Monday, December 3, 2012

MSM: The Day I Kicked My Rules in the Teeth

Straight up: This photo isn't from today.

I didn't even take it. It's not seasonal. Yada. But my life could use a little dreamy pomegranate-red right about now. Couldn't yours?

I considered (again) today that maybe MSM just wasn't meant to fly. I spent 7 straight hours today shuttling kids to doctor's appointments then capped my evening off by picking up three new prescriptions. If I sound like a broken record, well, it takes one to know one. (Now I'm just being bratty.)

So, I haven't picked up the camera today.

But I scrape off the grime and scratch the grit off with my nails and would you believe it? Some beauty. Still.

Some days we just have to strain our eyes.

This is why I can't walk away from the Money. Even if you and I are the only two people reading it. Even if most people skip it and many still don't understand it. This is for me. And for you. (But you kind of have to want it.)

** Cinnamon French toast for breakfast.
** Reading Siley his favorite Christmas book.
** The doctor interupting her own train of thought to look me straight in the eye and say, "I really like your make-up. It's not overdone. It's perfect." (Say WHAT? I'll take it.)
** Both of today's docs being WOMEN. #girlpower!
** Funny Robert updates.
** Ruby rocking a side pony-tail by request.

There's all kinds of grace happening here today. (And forever.) So link up if you'd like to, or just throw caution to the wind and let it rip in the comments.