Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wreath Party at My Place!

A few weeks ago, something came upon me and I knew for sure: I needed to host a wreath-making party. With snacks. I was feeling extra festive. It seemed like the right thing to do.

Then I almost forgot to mail the invites.

Then I got sick and had to reschedule.

Then I forgot to buy all of the supplies until it was almost too late.

But parties have their way of persevering in the face of tragedy and unsuitable hostesses.

Today was the day!

Warning: If I ever invite you to a party, you'll show up and the drinks won't be made, the table won't be covered, the supplies will still be in plastic bags. I'll hand you limes and yell, "Cut!" I'll hand you a wisk and shout, "Stir the cocoa, Sucker!"

It's just the nature of this beast. I'm great at planning; not so much at execution. Also, I'm prone to over-commiting and not giving myself ample time to prepare.

I fly. By the seat of my pants.

And yours.

I lit a festive candle, threw piles of paperwork who-knows-where (where did I put the piles? I think they were important...)

We had lots of snacks (including crack bark) and this homemade cocoa. Some of us may have had a Jolly Gin Fizz. Or two.

Then we got to work on our yarn-wrapped wreaths.

It took a lot of wrapping, man.

We wrapped and wrapped then we went ahead and wrapped. We started off all fidgety about smooth rows, but one-by-one, caution was thrown to the wind. I had to fight my inborn urge to over-think color selection, stripe-width and the like. (When you have 10 of your favorite people over and you don't even save time to gloss your lips, you find ways to overcompensate.)

In the end, there was no wrong way.

We took breaks, but only for snacking. We chatted UP. There were hot glue wounds and many tangled knots to contend with. But we soldiered on.

 Finally, we got to the +*BLING*+!!

 I loved that everyone came up with something different from the same pile of stuff.

See for yourself:









Here's mine!
Move over, Creep Babies!
Love you forever, Creep Babies.
The deer doesn't hold a candle...

I had a blast. It felt good to have so many of my Loves here in my kitchen. I'm not a "perfect" party planner and no one expected me to be. Bing Crosby sang us through our paces, laid-back and easy.

So much fun. And I totally love my wreath.