Monday, November 19, 2012

Money Shot Monday - 11th hour

This was the one I thought might break me.
I thought MSM might die today, ya'lls. Nothing photo-worthy happened and I honestly just didn't have the gumption to even grab the camera.
We ran dumb errands and tidied up.
We did another hospital run. (The steroids are doing their job. Quasi-yay!)
Bible study was as rad as ever, but I didn't have my camera, which left me with a big, fat, zilch for MSM.

Confession: I thought for the briefest second about yanking an unofficial photo, you know, one not taken today. An anti-Monday shot. An "I ain't got no money" shot. You might as well know, I'm prone to such devilish thinking from time to time.

We rolled home, put the kids to bed, and shucked all constricting attire.
Now, here I am, in this day's finest hour.
Some Mondays are redeemed in the 4th quarter.


The big question is, do you like my socks??

(I bought them for $0.10 at a yard sale. Is that disgusting? Or is it brilliant...?)

Join us every Monday as we seek and capture its brightest moment - our Money Shot. One simple photo, a few simple lines, so much to be thankful for. Or feel free to just tell us in the comments: What was your sweet spot today?