Monday, November 5, 2012

Money Shot Monday (oh, it's back, alright)

Mondays have their own unique charms, don't they?
A weekend of extra fun left my house looking nutty and I wouldn't say that I enjoy cleaning, but if you've gotta do it, Monday's a fine day.

Silas "backyuned" (vacuumed) the stairs for me.
I made impressed myself by making homemade bread sticks from memory only to realize later that I forgot the oil and the salt. 
We did a little grocery shopping.
We made a $4 run for the border.
Ain't no shame.
{You have my heart, Taco Bell.}

We did what needed doin' and we danced while we did it.
Today was a very good day.
As far as Mondays are concerned.

If you'd like to show us the best part of your day, link on up!
But either way, tell us: what was the salsa on your burrito?

Happy Monday, Countrymen.