Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today I...

 :: Dropped Silas off at school in my pajamas and wondered if I'm the only mom who (routinely) does this.

:: Ate half an English Muffin with strawberry cream cheese and a clementine for breakfast. (No, it wasn't enough.)

:: Worked for the next two hours (still in pajamas) perched on my exceedingly uncomfortable desk chair.

:: Lost my mojo at the very end, gave up and showered, where I (naturally) solved my own problem.

:: Washed my hair and forgot the aforementioned solution.

:: Thought for the 10th time this month that I want to invent a waterproof dry-erase board for the shower. (Or maybe this already exists??)

:: Wore my dumbest jeans because I'm saving my favorite ones for later this week. (The suspense!)

:: Remembered it again and wrote it down, then pushed a heart-thumping "send". (Again with the suspense!)

:: Picked Silas up with wet hair and wondered what his teachers really think of me.

:: Ate my current obsession for lunch for the 4th day in a row. (More on that tomorrow.)

:: Found this book in the mailbox.

:: Baked these muffins? cupcakes? while Silas rearranged his bookshelf during "quiet time". (I added generous amounts of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. And chopped walnuts.)

:: Made cream cheese frosting with a revolutionary cream cheese made from Greek yogurt.

:: Convinced myself, once and for all, that they were "healthy" enough to be called muffins, what with all that extra protein and junk.

:: Retrieved Silas from quiet time, whereupon I was gifted with a book about bones because, "You're such a good girl! You be kind to me and you obey me!" (oy)

:: Grabbed kids from school with surprise cupcakes muffins for each of them.

:: Ran into Meijer for ginger and snap peas and ended up with 2 pairs of pants, 2 sweaters, and 2 flannel shirts for the boys for a total of $18. )

:: Also? A black, knit turtleneck for Calvin for $3 that made him exceedingly, perplexingly proud/grateful/thrilled. 

:: (I can't stomach turtlenecks. Too chokey.)

:: Picked up the two cutest baby boys on the planet.

:: Jammed to this song.

:: Made this for dinner. (Family fave)

 :: Called Avery "Anthony" for roughly 30 minutes before realizing I was wrong. 

:: Did a mad-lib with Calvin and Ruby. (an excerpt: "It landed on Grandma's belly button! The next thing I knew, my uncle yelled 'toilet bowl fight!'")

:: Contemplated why belly buttons are so dang funny.

:: Read this bedtime story book.

And now? It's time to queue up the most recent episode of Downton Abbey. Because we totally forgot again on Sunday. Even though we don't give a rip about football.

(I don't even deserve Mr. Carson.)

What did you do today?

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