Thursday, March 14, 2013

Her Mama's Daughter

Rubester: No matter what Mrs. H says, I always get to go first!
Mommy: Go first for what?
Rubester: For anything! It's always me!
Mommy: What's always you?
Rubester: Everything!
Mommy: (realizes this is the sort of conversation that might never end...)
Mommy: (regroups) She calls your name first?
Rubester: No, she says different colors and if you have it on, you go first!
Mommy: (aha!)
Rubester: And sometimes she says stripes or dots or flowers and I still always go first. I have everything on! Everyday!

It should go without saying that I've never been more proud.  :)

Also, one quick question: WHY do you' ns keep me around? Because I'm the worst. I'm the very worst ever in the history of blogging and the world (same thing, really) and I should never offer giveaways because most of the time I forget to announce winners and when I do remember, it's like, two months later.

So, remember Butter Kek? Have mercy, do yourself a favor and be reminded of Butter Kek.

Anyway, I have two boxes sitting here in padded envelopes (because I spare no expense and their fragile perfection is too important to risk..) I'm sending them out to Lorilee and Jamie. Because that's just the kind of girl I am. (Email me your addys, Girls!)

Readers, I love you. I love you so dang bad.

Don't give up on me yet!


PS - I'm newly hooked on Bloglovin'. It's the best way to keep track of the blogs I read. Each evening they send me an email with links to any new updates. Makes my life so much easier than trying to keep up throughout the day. (Who has time for that??)

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  1. The Rubester is just way to cute!!!

  2. I speak for ALL of us when I say WE love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Your Ruby and my Hannah could get together and compare notes. They could start something wonderful.

  4. There's a method to her dressing! Love it! :)

  5. Love that Ruby style! So awesome!! Never givin up on you :)

  6. I keep reading because you gave Him your small Yeses when they seemed big and hurt and He took them and made them bloom. So you gave Him your bigger Yeses and He's doing the same thing. I need to see all that love joy, pain joy, crazy joy for my own salve. So even though I get a little giddy when you have a new post, keep giving your Yes to where it matters most. I will wait for you. (Feel free to sing that last line.)

  7. She'd approve of Sheldon's new sneakers. He picked them out himself. Orange and blue high tops with orange laces AND an orange side zipper.
    I love her style.

  8. It's like a secret code, you have to say it in a whisper with your finger to your nose.
    "Do you remember the butter kek?"
    Yes, yes I do.

  9. Oh my word. You have the best kids!

  10. love you too! I've been following your adventures for a long time! You inspire me and make me laugh daily! Thank you!


  11. I found the comments....whew! I feel like i have been missing half the story not getting to read all the comments. Call me challenged!!! Luv the Butter Kek!!! Way to go multi colored Ruby, a true gem.

  12. Crazy cute outfit. Not everybody can pull that look off so well, you know, but she rocks it like a movie star. May she always stays true to her carefree fashion sense, forever resisting the pressure to match. Keep her wardrobe well stocked with color and pattern--every artist needs a great stash of material to work with! :)

  13. You're so NOT the worst!!!! You're definitely one of my favorites, there's not too many, trust me, so that's a much bigger deal than it sounds!!!!

  14. I shop at Aldi a lot but never knew about the deliciousness of butter kek. I bought them the day I read about them on your blog and my family is hooked. It is a huge treat for my kids. I love your blog and your kids are adorable.

  15. I need Ruby to come be my personal shopper. I am way to unsure about my wardrobe and could really use some boldness. You could come too of course and we could eat butter keks and some sort of decadent gooey chocolate dessert!

  16. About 2 weeks ago I went to our local Aldi for the first time. Shortly after I walked through the door I saw those lovely cookies and remembered your post. Oh my! They were so delicious that I promptly hid them from my son and DID NOT SHARE! It was tempting because I wanted to show him the lovely designs in the chocolate, but....maybe next time. ;)

    And I love your heart and your honesty and I so wish that we could be friends in person. Most people it seems are about as real as "reality" tv, but you just seem to be so genuine.


  17. I bought more butter keks yesterday! :+)

  18. I love the Rubester so much. So much wisdom!

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  20. Clearly, one can never wear too many stripes. Also, I could really go for a Butter Kek or 12...

    I had the most vivid dream that I was babysitting Silas while you and Cory took the older 2 to hand paint ceramic Easter eggs. Silas and I were also dog-sitting like 7 little dogs, which was a hoot in itself. When you returned, Calvin came in first, beaming proudly at his perfectly painted eggs. (They were stunning.) Ruby came in next, frowning, because she was in a bit of trouble for painting the eggs on her Easter t-shirt instead of the ceramic ones she was supposed to be painting. (Her shirt was also stunning but in a slightly unexpected way...) It was so hilarious and so real!

    I'll sit again for you any time. haha! :)

  21. You aren't the worst, you're just REAL and sometimes that isn't always the case in good ol' blogland. :)

    I don't comment often, but I read your blog often and love it and love you! You're my hero. :)

  22. So, come on, fess up... how many packages of butter keks did you set aside for shipping but then ate and then had to replace the ones set aside for shipping?
    I say who cares about giveaways and all that (only someone who doesn't win would declare this) - I just love reading your stuff.
    BTW - your booklist a few months back has massively influenced our book club list. Last month was the Year of Biblical Womanhood, this upcoming month is Daring Greatly and a few others are vying for a spot. I speak of you often, which always creeps non-blog-readers out... how do you know this person? Where does she live? (To which I mumble something about midwest something beginning with an I...?)

  23. Thanks to you, I now need a 12 step program for Butter Keks! I have 4 boxes of girl scout cookies that are just sitting in the drawer, feeling sad and dejected!

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  25. I have been reading everything on Bloglovin ~ it is getting to the computer to leave comments now that is the task at hand. Love your words Shannan ~ I enjoy each and every visit.