Thursday, February 28, 2013


I fell asleep last night at my normal time (too late) and when I woke this morning, the elves had done their work on this here blog. Hallelujah! Cat is a saint, and she also happens to be incredibly intuitive and savvy. Thanks, Friend!

I wanted to write a quick post welcoming all of you to my new home and thought I'd use a picture of moi so you could tell right away that it's still your long-limbed FPFG at the keys. Incidentally, this is the most recent photo of myself and it was taken on Saturday as Cory and I headed out on the ill-fated double date. That's a bag of homemade caramel popcorn in my hand. (Naturally!)

There are still a few small things we'll be tweaking, but the big work is finished and I'm reveling in the fresh and clean of my new digs. It almost makes me want to clean my real digs!

Today's agenda includes:
Pajama day at Siley's pre-school (you can't imagine the cuteness)
A top-secret project for me while he's gone
Brown sugar pork chops for dinner
Gymnastics for Ruby after dinner
And maybe cleaning the toy room. Though I'm reluctant to ruin the fun with that one.

What are you up to today?