Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top It Off With Glitter Snow

Well, Christmas rocked my knee socks off.

Every year I'm surprised by how lovely the whole thing is. We opened our gifts the morning of Christmas Eve, like we always do, then I nailed my first batch of sausage gravy and biscuits. Which leads me to this: Why the heck have I waited so long? For reasons I cannot articulate, I always assumed sausage gravy was beyond my culinary skill set. Imagine my surprise in discovering there's only one skillet and three ingredients involved. It's a conspiracy, I think. A gaggle of old ladies somewhere decided to scare us all away from the gravies. And the bobbins.

We spent all day in our pajamas. Some of us took naps. I busted out the requisite Christmas Eve can of Easy Cheese and the crowd went wild.

Then, church.

I just can't get enough of our new church. There's still the lady who tells me every single week that I'm a dead ringer for her elderly sister, but what can I say? Better than being a ringer for her elderly brother.

We lit candles and I looked around at all the white curls, all the families, everything still very new to us and a little unfamiliar. Still, we're family. We're bound by our faith. We are the weary world, thrilling together at the promise of hope.

I scored a massage and a pretty Etsy necklace from Cory. He did good. The kids squealed over toys and new bathrobes and I was reminded again that that's how God wants us - like them, full of wonder, ready to receive, reflecting joy, not trying too hard, not trying at all.

Actual Christmas was spent loving all of our people. I really like reserving that day for those things - the important ones - the ones that can tend to get lost in the wrapping paper.

Christmas was the two brown-skinned babies babbling from my back seat.
It was a text message sent at 11 pm - the best text I've ever received.
It was Haven, looking so pretty beside me at the dinner table.
It was Avery, looking so cute and slobbery.
It was cousins in matching pajamas and haystacks for dinner.

Christmas was bowls of oatmeal and Silas doing the worm.
It was waiting an extra thirty minutes for a phone at the jail.
It was a skype-date with my sister; a game of trivia with my Indiana family.

Christmas was the promise of a brand new nephew, waiting for us a world away.
It was a plate of steaming tamales and empanadas delivered by new neighbors.

Christmas was Christ, the tiny baby; Christ, our every expectation and reward.

His law is love and His gospel is peace. For me, for you, for every single day of the year.

I'm resisting the urge to dismantle the tree and move on. I'm cracking up over my Pinterest feed, already clogged with gardening tips.

I feel you, garden people. I do.

But there's snow falling and I'm not quite done floating on this peace.