Monday, November 26, 2012

Money Shot Monday - Church Party

(It seems I'm out of photo storage...but Money Shot Monday shall not be defeated! In the meantime, I did a facebook copy/paste hack job. You understand.)

Tonight was my thirty-second Thanksgiving of the season. Give or take.
Turkey, mashed potatoes and pecan pie...again? Walk my way, good fortune.

I hate to play Thanksgiving favorites, but I might have to anyway. This was my favorite.  Hate me.

We invited friends to our party tonight and they came. They made it even better than it already is.
We stuffed ourselves and high-fived and cooed at the baby.
Cory ate an entire portion of Pumpkin Buckle topped with brown gravy and a sprinkling of salt, believing it to be stuffing. Strange things happen when this rag-tag group gathers. (Some nights more than others.)  

These are my people. They're teaching me all about community and grace and jumping into the deep end without my noseplugs.