Monday, December 31, 2012

Ring Out/Ring In

Last night I dreamed that someone snuck into my bedroom while I was sleeping and put braces on my teeth. For a while, in the dream, I thought I might be dreaming, but then my mom and Cory smiled and I realized they had also been struck by the phantom orthodontist.

My day was off to a disconcerting start.
And that was even before the SOS text from Sarah, "Kimye is preggers."

The last four days in Ohio were every little thing I'd been waiting for. They were all the bait I needed to reel me into a new year. Life really does have a good heart - I had proof.

I've been a little nostalgic and contemplative - haven't we all? There's plenty of room in life for playing the dealt hand, but I'm all for tying it up with a wide band of intentionality. I enjoy giving thought to what needs to change, what needs to keep right on staying the same.

It's been challenging to keep my emotional equilibrium in the midst of all that 2012 was. We told God He could shake us and He did. We moved and stretched, we've done it on a loop, over and over. Some days this skin feels too tight. It edges us out and spooks us into doubt on a bad day, paralysis on the worst.

But we know it's good. We know it's exactly right.

So we spill our guts and we find a little space. We never turn away a sliver of relief. We ride out the hard days on a wave of truth-telling, knowing for sure that tomorrow might make us feel a little silly or overly dramatic.

With forty-eight minutes left of the year, I feel it in my bones - a corner waits. I'll turn it.

The cliff looms and Times Square is jammed to the gills. People are hurting and Billy Joel has the mic and this right here is the very best of life, all mixed up, rarely making sense, breaking our hearts and tying them down with an anchor that never lets them float too far.

Happy New Year, Friends. Let's ring it in well, and let's keep on ringing. Let's ring with the good times and over the bad.

I'm more thankful than ever for you, your friendship, your remarkable propensity for coming back. If I could, I'd hand you a kazoo or a sparkler. We'd sway to Tony Bennett and I'd kiss your cheek at the stroke of midnight.

You're the real deal, you know. Thanks for being my friend for a whole 'nother year.


ps - Be back next year with my "word"! You'll nevah, evah guess...