Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today I...

 :: Dropped Silas off at school in my pajamas and wondered if I'm the only mom who (routinely) does this.

:: Ate half an English Muffin with strawberry cream cheese and a clementine for breakfast. (No, it wasn't enough.)

:: Worked for the next two hours (still in pajamas) perched on my exceedingly uncomfortable desk chair.

:: Lost my mojo at the very end, gave up and showered, where I (naturally) solved my own problem.

:: Washed my hair and forgot the aforementioned solution.

:: Thought for the 10th time this month that I want to invent a waterproof dry-erase board for the shower. (Or maybe this already exists??)

:: Wore my dumbest jeans because I'm saving my favorite ones for later this week. (The suspense!)

:: Remembered it again and wrote it down, then pushed a heart-thumping "send". (Again with the suspense!)

:: Picked Silas up with wet hair and wondered what his teachers really think of me.

:: Ate my current obsession for lunch for the 4th day in a row. (More on that tomorrow.)

:: Found this book in the mailbox.

:: Baked these muffins? cupcakes? while Silas rearranged his bookshelf during "quiet time". (I added generous amounts of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. And chopped walnuts.)

:: Made cream cheese frosting with a revolutionary cream cheese made from Greek yogurt.

:: Convinced myself, once and for all, that they were "healthy" enough to be called muffins, what with all that extra protein and junk.

:: Retrieved Silas from quiet time, whereupon I was gifted with a book about bones because, "You're such a good girl! You be kind to me and you obey me!" (oy)

:: Grabbed kids from school with surprise cupcakes muffins for each of them.

:: Ran into Meijer for ginger and snap peas and ended up with 2 pairs of pants, 2 sweaters, and 2 flannel shirts for the boys for a total of $18. )

:: Also? A black, knit turtleneck for Calvin for $3 that made him exceedingly, perplexingly proud/grateful/thrilled. 

:: (I can't stomach turtlenecks. Too chokey.)

:: Picked up the two cutest baby boys on the planet.

:: Jammed to this song.

:: Made this for dinner. (Family fave)

 :: Called Avery "Anthony" for roughly 30 minutes before realizing I was wrong. 

:: Did a mad-lib with Calvin and Ruby. (an excerpt: "It landed on Grandma's belly button! The next thing I knew, my uncle yelled 'toilet bowl fight!'")

:: Contemplated why belly buttons are so dang funny.

:: Read this bedtime story book.

And now? It's time to queue up the most recent episode of Downton Abbey. Because we totally forgot again on Sunday. Even though we don't give a rip about football.

(I don't even deserve Mr. Carson.)

What did you do today?

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  1. I had a whole day to myself while my littles were all in Mother's Day Out. I now call Tuesdays freedom. ;) Went shopping and purchased a ridiculously marked down pair of Sorel boots, a new gold chevron notebook because who can resist gold AND chevron, and bought my daughter an obnoxiously large bright yellow headband from the Carter's outlet. All in all, a fantastic day! Love your blog! :)

    1. I keep wondering if Sorel's are marked down 80% off somewhere... Lucky you! On all fronts!

    2. I found a pair last year for $38, regularly $200!!!! My sis put them in her basement for a year and gave them to me for Christmas.....SCORE BIGTIME!!!!
      H Patt :)

  2. So. I found out all about the tragedy that fell upon Downton and now I'm not sure they deserve for me to watch anymore...but alas, I have two episodes unwatched on my DVR so what's a girl to do but settle in and swoon?

    What's up with this Jimmy and why doesn't Alfred love Daisy the way he should and for the love of all that is holy can Mr. Bates PUH-lease get out of jail already?!

    Happy watching.

  3. For great ideas in the shower - use a dive slate! Not even kidding. http://www.onlinescuba.com/Trident-Small-Underwater-Writing-Dive-Slates-2-in-x-4-in-P2705.aspx?AdID=1536--4432

    1. Ok, I have to have this, too. Another commenter friend here, Sweet Annabelle, once blogged about all her best ideas washing down her shower drain. So witty and so true! This might save the day!

  4. Mad Libs! I need some!

    I did some work for a few hours. one of my Etsy orders is to Japan and I tried printing out the address, all in japanese characters. It worked until the postman told me I'd have to fill out a customs form.


    Me: I'm not gonna lie to you, I don't think I can recreate these characters!

    We both laughed.

    Cuddled my baby dogs.

    Had dinner with hubby.

    Watched Valkyrie while eating. How romantic!

    Let dogs in and out numerous times for potty breaks.

    Talked to Emerson via Facetime on my newish iPhone. Very fun to see his cute little face during a phone call!

    Am considering eating many bagels...

  5. You are killing me with all the great books you read. I am following in your "read-y" footsteps. I'll add this one to my list! Have you read Deep and Wide? My wheels are still spinning!

  6. smoochy baby alert! smoochy baby alert!
    today I...got into a heated argument with R. before we even got out of bed because he likes to talk to me about nonsense to try to wake himself up (his words) and I want quiet to enjoy my snooze...finished up with three eps of The Following (creepy, but good) and realize that Kevin Bacon is still smokin'.

  7. Is this MST? I'm feeling a little MST:Twinny Edition here. They are just too gorgeous! Model material I tell you. Looks like a very good day. And I'm sure the teachers think your fab. Who wouldn't?!

    We lazed around too long today and ended up having to run to Sam's Club with the 5PM rush. Which totally defeats the purpose of homeschooling. But for $1.50, they'll give you a gigantic hot dog and a even gigantic-er Coke. And you'll all be so hopped up on caffeine you won't even notice you've been there 2 hours and are bringing home 9 total containers (for 2 people) of deodorant. Among other things. Some of that nonsense is going back tomorrow. Or maybe I should just cut my losses and stay the stink out of there.

    And go to Aldi for some Butter Keks.


  8. those babes are lucky to be loved by you.

    today? i cleaned up puke all morning... thankfully that ended by noon. then i made almond butter cookies and am now eating spaceship goldfish. in between i loved my babes, made some meals, read and wrote.

    i loved your day. and you.

  9. Oh my word...those BABIES!!! They are ridiculously cute. I cant even stand it.
    Today was a regular ol' Tuesday for me, with bright spots being leftover chinese for lunch, moms chili for dinner, and getting my sister started on Downton, season one. (We missed it Sunday too, and it just might kill me, but I need to wait for my hubby to come home from his work trip to watch it. Homeboy would be devastated if I watched it without him.)
    I definitely think you need to invent that water-proof-whiteboard-thingy! I always think of important stuff in there... then forget it later. I think its that cold air when you step out of the shower that erases all my brilliance!

    Wulp, Im off to watch some White Collar now! (another awesome, super fun, maybe slightly cheesy show. Have you seen it? I feel like you might like it...)

  10. I used to take my kids to school in my pajamas until I had a flat tire one morning AND I had my big ole dog in the car too!

    Today was good, but ended great with dinner out and "Argo" with my man and our 17 yo man-child!

  11. Oh my goodness, Silas reminds me of my youngest! He also gives me permission to do things, comments when I'm "nice" to him, and generally acts like he's in charge of me!

    1. Let's pause for a moment of silence for Shannan and Laurel...



  12. How do you just 'pick up babies' that cute? I want in on that.

  13. You don't deserve Mr Carson. On a related note did you know there's a spoon specifically for eating turtle soup and it's called...a terrapin spoon?
    Youre welcome.
    And I love you. Really I do.

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  15. Those boys are gorgeous!

    I couch jumped with a little maniac. Made hummus. Made onion jam. Did a load of laundry. Worked. Watched the beautiful snow come down. Drank tea. Put pajama pants back on as soon as possible (I think I actually waited until 7:55pm, so that was pretty good).

    1. Onion Jam???? I need the recipe!!

    2. I also need those precious little boys here in Ohio for a visit, to great grandma's home. They make my heart melt. I hope the Coop Keeper doesn't see them she will want to eat them right up.
      In regard to Siley, he is met to be a leader someday and for now he is just practicing. He thinks if obeying is so important to you then it must work the other way around. So he is proud of you when you are kind and obey. (Its just a thought).

  16. I cleaned at my dad's house.

    He is a prime candidate for "Hoarders." Seriously. I took 17 faxes,12 boom boxes and a couple of rabbit-eared tv's to e-waste. 3 30-yard and 2 metal scrap dumpsters later, we are not halfway done.

    Reading your blog is truly a welcome breath of fresh air.

  17. Fun fun!!

    YES -- Aquanotes! The perfect solution for great ideas in the shower!

    I did laundry and made pumpkin bread(!) and watched the Bachelor {eeeeah} and raced with my kiddos and ran errands and put groceries away and made quesadillas. Fun day. :)

  18. took my kids to school EVERYDAY in my pjs...all they through high school....scary!

  19. Shawn's two take aways:
    1. "dumbest jeans"
    2. "I don't even deserve Mr. Carson."

    Sister, you are awesome!

  20. I thought dog was about to have puppies..she is whining and nesting...who knows if she is even pregnant?..we didn't think she was pregnant?...the important thing is SHE thinks she has already had puppies....fixed her a box and she took a baby doll, a squeeky toy and a beer hugger inside and is licking them and growls if the cats come near....took her to the vet......not pregnant....false pregnancy....who knew? That was my day..:)

  21. So I was really torn where to pin the recipe for the muffin/cupcakes....desserts, breakfast, YUM!!! LOL!

    Have a blessed day!

  22. Love your fresh, honest, voice. Following now. I used to drive my dad to work in my pj's all the time. That worked until I fell asleep and ran off the road. He worked at a nuclear plant. Bad bad place to wreck in pj's.

  23. I use a dry-erase marker to write verses on the shower walls. As long as you have a tub/large shower so the spray doesn't directly hit it, it will actually last. Comes off with soap.
    P.S. I wouldn't leave it on for months or anything... Longest I've gone is a few weeks, and then it took a little elbow grease.

  24. I don't drive my kids to school in jammies, but I sure do teach them in my jammies (yay for homeschooling!!!) Let's see, I started my day with devo's and finishing up a sugar cookie order, woke my monkies up and got ready to take my 16 yo to college. After that stopped at my parents because my bladder isn't as tough as it used to be and stole my mom for a quick trip to the Dollar Store (I needed packaging for said cookie order) headed back to my parents to return my mother and wrap the cookie order. Then headed to my church to deliver the order (My Pastor's wife ordered them for their three sons), hung out with my Youth Pastor & friend, turned into an informal meeting about our upcoming girls retreat. Two or maybe three hours later, headed home!! Finally ate and here I am scrambling to accomplish a bit more today before heading out later for Youth Group!! I must finish school with my monkies, hopefully take a shower, throw some eggs in a pan for dinner and head out! I had to get my dose of FlowerPatch!!!! Your day sounded fabulous!!! lol

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  26. What a fun day! Lots of good busy....

  27. Pretty much the same. Also. Read a stupid book you recommended. FINE. IT'S NOT STUPID ! It's great, but it hurts my heart cause I donta lika changa!
    Also. Attended bible study. Ate two chips because my self control was nearly in check. Did no less than one hour of someone else's homework. Ghetto. Laughed my guts out to the latest episode of New Girl. It's an ab work out I am telling you.
    Drove. Drove. Met a new baby. Drove. Cried for a boy facing jail time. Drove. Ate soup. Drove.
    We are living similar lives.
    Sorry I said your book recommendation with stupid. I was acting out. I didn't mean any of it.

  28. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003W09LTQ/ref=oh_details_o02_s01_i00

    This is a waterproof notepad. :)

    p.s. I've never commented before but I couldn't resist sending you that link. I love your blog. You're so witty and real and stylish and seem like a great person. Thank you for sharing your everyday thoughts.

  29. I loved this glimpse into your day, I've never commented before but today I had too. I know it's busy and crazy and lovely but oh, those eyes on your baby!! Wow. So adorable.

    And the muffins sound yum!

  30. I take my child to school in my pjs 5 days a week. I don't even bother to put on a bra. no one sees me, I hope for their sake.

    I went to bible study and proceeded to cry 10 times throughout the day because I'm pretty sure my period is showing up in the next ten minutes. Hey, you asked what I did today.

    I went to trader joes for my creamer bc I woke up this morning without any. That might be another reason why I cried ten times today.

    finally sitting down with a cup of coffee and my computer....will finish the night with small group. the end. whoopee...exciting day, huh?

  31. Two words.. BUTTER KEKS.. I AM ADDICTED.

  32. Oh my sweet precious thing so darling

  33. I'm always inventing things that already exist. I invented dishwashing gloves that have the sponge built into the hands (with velcro attached to switch them out), and a teddy bear with a place to put an aromatherapy bag (you know, the ones with lavender and echinachea that you heat up in the microwave). Oh, and I also came up with the idea for the movie, "The Truman Show"... :) I think a dry erase board in the shower is a fan-TAS-tic idea!

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  35. shannan. you know what? you could post all of this to instagram and i would have commented on every pic. just sayin.

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  37. I see someone beat me to offering the Amazon link to a waterproof note pad. I need one, too! I loved your post on 3 Things for Mom and am glad to have found your blog!


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