Monday, February 11, 2013

All Roads Lead to Kansas

Friends. Hello.

I can scarcely believe it has been 6 days since I've been here. (A record??)

Let's just start at the beginning.

I was supposed to leave last Thursday at 1 pm for a trip. A fun trip. True to form, I dropped Silas off at pre-school that morning then jaunted off for a cup of hot tea with a friend instead of, you know, packing and stuff.

We laughed about my legendarily horrific travel luck, feeling smug enough to joke as we looked out the window and into a mild and sunny February day. I believe the exact quote was, "You'll be fine today. It's gorgeous out."

Yada yada, bagel, tea, hahaha, yippy skippy, Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech! An automated call came in saying my connecting flight out of Chicago was canceled.

But not to fear, they rescheduled it for the following day.

I will be honest, my voice got a little crackly when I called to tell Cory. I may or may not have texted a cuss abbreviation. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me. (find proof here.) 

I had every intention of posting this picture along with a brief explanation of where I was headed. (Let's just say there was a generally unsupportive vibe happening among the Smalls regarding Mama's departure.) But I spent my remaining hour on hold with United, who was experiencing "unusually high call volume".

Long story short, I made it to my destination a mere 16 hours late. I read an entire book in the terminal at O'Hare and started another one. I dined at Frontera (yum) and people watched. (Highlight: The guy with the gold stud earring, metal-tipped cowboy boots, mullet, and a cartoonish pot belly nursing a beer and schooling all of us on eating all of his travel meals at McDonalds so he can pocket his per diems "and spend 'em on booze".)

I will say this: our terminal was decidedly optimistic, even though the lady stood at the desk telling anyone who asked, "From what I can see, your plane should be here any time." She said this exact phrase for nine hours while all of the gates around us filled and emptied and other people lucky enough not to be on FPFG's flight made it smoothly to wherever they were heading.

Once I hit Kansas, things improved exponentially.

That Kansas. It was so good to me.

It made me forget my troubles...right up to the moment that I cut my finger whilst wedging a lime. Or, as it was aptly put to me while I was trying not to faint, "You filleted it." (But just a little.)

They handed me a margarita, fed me well, and the rest is history.

I'll tell you all the splashy details tomorrow.

For now, I have some recuperating to do, seeing as how I arrived home last night at 3 a.m. following many delays and cancellations and overall "you have got to be kidding"-ness.

But you probably already suspected that.


Wanna make up for lost time? Go here to read a quick little interview with me where I share a truth, a tip and a find. I am LOVING the new site 3 Things for Moms. It's a great way to find fun new blogs and it's a quick and easy read with its "bite sized" posts. I'm shouting it from the roof-tops. It's genius! I've already found some awesome new blogs to follow and I've seen some of my blog besties over there like her, her, and her.


  1. I knew where you were headed the second I read 'Kansas'. Ah! I can't wait to hear and see pictures! I think I want to move into the craft house. The colors! The vintage! Yes, please! I'm so sorry your travels were less than perfect. 10 hrs to yourself must have felt like an out of body experience!

  2. Oh Silas. You kill me, kid.

    You are travel cursed and I'm now a believer.

    Can't wait to hear all the details and see the goods on Wednesday!

  3. Ok, so this is shallow of me, but I'm looking at the window to the left of the craft weekend chalkboard with awe. We need to replace two windows in our very old house, and I'm curious about that window as it's similar in size to the ones that we need to replace.

  4. oh friend, Texas beats Kansas as far as margaritas go. Next time foray down to Austin. You would so love the South Congress shops given your taste. :-)

  5. Yep. Craft weekend. Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear the stories!

    1. Thanks for sharing the new site. I love it! Your toothbrush storage solution is genius.

  6. awww man...traveling can be sooo stressful sometimes!! glad you made it though!!

  7. "seeing as how I arrived home last night at 3 a.m. following many delays and cancellations and overall "you have got to be kidding"-ness."

    You. kill. me.

  8. this sounds eerily familiar to my journey trying to get to CW. stuck in texas for a whole day. thankfully with one of my bff's. we spent more time traveling TO cw than actually there. but it's kansas. and it's magical.
    so totally worth it. :)

  9. OH I can't wait to hear and see pictures of the craft house!! Oh how I wish someday to meet Meg and kim!!! Someday:) So glad you got to go!!!

  10. Can't wait for the update and PS: It did not go unnoticed that you were missing : )

  11. hilar.
    also, when i saw your pretty face on instagram, i sent you a hug. and also said to myself, "dang, that woman needs instagram."

    i love you.

  12. same thing happened to me on the way home from craft weekend! delayed flights, had to spend the night at an airport hotel in chicago....well, i don't know if 4 hours of sleep really constitutes "spending the night". took me 24 hours of traveling to get home. girl, when we go again (by we i mean you, becky and i), we're driving!
    that said, i'm positive you had an awesome time! loved seeing your face on ig.

  13. wait. shoot. how did hannah see you on instagram?? i feel left out. maybe i oughta check meg's feed. eeek. i must see you too. (did i mention i switched phones and LOST my pic of you and hillary??????? TEARS)

  14. Kansas + famous green chalkboard = I'm so jealous I could cry! Craft Weekend is so on my bucket list. If I would have only known, I could have taken three things off my list in one shot: flying out for Craft Weekend, meeting Meg, and meeting Shannan. Be still me heart. Oh well, working on another list topper--starting a new blog soon! Yay!

  15. girl, ya'lls new blog is awesome! just spent a few minutes browsing through it before i head into the kitchen to get some dinner started and it is filled with encouragement!

    whoo hoo!

  16. Remind me never to travel with you!

  17. Hmmmm...that friend that made the filleting comment, why do i feel like she is a brilliant woman in so many ways! Ha! Let the stalking begin:). Miss you already...will email soon. Right now, catching up with kiddos and need sleep!!!! Love you!

  18. I feel so out of the loop... Craft weekend in Kansas? Meg? Fillet O Finger?

    I have bad travel luck at times. Worst ever: flying home to see my dad as he was sick, from Tennessee where I lived, to Mn. Eight hours on the runway after mechanical issues.. No food, being told "a few more minutes for the part, folks." And ending in hydraulic fluid leaking on all of us and a feeling that I was going down with the plane.

    As I exited the plane I cried as did the girl who sat next to me.

    Good times thanks to TWA.. No longer in biz!

  19. some of my finest moments have been in airports planing and deplaning and planing and de-icing and taxiing out and back in again and never actually leaving my departure city. but there was beautiful camaraderie amongst the almost-passengers, and good humor bars from the vending machine, and books read and conversations stirred and it all added up to a mini-vacation in itself.

    that being said, i'm glad you got to your somewhere and back, all fingers intact. next stop: muncie. :)

  20. Dude, I would've hung out with you for 9 hrs in Chicago. I'm {but only slightly} more fun that an O'hare terminal!!

  21. I know where you went, cause I saw a picture of you on MEG's blog. Yes, I'm in love with her too. I'm so jealous you got to go! I would be a hot, freakingly nervous, ecstatic mess if I got to go!

  22. When you had not posted as of this morning, I said to myself, "this farmgirl has snuck into FL on a mini-vacay & not come to visit!". Then I made a face just like the one Silas is making. True story. I was on the right track, but off by a state or two. (And making faces for no reason. So sorry about that.) Can't wait to hear about your exciting adventure, once you recover from traveling, of course.

    PS, it doesn't snow here. And it's strawberry season. Just a little FYI...

  23. no way!!

    i drove past the craft house on my way home from church.

    if i knew you were there, i might have stopped.


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  25. Next time you're driving.
    You can buy more things at the barn and spend more time with us!

  26. Whew, so happy you made it! I was biting my nails wondering if you got a plane out. Because missing Craft Weekend? Awful. Can't wait to hear all about it, lady!

  27. canNOT wait to hear all about it. i thought of you so much!!

  28. ha... believe me... we didn't fare too much better driving.
    did ya hear we got stuck in a blizzard in south dakota?!
    ha ha ha!
    it made for great fun actually... and extended our trip by a whole day!
    happy and fun for us... cranky and tired for our hubbys and kids!
    sorry about the delays.
    so annoying!
    how's that finger doing?
    mine's almost all healed up. ;)

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  30. Loved going to craft weekend last year!! So happy you got to enjoy the craft house and Meg and Kimberlee!

  31. Was wondering how long it took you to get home. Shelby and I pulled into the driveway at 3:20 ... and she still had 45 minutes to go! So fun meeting you! Take care - Dawn

  32. love the link to that website for the truth, the tip and the find....genius.