Thursday, March 14, 2013

Her Mama's Daughter

Rubester: No matter what Mrs. H says, I always get to go first!
Mommy: Go first for what?
Rubester: For anything! It's always me!
Mommy: What's always you?
Rubester: Everything!
Mommy: (realizes this is the sort of conversation that might never end...)
Mommy: (regroups) She calls your name first?
Rubester: No, she says different colors and if you have it on, you go first!
Mommy: (aha!)
Rubester: And sometimes she says stripes or dots or flowers and I still always go first. I have everything on! Everyday!

It should go without saying that I've never been more proud.  :)

Also, one quick question: WHY do you' ns keep me around? Because I'm the worst. I'm the very worst ever in the history of blogging and the world (same thing, really) and I should never offer giveaways because most of the time I forget to announce winners and when I do remember, it's like, two months later.

So, remember Butter Kek? Have mercy, do yourself a favor and be reminded of Butter Kek.

Anyway, I have two boxes sitting here in padded envelopes (because I spare no expense and their fragile perfection is too important to risk..) I'm sending them out to Lorilee and Jamie. Because that's just the kind of girl I am. (Email me your addys, Girls!)

Readers, I love you. I love you so dang bad.

Don't give up on me yet!


PS - I'm newly hooked on Bloglovin'. It's the best way to keep track of the blogs I read. Each evening they send me an email with links to any new updates. Makes my life so much easier than trying to keep up throughout the day. (Who has time for that??)

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