Monday, November 19, 2012

Money Shot Monday - 11th hour

This was the one I thought might break me.
I thought MSM might die today, ya'lls. Nothing photo-worthy happened and I honestly just didn't have the gumption to even grab the camera.
We ran dumb errands and tidied up.
We did another hospital run. (The steroids are doing their job. Quasi-yay!)
Bible study was as rad as ever, but I didn't have my camera, which left me with a big, fat, zilch for MSM.

Confession: I thought for the briefest second about yanking an unofficial photo, you know, one not taken today. An anti-Monday shot. An "I ain't got no money" shot. You might as well know, I'm prone to such devilish thinking from time to time.

We rolled home, put the kids to bed, and shucked all constricting attire.
Now, here I am, in this day's finest hour.
Some Mondays are redeemed in the 4th quarter.


The big question is, do you like my socks??

(I bought them for $0.10 at a yard sale. Is that disgusting? Or is it brilliant...?)

Join us every Monday as we seek and capture its brightest moment - our Money Shot. One simple photo, a few simple lines, so much to be thankful for. Or feel free to just tell us in the comments: What was your sweet spot today?


  1. Rockin' socks. I like... but I have to know: Did you smell them before you bought them? These are things you just need to know before spending .10.

  2. i vote brilliant. after a good washing.

  3. What the heck is MSM?

  4. I think it's brilliant that you paired them with purple striped pjs. You rock yardsale like no one else. No one sees thrifty with that big fat heart shining through. I have several favorite blogs but yours is the one I look for EVERY stinking day! I love your honesty and your smart alec (don't know how to spell that I guess) writing that never fails to touch me where I'm raw. Love you (not in a creepy way)! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  5. Hehehe. I love this: "Is that disgusting...or is it BRILLIANT?" I relate because I bought a great bathingsuit this summer at a thrift store for three bucks. I wore it as a shirt one time out of necessity, and thought myself to be BRILLIANT. 'It's a bra, panties, and shirt all in ONE - I'm a genius!'

    Mark my's gonna be a thing.

  6. LOVE the socks! Truth be told I might have contemplated once-ish of using an "I ain't got no money" shot myself. All I have to say about that is thinkin' ain't doin'.

    Hope you have a great sleep :)

  7. i absolutely love your socks. love. gross? no way. you ain't seen gross. my grandma sells her old underwear at garage sales.

    1. buying socks at a garage sale....brilliant!! underwear at garage sales......Carissa, tell grandma to stop!!!

      heather p.

  8. Sweet Spot 1: Dinner with a friend I don't see as often as I should and the opportunity after that to catch up with another friend that I don't call as often as I should.

    Sweet Spot 2: I'm a nanny. I was getting ready to leave 'work' for the day and the youngest one threw himself on the floor upset that I was leaving instead of staying to read a book with him while his oldest brother finished up homework. Melt me! I stole a few extra snuggles from 'my' monkey today.

  9. Back in my teacher-days I had a few pair of fun socks. I don't know what happened to them. I have one pair of fuzzy ones that my three year old likes to wear as "mittens" around the house.

    1. Amanda,
      tell your little ones to wear their "mittens" and dust the house! I have been known to use that one a few times in my day!
      :-) heather p

  10. .10 socks? Brilliant! Hang them with a little holly...there you have it : )

  11. Not as disgusting as this:

    Where I work they have an sort of online garage-sale type thing where you can post what you're selling and people buy. Someone once posted a foot soaker tub that kept water warm but the jets didn't work anymore. And someone bought it! That's more disgusting to me - a tub full of old foot soakings. Yeck.

    And more than Mondays are often redeemed in the 4th quarter. You're dead on.

  12. The socks are adorable - and you are too! xo

  13. I love the socks and you are brilliant! Never forget that.

  14. Brilliant! I was scouring the internet for just such socks as those last night, not .10 try 16.95 to 24.95, needless to say no deal.

    My MSM, I got the recipe for CROCK POT cornbread stuff while paying privelege taxes on an upcoming job. That certainly must qualify as a Money Shot Monday, 'cept I got no photo :(

  15. Like the socks.
    And I see "Harold & The Purple Crayon"

  16. Love the socks! Most definitely brilliant (after washing, of course..). And yes, same sentiments as my last photo. Photos like this just plain represent real life sometimes! :)

  17. 1. Long live MSM!

    2. The 11th hour...sounds just like Him.

    3. Have the best Thanksgiving ever, FPFG. Great big heaped up piles of blessings on you & all of yours. And pie, too. Heaped up slices of pie, too.

    ps, I'll give you 20 cents for those socks...

  18. I'm the sock poster child. You can't be it.
    Like today? I had a personal pity party (not quite as fun
    as it sounds) and ended up with two new pair of socks.

    Look at all them part-ici-pants!

  19. I LOVE your socks...and buying them for .10 was ABSOLUTELY brilliant! xo

  20. Love the socks, skip the 10 cent undies:)
    Happy Thanksgiving! Stop by for a beach inspired pillow giveaway!

  21. Sweet socks. Second hand or not. You made me double take for a second...wait, is today only Monday? What the heck even happened yesterday? I'm just pushing through to turkey day!

  22. Whew! Money Shot Monday is saved!

    Thankful for you, for the words you write here, and for the way you easily connect with readers.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Shannan!

  23. I do! (like your socks!) It's too warm where I live at the moment to wear any though... So no Christmas socks for me... We get to spend it at the beach... it's weird I know, but that's just how things are around here... I miss the cold... but only sometimes! :)

  24. Is that disgusting? Or is it brilliant...?

    I laughed out loud. Those are the questions life is made of, right?