Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Really Love...

Sleeping in a warm bed in a cold room.

Vegetable fajitas from La Fiesta.

The Blue Bird bubble necklace I won from Carissa's giveaway. Score!!

Watching my kids play in the snow {from the warmth of my parents' house}.

This song.

And this one.

Cory in his Elmer Fudd snow hat.

Gratuitous pops of orangey red.

The bright opportunity to sit still with my thoughts.

This book. (Still. It's meaty, people!)
"I am being told anew in the unmistakable language of love, 'I am with you, I am for you, I am in you. I expect more failure from you than you expect from yourself."  {deep sigh}

Little kid prayers. (I'm especially hooked on my niece's today.)

My new mittens.

Me: (skyping with Keisha, holding my mittened hands up to the camera) See what Cory got me for Christmas?
Keisha: Oh...oven mitts?
Me: Crap.

It's not their fault that they look like oven mitts. I blame the claws.

They had to be custom made since the regular ladies' mittens wouldn't fit. Cory had her size his hand "then add some extra". Reportedly, the lady insisted, "These will never, ever fit your wife! They couldn't possibly fit a woman's hands!"

Oh, girl.
But bless you for thinking so.

What are you really loving today?