Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Guarantee A Spectacular Day

Last night as I drifted off to fitful sleep I decided that today needed to be good. It just needed to be, suddenly and without warning. I was sure.

I know enough to know that good doesn't need to mean fabulous. I'm just not a fabulous sort of girl.
It doesn't have to mean an agenda or big juicy plans.
It doesn't even have to be out of the ordinary.

I wasn't sure how I'd pull it all together, but I was resolved to tie the ends in a bow.

Then I fell asleep and had the scariest dream ever. Well, second scariest. Third. Whatever. It was scary enough that I almost woke Cory up just to remind myself that I was still here and so was he, but I settled for cuddling my feet up to his in honor of his extra-early wake time. (You should try the foot thing. It works in a pinch.)

The kids were all up during the night. 2 potty trips. 1 bloody nose.

But the darndest thing happened in spite of it: I felt a certain air, when the day began. I'll be honest, that doesn't happen to me nearly enough.

Breakfast was cold cereal. There were 3 loads of laundry. We took a trip to the basement where I forced Silas to jump on the new trampoline (Thanks for the idea, Vicky!). Here's something you should know: we force our kids to do things when they're too scared. It's just the way we roll around here. We bargained and settled for 5 hops while I held his hands and promised not to let go. Then we turned off the lights and rocked in the old rocking chair like we used to do when he was brand new to us.

We found a few shirts at Once Upon A Child for the boys.
We ate left-overs for lunch.

It was the best flipping day.

I decided early this year that I wanted to hunt down some wonder. I was tired of being jaded. I wanted the heck out of the mentality that all the mysteries have been solved and that beauty only lives on remote islands or botanical gardens.

The Bible says to tie the good, true things around our necks, and sometimes I do.

But mostly, I snap them onto my wrist.

Rare is the day that passes that I don't wear one of my Farmgirl Paints cuffs. Lay it Down carried me through 2 years and carries me still. And now I have Wonder Full in the mix. I love them so much. I love carrying important reminders around with me wherever I go and hello, they look totally rad.

Can it really be as easy as simply deciding to see the world around me in a lovelier light? I'll try again tomorrow and let you know. But even if tomorrow isn't as kind to me, I still had today.

I had my little guy telling me on repeat, "You're a very cute Mommy. You're so cute! You're my special, cute Mommy!"

I had stuffed pepper soup for dinner.
I had game night with my family and two of my favorite kids in the neighborhood. I had PTO.

Ordinary wonder.



What words would you put on your cuff?

Get yours right here. Becky's shop is opened now through March 10th, so don't wait!

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  1. Oh yes : )
    I am so glad you wished your grand day into existence!
    I love happy Mondays.
    I love your cuff.
    I love your spirit.
    You are extra special.

  2. Most of the time when I tell myself it's going to be a good day, it is. The world seems kinder, my spirit is lifted and I can see all the beauty around's like my own prayer to myself.
    Everything you say moves me, whether it's one of your stories or some wonderful little truth about life. I hope tomorrow is just as good for you!

  3. Cutie pants, you are! Attitude is so much a part of our day. That and Grace. I'm loving that cuff so much - all the texture and detail! Becky is the best. Anyways! Oh! Is that the typewriter necklace I spy? It's perfect on you!

    1. Cutest friend EVER sent me that typewriter.


  4. i was JUST stalking becky's shop today and saw some pretty sweet leather hanging out over there. #swoon
    i love my cuff, and would love another! having those special words on my wrist is such a blessing and a wonderful reminder to this sometimes wanderer.
    i chose 'channels only'.
    one of my favorite hymns.

    channels only, blessed Master
    but with all Thy wondrous power
    flowing through us, Thou canst use us
    every day, and every hour. :)

  5. I think my cuff would say "special sauce" or "hostable"- I need things that make me laugh lately. The latter is how Emerson used to say hospital. He'll say it like that once in awhile now to make me smile.

    I can totally relate to not wanting to be jaded and needing to find wonder and beauty and light. Today I found it in a salad with homemade guacamole and fetch with the doggies.


  6. I have been wanting a cuff from Becky for so long. I just had a hard time justifying the spending when money is so tight around here. But I've been saving and I have some "just for me" cash ready to be spent. Now I'm agonizing over what words to choose! I wish I could buy a dozen!

    Hope your Tuesday outdoes your good Monday!

  7. Beautiful. I've been in a funk of negativity lately and am committing to search out the good, even if the negative seems to outweigh it. If I had a cuff it would say "hallelujah", I need something that simple to remind me to rejoice no matter the circumstance!

  8. I love my cuff from Becky - mine says "no fear" which is something I need to be reminded of frequently as I am a bit of a worrier.

  9. YOU are wonderFULL! thank you friend.

  10. Becky has beautiful cuffs. You did have a marvelous day....I could feel it!

  11. I went over to Becky's shop right away and have ordered a cuff with the word Blessed on it. Can't wait to see it. Just an FYI that I didn't see any spot to add Shannan 15 to get a 15% discount, so that was a little disappointing, but thanks for letting us know about her shop. You said that she is only open until the 10th? For good? I would like to possibly order some more cuffs, but wasn't sure what you meant by that.....


    1. Hey! Just talked to Becky and she said sometimes people miss the little thing where it says to put in the code. (I just checked and it's on there at check-out) She said she'll make sure you get the discount.

      And sorry if I was unclear. Becky's shop is open just 2 weeks per month. She's taking the entire month of April off but will be back in early May. :)

  12. This is how I've been feeling, but I haven't been writing about it because I didn't want to come across as Suzy Sunshine Nothing Wrong. You managed to put my thoughts into words without being SSNW. And frankly, I loved every blessed word of it.
    I did however, read that you curled up by Cory's feet and I started to wonder, "is this some Ruth thing? Cover me with your coat husband thing?" then I read it again. Wouldn't it have been funny though, to curl up by your husband's feetsies? I haven't had my coffee yet. don't mind me.

  13. Also I feel like this font is too small. It's hurting my eyes. (maybe becky should make me a cuff that says "Whiny"

    1. It is small! You're right. Sometimes I need these things pointed out... :)

  14. This font is really small. Just FTR.

    And I've been having to choose good days, despite early EARLY wake-ups and less sleep all night than I'd accept from a nap. The days can still be good. I hope your TUesday rocked it as well.

    And the foot thing? Solid.

  15. I can't decide. Three options:
    - "Hemmed In" (Psalm 139:5) to remind me that God is always with me and is my great lover and protector.
    - "Give Thanks" (1 Thess 5:18) to remind me to be thankful in all circumstances.
    - "Conquerer" (Romans 8:37), because lately I need to remember that God has made me more than a conquerer through His strength and power at work in my life!

  16. love your heart spilling today...and yes i wearing anything around my neck or wrist.. preferably wrist..the neck thing kinda strangles me
    love pieces.
    i am ordering some..sent her grandpas belt.. when she opens in april and i am having
    daring greatly on it.

  17. you are a sweet girl, ya know that? i like you. and your cuff. and my cuffs. thanks for making my life feel more beautifuler :)

  18. I'm a cuff wearing fool.
    I've got two on the way from Becky...can't WAIT to get them.
    I lost my "trust your story" cuff at Disney World last week, so she's making me another one and then sending me one more that goes along with my word this year. FREE INDEED. :)

    you're gorgeous...even though I can't see your face in these shots.

  19. Can I ask what style your other cuff is? Your Lay it down one? thanks in advance!

    1. Hey! Just click on the link up in the post (blue lettering) and it will take you to a post where I show a photo. :)

  20. Oh Silas is so precious. You are the universe to him and he makes you know it.

    I love Becky's cuffs too. I think everyone in the world should too.

    Glad you have a great day xx