Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Guarantee A Spectacular Day

Last night as I drifted off to fitful sleep I decided that today needed to be good. It just needed to be, suddenly and without warning. I was sure.

I know enough to know that good doesn't need to mean fabulous. I'm just not a fabulous sort of girl.
It doesn't have to mean an agenda or big juicy plans.
It doesn't even have to be out of the ordinary.

I wasn't sure how I'd pull it all together, but I was resolved to tie the ends in a bow.

Then I fell asleep and had the scariest dream ever. Well, second scariest. Third. Whatever. It was scary enough that I almost woke Cory up just to remind myself that I was still here and so was he, but I settled for cuddling my feet up to his in honor of his extra-early wake time. (You should try the foot thing. It works in a pinch.)

The kids were all up during the night. 2 potty trips. 1 bloody nose.

But the darndest thing happened in spite of it: I felt a certain air, when the day began. I'll be honest, that doesn't happen to me nearly enough.

Breakfast was cold cereal. There were 3 loads of laundry. We took a trip to the basement where I forced Silas to jump on the new trampoline (Thanks for the idea, Vicky!). Here's something you should know: we force our kids to do things when they're too scared. It's just the way we roll around here. We bargained and settled for 5 hops while I held his hands and promised not to let go. Then we turned off the lights and rocked in the old rocking chair like we used to do when he was brand new to us.

We found a few shirts at Once Upon A Child for the boys.
We ate left-overs for lunch.

It was the best flipping day.

I decided early this year that I wanted to hunt down some wonder. I was tired of being jaded. I wanted the heck out of the mentality that all the mysteries have been solved and that beauty only lives on remote islands or botanical gardens.

The Bible says to tie the good, true things around our necks, and sometimes I do.

But mostly, I snap them onto my wrist.

Rare is the day that passes that I don't wear one of my Farmgirl Paints cuffs. Lay it Down carried me through 2 years and carries me still. And now I have Wonder Full in the mix. I love them so much. I love carrying important reminders around with me wherever I go and hello, they look totally rad.

Can it really be as easy as simply deciding to see the world around me in a lovelier light? I'll try again tomorrow and let you know. But even if tomorrow isn't as kind to me, I still had today.

I had my little guy telling me on repeat, "You're a very cute Mommy. You're so cute! You're my special, cute Mommy!"

I had stuffed pepper soup for dinner.
I had game night with my family and two of my favorite kids in the neighborhood. I had PTO.

Ordinary wonder.



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