Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Keisha Suzanne


Just as you miss home more on your birthday, we miss YOU more on your birthday. If I could, I would zap you right here on my couch -- just like the old days. I would take you to Mazatlan for lunch and cook you whatever you wanted for dinner. There would be garlic and laughter and none of our silly arguing. We would watch mindless TV or sit side-by-side-by-side (with Cory!) working on our laptops.

The kids would act completely insane, like they always do when you're around. I might even do you the high honor of allowing you to play with them while I snuck upstairs for a nap. :)

Instead, you're a world away, delivering precious babies. You're loving them into this world and those babies have no idea how lucky they are to meet you when they first open their eyes.

We miss you, but we're so proud of you. When it's time, we'll mob you, feed you, hug you as hard as we can. But for now, we'll love you state-side. We'll pray for you and talk about you all the time. We'll never forget you, not even a little. We'll be inspired by your courage and humbled by your love. We'll believe that you're never safer than where God sent you.

Feel our love extra today.

All of us


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