Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Homemade Year & A Giveaway

As a girl who grew up in a dancing-the-aisles church, I was never supposed to fall in love with liturgy. I was taught that worship should be free-flowing; that anything planned probably wasn't "of the spirit".

Some of those old ideas about church and worship took root. Many of them didn't.
I grew and learned. I figured a few things out for myself. One year leaned into the next, into the next, and then... I was a Mama, soul-swaying to the rhythms of simple routines and intentional (sometimes silly) traditions. I scooped them up and wore them like gladness and truth. Little did I know I had taken a bent toward the liturgical.

Merriam Webster defines liturgy as, "A rite or body of rites prescribed for public worship." Liturgy, to me, is the intersection of ceremony and worship.

So sometimes we sing the Doxology at bedtime and sometimes we say the Lord's prayer in unison with three pajama-clad short people. Sometimes we light a candle when Daddy works late so it seems a little like he's with us at the table. We get doughnuts and hunt down the best Christmas lights in December. We crow odd-ball nicknames and make up songs that might be better if we could just make them rhyme. 

Looking back, it occurs to me now that God uses food and the domestic rituals that surround it to call me into his presence. It is his love language to me.          - A Handmade Year

These are the rhythms of our life,  this is the life we live to the glory of our Creator.

What I'm trying to say is, Surprise! We all love liturgy. We just might not have known what to call it.

Worship is, to some degree, a casserole in the oven, a glittered table-top, comb lines in the just-washed hair of our child. It's finding the missing sock. Reading a book by lamp light.

My friend Jerusalem, the one with the swooniest curtains ever, the one who designed my kitchen print, poured this idea onto the pages of a new book, A Homemade Year. (I'm the lucky duck who scored an early copy which I promptly devoured on a blustery Saturday.)

A homemade year

In her fresh-from-the-presses book, A Handmade Year, Jerusalem Jackson Greer carries us through the seasons, pressing us into the sacred rhythm of a life we already love.

She gifts us with new reason to celebrate and does all the hard work for us. (Homegirl throws a mean and easy party.) She slows us down and teaches us more about noticing.

I have a deep affinity for faded things...The leap is not far from the cracked and faded treasures that I collect to the cracked and tattered people that I love.        - A Handmade Year

Through every project, every meal, every pause, her words point our hearts up.

Jerusalem writes about her life with a heart of a friend. Every sentiment drips gratitude, every project includes lush, swoony photography (courtesy of J's talented photographer sister, Judea).
{All patterns used in A Homemade Year can be found here.}

I have to say, I pride myself on knowing my readers and I'm telling you, you'll be all over this read.

Go ahead, fall on in.

Order your copy of A Homemade Year here and connect with Jerusalem here.

And... One of you will receive a free copy! Just leave a comment telling me something I should know. 

*First photo courtesy of Jerusalem Jackson Greer.
*Amazon link is an affiliate link.