Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fancy Date

Saturday afternoon Cory and I landed a 24-hour stretch of kid freedom. As soon as the shorties left the building we were hit with a weird, rookie jolt of Now what?

As usual, Cory wanted to take to the streets. He suggested "shopping around", but I reminded him that this girl doesn't "shop around" unless she has some pocket change. And she doesn't.

He looked at me.

I looked at him.

And we did what anyone in our position would do: We poured bowls of Raisin Nut Bran and ate them on the couch at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Then we took naps. Separately.

High romance. Sky high romance, people.

(But there was time.)

So I snickered through two chapters of this book under the duvet, set my alarm, and dozed.

What seemed like three hours 15 minutes later, Cory barged into the room yelling, "Shannan! It's 5:30!" He looked positively stricken.

See, we had a big, fancy date on the docket. Dinner reservations at 6:30. At a restaurant 45 minutes away. And I hadn't even showered yet.

Long story short, I went to the symphony with towel-dried hair and fast-lane make-up.

I can't tell you how long I've wanted to go to the symphony. Cannot even do it. I loved every single minute, every last Gershwin note. I loved watching all the bows move in unison. I loved the bluesy clarinets and the Donald Duck trumpet mutes. I loved the chatty conductor. I. Loved. It. All.

The city's mayor stunned us into a collective reverie by flying through Rhapsody in Blue on the grand piano. It was moving, impressive, entirely captivating. It sounded to me more like Rhapsody in Fuchsia with Traces of Plum and Sun-bleached Sky, but that's just me.

This sort of night couldn't have come at a better time for us. Could there ever be a bad time? No. The answer is no.

We rolled home, had a drink and caramel fudge cheesecake, watched television in the dark, went to bed way too late, woke up even later and had Mexican food for brunch.

This is the life.

This is the life for me.

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  1. we desperately need a date...let alone a date DAY! lucky girl...and the symphony!?! so happy for you!!

  2. dreamy!!! you deserved it mama. i'm so happy you told me about that book - she is too funny. should i read it??

  3. love. pure love. I am off to a third world country to get some alone time with my hubby. xo

  4. Sounds wonderful! Sorry I can't be more enthusiastic than that, but I'm in a state of television drama shock...Downton.season.finale.blues.

  5. oh golly. sounds like something we would do. sad, but true.


  6. Awe so nice to just enjoy the Simple Pleasures in Life! I always enjoy your everyday life posts. :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. ooooh!!
    i LOVE gershwin!!
    so glad you had a wonderfully romantic day! ;)
    hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with napping... separately too!!

  8. girl, symphony is the jam! what a treat!
    and speaking of snickering. i am near a silent howl laughing over your romantic cereal and separate naps. hello! my life.

  9. If that is your towel-dried hair and car makeup I clearly need a tutorial. You're gorgeous!

    Also, so glad you got a date and kid-less time.

    1. Well, the photo is deceptive b/c I did blow dry my bangs. The rest was left to its own devices. ;)

  10. That sounds like absolute perfection. Right down to the cheesecake : )

  11. That sounds like a pretty great date! I love the symphony. I want to take Em now that she is playing the violin I think she will really love it!


  12. The mayoral effort is quite impressive! Wonder if that's a first for a politico- performing with a symphony orchestra. Love Gershwin- sultry, soulful and sassy. My husband and I used to go to concerts much more when we were dating (I'm a musician) but *sigh* now he's so much more practical— "You can go without me, save the money..."

    Glad you got some time sans kids and it sounds like you had a great hi-lo time. Cute selfie too.

  13. How fun to go to the symphony! Sounds like a dreamy day all the way around. :)

  14. Love this!

    "Rhapsody in Fuchsia with Traces of Plum and Sun-bleached Sky"

    I want to hear THAT, too!

  15. Love that pic! :) Sounds wonderful!! I wanna know where you went to dinner!!! And naps rock, although R. will NEVER take a nap. EVER!

  16. :) j'adore the symphony. :) we did the EXACT same thing on our baby moon. naps. fabulous naps. but what shocked me was how fast we could get out the door for our fancy date without any tag alongs. 20 minutes??? pshh... time to spare. i knew i was not the one causing the hour long getting out the door issues. ;) here's to more moments when our souls sing.. this IS the life fore me. :)

  17. Sounds like you did just what was right for you! And who doesn't love a nap, and a good book!

  18. love everything about real
    it is so cathartic to have TIME alone...just to get your brain on right.
    reading under duvets and such
    and i love mexican food anytime...xo

  19. our first real date was to the symphony...and we've never been back! terrible. I need to have that day, I think. I need a fancy date in my back pocket.

    glad you had fun. :)

  20. well, this makes me teary. i love that you guys had cereal and naps. and symphony and dinner. i'm a teensy bit jealous, but ever so happy for you :)

  21. Oooooh!! "Rhapsody in Fuchsia with Traces of Plum and Sun Bleached Sky"! I feel so much smarter when I visit here!!! And honestly, a nap date sounds absolutely wonderful!! I would definitely be sneaking in some good reads, too ;)

  22. Hey, I'm not sure you remember me, but I just wanted to drop you little note saying hi. For some reason you were on my heart this I said a little prayer for you. :)

  23. How exciting!! I would love to go to the symphony. What are the chances of Dad taking me?? Yeah, I know.
    This wonderful date day should have you ready for the next month or so. Maybe the next time you could take a couple of the littles, I think Calvin would love it. Ruby would love the ballet, and Silas, maybe an electrical trade show!!!

  24. Aren't you two just the cutest?! I love music you feel with your whole being, like "Rhapsody in Fuchsia with Traces of Plum and Sun-bleached Sky". Must have been wonderful...

  25. hahahaha, i first read 'As usual, Cory wanted to take to the streets' TOTALLY wrong. (streets, sheets, it's all good.)

    and i am still laughing.

    a bluesy symphony + mexican food? that is absolutely the life.

    yep. still laughing. geesh, maybe someday i will graduate from seventh grade. :) love you guys.

  26. Naps are so rad. No wonder you nearly missed dinner!

    The symphony! Dreamy.

    I like Cory's glasses. They make him look fancy. Which, I'm sure, is the look he's going for.

  27. you had me at date day, a nap and mexican food.

    we at least go for a meal together every single week..usually on saturdays for necessary.