Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Robert: I go to court next Thursday.

Me: I know, I wish I could go, but I don't think they'll let me.

Robert: They'll let you. You went last time.

Me: Right, but that was a fluke.

Robert: You need to go!

Me: I wish I could...

Robert: (grinning) I'll hug you if you go...

Me: You cannot hug me!

Robert: Oh, I'll hug you.

Me: Robert, we got reprimanded for making too much eye contact with you last time!

Robert: (giggling) What are they gonna do? Put me in jail?

Me: (laughing) They might put me in jail.

Robert: They will not put you in jail. And what could they do to me? I'm already going to prison!

Me: hahaha...

Robert: But they probably would taze me....

Me:Yeah, that might be a problem.

Robert: I been tazed twice before, once by a cop when I was 13 and once at a tazer party.

Me: Cory saw someone get tazed once and he said it looked like the most painful thing he'd ever seen.

Robert: I mean, it doesn't feel good. But a hug from my Mama? Totally worth it.

{cue the wide splitting of my heart}