Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wreath Party at My Place!

A few weeks ago, something came upon me and I knew for sure: I needed to host a wreath-making party. With snacks. I was feeling extra festive. It seemed like the right thing to do.

Then I almost forgot to mail the invites.

Then I got sick and had to reschedule.

Then I forgot to buy all of the supplies until it was almost too late.

But parties have their way of persevering in the face of tragedy and unsuitable hostesses.

Today was the day!

Warning: If I ever invite you to a party, you'll show up and the drinks won't be made, the table won't be covered, the supplies will still be in plastic bags. I'll hand you limes and yell, "Cut!" I'll hand you a wisk and shout, "Stir the cocoa, Sucker!"

It's just the nature of this beast. I'm great at planning; not so much at execution. Also, I'm prone to over-commiting and not giving myself ample time to prepare.

I fly. By the seat of my pants.

And yours.

I lit a festive candle, threw piles of paperwork who-knows-where (where did I put the piles? I think they were important...)

We had lots of snacks (including crack bark) and this homemade cocoa. Some of us may have had a Jolly Gin Fizz. Or two.

Then we got to work on our yarn-wrapped wreaths.

It took a lot of wrapping, man.

We wrapped and wrapped then we went ahead and wrapped. We started off all fidgety about smooth rows, but one-by-one, caution was thrown to the wind. I had to fight my inborn urge to over-think color selection, stripe-width and the like. (When you have 10 of your favorite people over and you don't even save time to gloss your lips, you find ways to overcompensate.)

In the end, there was no wrong way.

We took breaks, but only for snacking. We chatted UP. There were hot glue wounds and many tangled knots to contend with. But we soldiered on.

 Finally, we got to the +*BLING*+!!

 I loved that everyone came up with something different from the same pile of stuff.

See for yourself:









Here's mine!
Move over, Creep Babies!
Love you forever, Creep Babies.
The deer doesn't hold a candle...

I had a blast. It felt good to have so many of my Loves here in my kitchen. I'm not a "perfect" party planner and no one expected me to be. Bing Crosby sang us through our paces, laid-back and easy.

So much fun. And I totally love my wreath.


  1. I wish I had been there :-) fun. Also, your planning and execution sounds exactly like mine. Also the piles . . . I still cant find my piles.

  2. Mmmmmm I made that very hot chocolate today for our cookie exchange and I'm pretty sure I gained 20 pounds just from drinking it - Holy cow that's some good stuff. I'm very intrigued by your crack bark too - but I'm scared that I won't be able to fit into any of my pants if I make it too soon after the hot cocoa cookie fiasco that just convened at my house this afternoon.

    I'm also a bit surprised that there was no salsa mentioned - I thought there would always be salsa.

    1. I just had two bowls of salsa for "dinner". At 10 pm. Along with left-over crack bark. Does that help?? :)

  3. sounds like a lot of fun ... and everybody's wreaths look great!

    liked the little sneak peek at more of your home (and party planning, because i need help in that department). would love more about the art in the last photo.

    thanks for all you share (very inspirational)!


  4. ps: did you get rid of those awesome curtains in your living room? :(

    1. They're on a seasonal hiatus. Christmas tree + Carmen Miranda tapestries = migraine.

  5. Please ship me Timi's and Heather's ASAP! They won't mind.


  6. Oh good grief, I do the same thing with stacks of papers. I'm last minute all the way. I wish I would plan and prepare ahead, but I just... do not.
    It all looks like fun though!


  7. well. i rsvp for next time.
    what a lovely night! i mean, how can you go wrong with a jolly gin fizz?


  8. That looks like fun!
    Also, I tend to stuff paperwork in drawers. So under socks and pajamas I find medical bills and college transcripts.

  9. The crack bark looks great. I make Graham Cracker Toffee and the recipes are very similar.

  10. My girlfriends and I have recently started having craft nights, making pretty things inspired by Pinterest. It is SO much fun and I need to make it a weekly event I think :) Love those wreaths - the colour selections are perfection! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  11. How fun! Looks like everyone had a great time (and the wreaths look great, too)!

  12. I wish we were in real life friends. You have much knowledge;) And party skillz.

  13. love it! my friend and I just started a Classy Crafts Club and the first meeting was Friday night. I might have to steal your idea for the wreath for one of our meetings! Looks like you had a great time~wish I lived closer! of course assuming I would get an invite! I promise I would bring something yummy to eat! :) By the way, where were the kids? We have to meet at a central location so the kiddos are not there (or the hubbys,lol!)

  14. love the wreaths and LOVE the invite! i've been hosting a cookie exchange (and doing evites...yours looks a thousand times better,)the past few years, perhaps i should branch out into some craftiness. having yummies is always a plus. i'll start planning for next year.

  15. Looks like so much fun! I think I'm going to have to put together a crafty get-together sometime.

    Crack bark is on my list to make this holiday season. The coop keeper's Helene video still cracks me up-thanks for sharing that last year.

  16. I host an ornament making party every December, but the wreath making party sounds equally fun! I LOVE the way they turned out. :) Thanks for sharing…I may have to copy you.

    Oh, and the crack bark? I've made it too many times since you posted it recently. Sooooo good!

  17. Lovely! For what it's worth, I like Timi's. :)

  18. Wow, I feel like we are kindred spirits! Im so glad you're able to put in writing what Im like ;) and to know Im not the only one!

    I let my daughter have her first slumber party over the weekend for her birthday and it was only by God's good grace that it all came together the way it did. I waaaaaaay over think things like that till I get a huge headache. I get all Martha Stewarty in my head and it starts spinning, getting me all confused. You should've seen my note list; 'get dry ice cups, scatter through backyard, put christmas lights all under trampoline, get long sticks with balloons attached on top and scatter throughout the whole yard, have streamers hanging from the trees, make a cool punch!!!!!!'....I was out of control and wasting tons of time with my crazy thought process. Im always one that wants to simplify things but find it so easy to head in the direction of complicating them in hopes they'll be splendiferous. I did end up simplifying the party finally and the girls had a blast and I didn't even have to break open the 2nd bottle of wine (just kidding ;).

  19. Im Sharon, not Caden. It threw my son's name in there ;) I don't know what i've done.

  20. I'll admit it: I had two of the jolly gins, and it kinda sounds to me like you may have too, reading those hilarious comments about the creep babies. Thanks so much for the invite. I thought the little shin dig was flawless and relaxing and cozy and inspiring. Just what I needed! Let's make it a tradition!

  21. Looks like lots of fun was had by all. The best kind.

    I rarely have get togethers and when I do, I assure you they are not the perfectly put together kind. Matter of fact they usually look like twister sisters were the host. But if love, laughter and fun are the results then I think that is all that matters.

    I fly. By the seat of my pants.
    And yours. Made me LOL!

    Jake's a Girl

  22. FUN! Love the "JOY" wreath - Timi's!

  23. I think I need to host a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants wreath party, too! Looks like fun and all the wreaths turned out so cute.

  24. How cute! They look like Martha Stewart steering wheels.
    And the last picture... the girl on the far right looks like she is wearing a Pippa Middleton hat.
    What a fun time you guys had.
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. How FUN!
    Kim's is so retro...and for some reason Lindsey's call out my name :)

    Looks like you all had a great time!

  26. Timi`s by a mile!....that girlz got skilz!
    Allison x

  27. I was trying to pick a favorite and couldn't. Loved them all. Great idea. I might copy you one of these days. Loved the glimpse into your house. Trying not to covet those barn lights.

  28. you had so much fun...
    i'm so excited that you made this happen at your new house in the middle of december...well, the first week of december, but still. :)

    it's awesome.

  29. lookslike so much fun! every one of the wreathes turned out great!

  30. Hmmm...I love them all. Please share where you bought all the sparkly and glittery wreath bling!!

  31. Missing the curtains!!

  32. LOVE it. Totally up my alley....was thinking this year that'd I'd like to have a crafting party!!! Going to have to do this sometime.

  33. Oh my heart, a wreath making party!

    You have the prettiest friends. Who create pretty things.

    When are we getting together? Seriously. When?

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