if I don't know the person. I need to know what Adele's main back-up singing keeps in her purse. I won't sleep without knowing what 5 foods you would take with you to a deserted island.

You know what makes me kinda twitchy? Answering the questions on those surveys for myself. It's too much pressure, yo. To this day I can't think of my "Most Embarrassing Moment" or my "Funniest Memory". I have trouble narrowing down my favorite food and I just can't commit to my favorite smell ever.

What I can do is tell you what I'm up to right now. So let's get to it.

Right now I'm: Back in love with this perfume. I discovered it when we lived in DC and I fancied myself the sort of girl who rode the metro home from work, wore business casual from Banana Republic, and bought perfume at Sephora. I found it in 2003, wore it for a while, moved it to 3 different houses, and promptly forgot about it. Until a month ago. And now I wear a tiny spritz almost every day with my grapefruit lotion. They are straight-up lying when they say scents go bad after a year. (Immense trouble finding a source for this stuff. Is it possible that it has been...discontinued?? Better start rationing again!)

Right now I'm: Getting ready to paint my fingernails green. I haven't painted my nails in probably...three years? Four? Just feels like the right thing to do.

Right now I'm: On a major reading bender. I cannot shut it down. Also, I can't hardly start. I desperately need to quit life for a while so I can make a dent. I'm juggling 5 books and have a stack of 10 glossy mags waiting for me. I have a waiting list two dozen deep. I'm itching to get my mitts on this one because she's my writing goddess. I want to climb inside her brain and take a nap, because she somehow relaxes me. On the other hand, I don't imagine that brain of hers keeps too awful quiet because it's too busy being insightful and awesome. I did just finish this and loved every flipping word. A memoir and recipes? You don't even know. (I just bought all the stuff to make her spaghetti and meatballs. Will be sure to report back.)

Right now I'm: Wishing there was a more worthy selection of prison-appropriate greeting cards. I dare you to try to find a Thanksgiving card that doesn't allude to spending time with family or eating many succulent dishes of food. The Christmas cards either catered to the lowest Christmas denominator (think reindeer poop) or featured an entirely impersonal wintry scene. Valentine's Day? Don't even ask. And now, Easter. Wish me luck.

Right now I'm: Listening to this on repeat. You are, too. I'm also still kinda stuck on this. Track 9 is about a guy in prison and makes me cry my eyes out, so of course I can't stop torturing myself with it.

Right now I'm: Pining for a whole new wardrobe. Or at least half of one. It happens with every changing of the seasons. Dang you, spring. Love you forever, spring. Of course I'm still trying to mostly work with what I've got.  BUT... I did recently buy this in yellow antique coin for $10. (Alert: Just spotted this for $12! Walk away...Walk away!)

Right now I'm: Mystified that Calvin will wake up tomorrow an eight-year-old. Impossible! 

Right now I'm: Barking at Cory to never rest his hand on my knee, accidentally or otherwise. Actually, this one isn't even a "right now". This is a today, tomorrow, and forever. Don't ever touch my knees. Just don't. I can't explain it.

It's not even 10pm on a Saturday night, you might as well play along! Give me a Right Now or give me Forever. I'm all ears.



  1. Right now I am still on an Anthropologie "high." Never been there before today. Going back with a sleeping bag tomorrow. I'm sure it will take an overnight visit to decide my favorites. In the meantime, I came home with a bunch of what I think (for today) are my favorites... How is a girl to decide? Such pressure.

    1. Wally, this is a big, BIG day! You'll never be the same! :) So glad you got to go. It's fun to dream. :)


  2. YOU ARE AWESOME! Just recently found your blog. Love the way you express yourself and your take on life. Thank You for brightening my day! Thank you for adopting!

  3. I kinda did this, yesterday, but my list is a bit weightier.

  4. cute blog!

  5. im jelly bean addicted this week...not sure why, its been an age between hits....I say I don't like to eat the black ones but when that's all that's left in the packet they become my favourite!....must go brush my teeth! x

  6. I'm loving where I'am in my life and my business right now! Took me quite awhile to get here but feels wonderful! I can hardly believe Calvin is going to be 8! Happy Birthday to him! Traci

  7. i'm just a really big fan of yours. i love these light-hearted posts that give us a look in. :)

  8. we just got back from a road trip to tx.

    the very first thing i do when i walk in the door is unload the suitcases and get the laundry going.

    then i took a good ol' shower because nothing feels better after a day in the car. i used my best lotion that smells so good. my candle is lit on the bedside table waiting for me to crawl in and read.

    (never seen the dinner table book...looks like it'll be next on my list!)

  9. Yes. I'm reading a Dinner a Love Story and I love it. I'm also reading, Middlemarch, Blood Sisters, Alif the Unseen, and Heartfelt Discipline. Heaven help me. Yes. I'm listening to Babel on repeat in the car. Even Nathan has his favorite songs now. My faves are 6 and 11 and the final line in 12 - he's partial to 1 and 4. Yes. I want a whole new wardrobe. From Gap. Or Anthropologie. But that's pushing it, so just Gap. Or Target.

    Right now I'm watching Anne of Green Gables because I needed some heartwarming loveliness in a bad way and Anne is a cozy comforting blanket to me.

    And right now I'm eating a mix of pretzels and butterscotch chips. Sweet and salty. Yum. I prefer Happy Tracks ice cream but we're out.

    And right now I'm anticipating Dancing With the Stars starting on Monday (er Tuesday since I'll have to catch it on Hulu due to our lack of TV). It's my guilty pleasure and since the Parenthood and Bunheads seasons ended I've been at loose ends for a TV show to anchor my week.

  10. happy birthday to your deep, brave boy!!

  11. Me? I'm figuring out being middle aged. Loving my work. Worrying about my husband. Growing....

  12. I think Emily's new book looks AMAZING!
    And I just dropped off the big boys at their cousin's house for a backyard campout. SO basically, my children are living the dream, which makes me live the dream. I smell like smoke because I left them making smores. I'll bring donuts in the morning when I pick them up. Why is life so awesome?

    1. WHY do you continue to taunt me with your flowers and outdoor activities while we're still at 31 degrees at noon????

  13. First off..."here, here, this, this", takes me away from your beautifully written post. So I am missing out on some of your great reads and posts. Still love your blog, my friend (read it all the time but rarely comment) You have a lot of followers that seem like good old friends...maybe some fans. And I don't mean that sarcastically.

    I have never had anyone ask me a zillion questions and would never know how to answer...well maybe I would, but again. no one has ever asked.

    As far as the cards...try making one of your, easy and much more personal. Hallmark is losing a lot of business because we savvy gals are making creative, beautiful cards of our own. YOU can do it. Even if it's on a brown paper bag with crayons!

    I know your son is going to have a wonderful birthday because you are a sweet, giving, thoughtful mother. I won't second guess you, but I would love to go back to when my children were young and wild and innocent and we, their mom and dad, were their biggest heroes.
    Well, I know we must have done something right, our children have grown to be outstanding people.

    So there we have questions asked... I did the answers on my own anyway. BTW...Great books, The Book Thief and The Secret Life of Bees. a little outdated but since then I have been reading a lot of fluff. My man has cancer and I need a lot of imaginary fiction. Keeps me thinking life shouldn't always be under a microscope. That hurts too much

    Big hugs,


    1. Here's something I learned: You can't send homemade cards. You can't even send pictures from a coloring book! No crayon, no marker, NO stickers of any kind, nothing glues or stapled. BOO!!!

      Also: I LOVED Secret Life of Bees! Loved the book and even the movie!

  14. I'm all about Pedialyte because it seems to have been the magic drink to get Leo on the road back to health.

    I'm kicking myself for not buying it way back on Friday night when my mom suggested it.

    I'm excited to re-watch Gilmore Girls, season 1, while I run this morning.

    I'm also thinking that since we're church skipping due to Leo's illness it might be a nap kind of day. Yes.

  15. Right now, I'm a Pinterest addict. And not the good kind. A good person pins and then closes the computer and walks away. I'm the bad kind. I make Thin Mint Muddy Buddies, Thin Mint Fudge Brownies, Bailey's Irish Cream Chocolate Pudding, and Irish soda bread for four people coming for dinner! I spent four hours like it was minutes browsing through the most mouth watering recipes and printing them off for my own Pinterest recipe book when I should have been cleaning my house for said company and preparing for my Sunday School class this morning. Right now, Pinterest is the death of me!! (P.S. - happy birthday to your son! May all of his wishes come true!) (P.S.S. - that stripey shirt from Target is SO you. You should totally get it!)

    1. your dessert buffet sounds amazing! love pinterest too.

  16. first, calvin, i hope you have an amazing, wonderful, super-duper happy birthday!!!!

    right now i'm...

    getting sucked into watching netflix' house of cards.

    busting with pride that my daughter just won a piano competition. (the long journey was rife with momma-daughter strife.)

    dreaming of anthro and charleston, south carolina.

    making lucky oreo balls — happy saint paddy's day!

    buying books, reading none. it's an illness.

    still trying to hydrate. still failing.

  17. Right now I am eating a bowl of Crock Pot Overnight Apple Oatmeal, which is amazing, and I will have to exercise restraint to leave some for my husband and son! My son is sleeping in after his high school's Marathon Dance. The kids danced for 27 hours and raised money for 12 local charities - each charity gets over $20,000! I am so proud of all the work they did. So I guess I will save him some oatmeal...but my husband had better hurry in the shower or he may not get any :)

  18. I am water treading mode for the next 2 months....completely redoing the flooring in our house to get it ready to sell/downsize (PLEASE GOD let it sell quickly!), teaching bible studies, college graduation, wedding (same graduate),and high school graduation. So..Right now I am trying to remember to enjoy the moments and not wish them away -- A.BIG.CHALLENGE.

    Would rather be reading lots of great books. Just read "Follow Me" by David Platt. It was REALLY awesome! Currently reading "In God's Underground" by Richard Wurnbrand -- WOW!!!! Would love to see what else is in your pile of books.

    My DIL read "Dinner a Love STory" and sais it was "THE BEST".

    I have no sense of fashion, so as spring approaches I will have to get some friends to help. :-)

  19. I snapped up this one in Xavier Navy: No mind that I was just there for some cleaning supplies...

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. In regards to the JAIL cards - I agree - my stepdaughter is in prison and there is nothing appropriate. She's found Jesus there, so for that, I'm grateful. I apprecaite your posts on jail/prison - it's not anything you ever dream of as being part of your life except perhaps as a ministry. It was never, as far as I know, a chapter in a Dobson book. "What to do when your adult child ends up in prison." As a parent, it's a lonely place to be.
    It's made me very much aware of some of the issues in our neighborhoods that can lead people to make desparate choices (some choices are of total rebellion, but not all). We're aware of other families and see some of the same faces again and again when we visit, both residents of the facility and their loved ones. And yes, they have loved ones. Someone waiting on the outside, someone in their corner, someone who wants good things for them.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for those posts. For all your posts.
    (sorry for the deletes - it's sort of a tough subject and a person wants to get it as right as possible)

    1. Thanks for sharing. There's so much for us to learn through this!
      Our Beth friend who is in prison especially loves getting cards because she's a girl. She loves getting something pretty and colorful and flowery in the mail!
      I tend to go the "funny" route for Robert's cards. :)
      Blessings to you. Keep loving that girl of yours!

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  24. I love reading lists, too. Prison cards? My cousins were both incarcerated at the same time. I gave up on the cards and just wrote letters. It didn't matter to them as long as they got mail. (They both served their time and are better men for it.)

    Right now, I'm squinting at the computer screen because for the past three years I've needed reading glasses and haven't bought them. Vanity? Can you say "crinkly, wrinkly eyes"? I think it's more that I don't like that I can't see well when I take them off (using my husband's). That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    I can't wait to read Emily's book. She knows how to write to my soul.

    No clothes until I lose a few pounds. I refuse to buy a larger size. Refuse.

    Yay for green nails.

    I'm getting a new haircut this week. The first time in a salon that wasn't my mama's or my mama's kitchen. ;) I'm scared.

    Have a wonderful week celebrating your boy's birthday! Eight. I remember 8.

    1. Cannot. Even. Fathom how many letters I've written in the past 8 months. I like to flake out with a card now and then because it's faster...and gives them a little eye candy!

      Have fun at that haircut, R!

  25. Right now I'm looking for a new read - so thank you for that. Just finished Sacrilege. Thank you for that. Great book!!

    Right now I'm figuring out my next blog post and trying to figure out how not to be stressed over this new direction in life. You were a huge inspiration for me starting one. Thank you for that.

    Right now I'm loving the volunteer tutoring I'm doing. Your "Going" series got my butt in gear. Thank you for that.

    Right now I'm appearing like an obsessed fan - sorry for that.

    Right now I'm shopping for cute but comfortable shoes for an upcoming trip...

    Right now I'm basking in a Sunday afternoon glow - thankful for my family and my life and looking forward to date night with my one and only.

  26. I am the EXACT same way about my knees! No one ever understands when I tell them! I thought I was the only one!


  27. I'm with you on the knees, but the backs of the knees. And the inside of the elbows. Never, ever, touch them.

  28. In addition to a lack of prison greeting cards, there's a major void of cards to send to your Grandma who has Alzheimer's who doesn't know who you are but you know her and want her to know that she still has family who cares about her. I'm yet to find a card that conveys the "You don't know me, but I know and love you" vibe.

  29. Those survey questions make me "twitchy" too. Loved reading your thoughts in this post.

  30. You needa thrift shop ya some new clothes! There are always some way darling clothes for super skinnies and they are cheap!! DO IT DO IT!!!

  31. Shannan, in addition to Mumford, right now I'm also listening to Josh Garrels. Have you listened to him yet? ALL of his albums are free on noisetrade right now ( until March 28th. His music is compassionate, hopeful, and points to Christ (which is also what I appreciate about your writing). It is diverse musically, so hopefully you find it enjoyable!

  32. I hear ya on the prison-appropriate-greeting cards. My youngest toddler's first mama is spending some time in jail... I think the hardest card to find was for her first Mother's Day.... as you probably know, there's not many cards for birth mamas on mother's day.... let alone birth mamas that are behind bars. Luckily she's got a great sense of humor and appreciates our efforts. (She's also getting to know Jesus... a first for this may be a blessing in disguise.)

  33. I have a couple cards to send you for your prison sending cards...I work at a fun paper store. Send me your address and I'll pop some in the mail to you.