Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hot Date {and a Winner}

Back at Influence last month I had an epiphany: I really enjoy fashion. I'm not usually particularly fashionable myself, but I truly appreciate the fine art of color matching and pattern clashing.

You would not believe the ladies at the conference. My girl Carissa texted me to say that she wanted me to hunt down a friend of hers who was also there. "She's wearing yellow pants." Uh yeah, along with about 175 other ultra-coolio ladies.

I still kick myself for not taking photos and launching a full-on "Influence: Style Files" post.

All of that to say? I'm feeling a little bit corduroy, a little bit rock-and-roll these days. (i.e., I might start talking closet to you now and then.) These things come in waves. Sometimes it's salad, sometimes it's peonies. Right now? Layers.

Full disclosure: There was a girl at Influence wearing the coolest tomatoey red blouse. She was rocking it straight out. I almost asked her where she found it, but I knew it was probably J Crew and what would I do with that information? I would cry, that's what. Because a $98 tomato blouse just isn't in this girl's future.

Imagine my surprise when I buzzed through Target on Thursday to track down curtains for a project and spotted The. Blouse. Only one left in my size. $27, which did feel a bit splurgey.

I totally bought it. I revolted. I told you it would happen.

So when Cory Sarah asked me out on a hot double date I knew exactly what I would wear. We were going to a hipster pizza joint with our not-hipster husbands. I'd be all my rage.

Friday morning rolled around and I threw on the same jeans I've worn for the past six days in a row. I can't help it. These things come in waves, too.

I told myself I would change into skinnies and the Hot Tomato Blouse for the Hot Date. Then, in a non-turn of events, I was too flipping lazy. I rubbed corn starch into my hair (I thought I remembered hearing that it was a thing...), put on my face and called it done, in my dirty jeans, stinky shoes, manly t-shirt and pilly grandpa sweater. And puffy vest. Cory is one lucky dude. But really, this date was about Sarah, and she just doesn't give a rip what I wear.

And now, a word on the food: (Sarah and I shared, naturally.)
Arugula with pear salad (2.5/4 stars. Kinda dry and bland)
Fig pizza: fig jam, gorgonzola, arugula, walnuts and balsamic reduction. She twisted my arm. (3.5/4 stars, only because it was a little on the sweet side)

See? Total hipsters.

After dinner? Argo.

People. Drop whatever you're doing right now and go see Argo. I almost died twice of a heart attack. As we were leaving I told Sarah, "Ben Affleck just can't do anything bad. Except Gigli."

Other mid-movie whisperings: (you'll have to guess who said what...)
"I'll bet Jen is so proud of him."
"He's not very cute with the beard."
"Do you think this part is real or are they just being dramatic?"
"Okay, he's still hot with a beard."
"I'm going to barf."
"I'm having a heart attack."

The guys loved it, too. Great date movie.
When you go, promise me you'll stay for the credits. You're welcome.

My Friday night in a nut-shell: I slobbed out my hipster Double Date.

Do you dress up when you go out? Do you (God forbid) wear shoes with a heel? I need to know exactly where I fall on the spectrum. I think I have an idea, but it can't hurt to be sure...

Lisa Leonard necklace winner: Patty from Lemon Lane Cottage! Hit me up. {shannandmartin@gmail}

ps - This is my new favorite!