Saturday, November 10, 2012

Party Dressing

I did the best thing ever today. My friend Holly invited me to a Hello Gorgeous! event. They served mimosas and salad with blue cheese crumbles (along with lots of other stuff). Less than five minutes into the program, I was crying my face clean off. I was unprepared for all the crying.

The entire event was so inspiring, so joyful, so emotional. It was every good thing about being a woman - topped off with a shot of red lipstick.

I had to dig deep to find something to wear. I wasn't going to be the girl who shows up at something called Hello Gorgeous! looking drab.

My gorgey Shabby Apple wonder saved the day.

I hadn't worn it in a while and, truth be told, I could have benefited from some Spanx. And a lint roller. But I just kept hitching it down and sucking it in.  

I paired it with a chartreuse cardi (J Crew outlet), my "new" necklace bought for $0.25 at an old lady church sale and my boots (Marshalls), to keep it from looking too Jackie O.

Not that there's anything wrong with Jackie O.

Oh, and my tres fetching cold sore. I paired it with that, too.
And an aqua bangle that failed to make the frame.

I rolled home after 4 hours of partying, 1 visit to the jail, and a mad-dash in a freak November rain shower and had Cory snap a couple pics while the neighbor's son watched the whole spectacle from his porch.

(My life rarely makes sense anymore. I've accepted it.)

I must say, it was fun to have a reason to zip into something fancy for a change. It put me in the mood for more party dresses, so I did a little pretend shopping.

This is my hands-down favorite. Swoon! (Also most expensive. Figures.)

And this.

This makes me want to go ride a horse.

I could go on and on.

I'm thinking this might be a good time to embrace some party dressing. Even if I have to throw the party myself.


  1. You look gorgeous! Love the color of your dress and cardigan. Glad yo enjoyed yourself and got to dress up. It's always fun!


  2. I love pretend shopping! The fact that the first outfit you linked is called "Night Train" definitley clinched it as my favorite.

  3. I dig your threads, you're adorable. I SO wish I could have come and had some girl time with you...I'm needing something like that. xo, Jess

  4. What an amazing organization. WOW! I love seeing how people use their different life experiences/gifts to help others!

    btw...Rhodesia's story is touching many and I keep being stopped by folks wanting to help. Our next goal is to get the broken window replaced on the van she and 'that guy' are living in. My job is to try and get the make and model, while another lady who works for an insurance agency and has contacts wants to handle the details and pay for it! :-) LOVE THAT TOO!

  5. Oh my are so cute!
    And, I cracked up about the neighbor's son watching the photo shoot....hehe.

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  7. Cute dress, cute look. Personally---I don't want to get invited to any parties that require dressing up because I can't even get most of my skirts or pants over my extra large Hitching the dress down isn't even an option for me right now because it would totally result in popping a (more than one) seam.

    You get the drift--I've looked better.

    Saw your friend, but my friend first, E, today at a big adoption celebration party. Just thought you should know that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what vehicle was yours in the middle of a La Fiesta parking lot. Blue license plate gives it away every time. Plus, you were at The Gathering Place once upon a time, and I walked by you as you were loading your kiddos in the car. I don't forget these things. Details are my forte.

    Okay, I think I covered everything. Happy week to you!

    1. Hahaha!! That dang blue license plate. :) Plus I think I've blogged about my van a few times. Why not?!

      I can't believe you passed me by at church and didn't grab me. WHY???

    2. I'm not sure if I read your blog at that point, so I only knew you as, "Keisha's sister". I should have been friendlier and thanked you for coming to worship with us. ;)

  8. hello, gorgeous!
    and i am swooning over those links!

  9. Smokin Look I must say! ~Blessings Kim

  10. I think you NEED to have a party just so you can wear that cute dress again!

  11. You are seriously rocking that awesome colour combo! I don't think we have Shabby Apple over here. boo. You would definitely need to ride side-saddle in that dress, like a laaaadyy!

    Love me a celebration/party, have you had a house-warming party (do you do that stateside?)

    Bxx ps you look about 25 again, with eyes like brown saucers, how you do dat?! Plus knee envy. ;)

  12. i love the deep purple with the bright sweater. lovely. sometimes it does make a difference to dress up and feel good about is in the inside blah blah blah but you know what I mean.

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  14. Love you color combo! I have a cardi in the same shade and wear it all. the. time. Also bought from an outlet. It's the new black.
    Love your blog too! talk about your posts often with my give us much to think about. (and wish I knew you "in real life")

  15. Very cute, and I do love those boots. Glad you had a great time.

  16. Very smart looking combination!

  17. you either stop me in my tracks and make me think about things for days on end..there are usually tears involved.
    Or. you make me laugh out loud at my computer screen. my husband and kids feel like they know often, I show them the post or read it to them.

    you should have a show. i'd watch every single week.