Friday, March 1, 2013

I've Always Wanted to go to Texas, Y'all.

So I'm gonna go ahead and GO. March 28-30, 2014.

It would be awesome if you'd join me!

Hope Spoken is a weekend focused intentionally on story - the way God has written our life to be its own page-turner, its own best-seller. I can't even tell how this idea of  story gets me, the way I find myself thinking so often about my story, my family's story, the story of Robert, the story of you. Because if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that every one of us should be living a life worthy of being bound up and given its own classification in the Library of Congress.

I have to warn you though: I'm not just going to Hope Spoken, I'm speaking! So excited.

I'm pretty pumped to meet some of my favorite people and add a few more to the list. I'm pretty pumped to stay in a hotel for a few days and not argue with my 4-year old at 3 a.m. about whether or not he needs help going potty. (he does.) I'm pretty dang pumped about the possibility of some authentic Tex Mex.

This conference isn't for bloggers, it's for women, like you and me. With any luck, we'll have a lot in common and enough quirks to make things interesting. (That's what makes a party!) It's a time to learn, reflect, worship, share, and belly-laugh. And eat. And yes, there may be a stray tear or two, but only the good kind.

All our Hope, every wild shard, every sparkling beam, is found in Christ and in Him alone. I'm so ready to dive into the deep for a few dreamy days with women who reflect the heart of Truth.

Synchronized diving, anyone?

Get your tickets here.