Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hot Date {and a Winner}

Back at Influence last month I had an epiphany: I really enjoy fashion. I'm not usually particularly fashionable myself, but I truly appreciate the fine art of color matching and pattern clashing.

You would not believe the ladies at the conference. My girl Carissa texted me to say that she wanted me to hunt down a friend of hers who was also there. "She's wearing yellow pants." Uh yeah, along with about 175 other ultra-coolio ladies.

I still kick myself for not taking photos and launching a full-on "Influence: Style Files" post.

All of that to say? I'm feeling a little bit corduroy, a little bit rock-and-roll these days. (i.e., I might start talking closet to you now and then.) These things come in waves. Sometimes it's salad, sometimes it's peonies. Right now? Layers.

Full disclosure: There was a girl at Influence wearing the coolest tomatoey red blouse. She was rocking it straight out. I almost asked her where she found it, but I knew it was probably J Crew and what would I do with that information? I would cry, that's what. Because a $98 tomato blouse just isn't in this girl's future.

Imagine my surprise when I buzzed through Target on Thursday to track down curtains for a project and spotted The. Blouse. Only one left in my size. $27, which did feel a bit splurgey.

I totally bought it. I revolted. I told you it would happen.

So when Cory Sarah asked me out on a hot double date I knew exactly what I would wear. We were going to a hipster pizza joint with our not-hipster husbands. I'd be all my rage.

Friday morning rolled around and I threw on the same jeans I've worn for the past six days in a row. I can't help it. These things come in waves, too.

I told myself I would change into skinnies and the Hot Tomato Blouse for the Hot Date. Then, in a non-turn of events, I was too flipping lazy. I rubbed corn starch into my hair (I thought I remembered hearing that it was a thing...), put on my face and called it done, in my dirty jeans, stinky shoes, manly t-shirt and pilly grandpa sweater. And puffy vest. Cory is one lucky dude. But really, this date was about Sarah, and she just doesn't give a rip what I wear.

And now, a word on the food: (Sarah and I shared, naturally.)
Arugula with pear salad (2.5/4 stars. Kinda dry and bland)
Fig pizza: fig jam, gorgonzola, arugula, walnuts and balsamic reduction. She twisted my arm. (3.5/4 stars, only because it was a little on the sweet side)

See? Total hipsters.

After dinner? Argo.

People. Drop whatever you're doing right now and go see Argo. I almost died twice of a heart attack. As we were leaving I told Sarah, "Ben Affleck just can't do anything bad. Except Gigli."

Other mid-movie whisperings: (you'll have to guess who said what...)
"I'll bet Jen is so proud of him."
"He's not very cute with the beard."
"Do you think this part is real or are they just being dramatic?"
"Okay, he's still hot with a beard."
"I'm going to barf."
"I'm having a heart attack."

The guys loved it, too. Great date movie.
When you go, promise me you'll stay for the credits. You're welcome.

My Friday night in a nut-shell: I slobbed out my hipster Double Date.

Do you dress up when you go out? Do you (God forbid) wear shoes with a heel? I need to know exactly where I fall on the spectrum. I think I have an idea, but it can't hurt to be sure...

Lisa Leonard necklace winner: Patty from Lemon Lane Cottage! Hit me up. {shannandmartin@gmail}

ps - This is my new favorite!


  1. Buzzed over here from another blog I read. Just have to say, thank you for the amusement you've just added to my humdrum night. You are a very talented and refreshing writer, with a salty touch of wit that I dearly enjoy.


  2. Oh, I saw Argo a couple weeks ago, too, and could not agree with you more...SO good!!

  3. Back in the land before kids I used to wear a heel and get all sorts of classy. Now we are lucky if my jeans don't have macaroni and cheese stuck to them and I don't even know where my heels are. I'm glad I'm not alone.

  4. You're just fine. Tonight's date night = my sister had the kids + manicotti at home without the kids + Chris in his slippers whilst driving the kids to my sister's + me in a hooded sweatshirt circa 2004 = bliss. In my opinion?? Date night fashion is overrated. Just saying... ;)

  5. Oh yay for Patty! She totally deserves that necklace. She is the sweetest, And she's mine, and I'm not sharing her.

    As for the heels and going out... going out? Huh? I do not speak whatever language that is that you speak.

    And is that Sarah, like MY Sarah? Hi Sarah! I used my napkins TODAY. No kidding. LOVE them. (Ok, so I call them napkins I realize they are calendars/tea towels/whatevs). At my house they are totally hip napkins.

    Love you all.


    1. Look at you taking all the cool people for yourself!


      ps - I want to wipe my chin on one of your napkins. Can we make that happen one day?

  6. I always think you look beautiful : )
    For real!
    We go on about 1 date a year. When I force him! And have a moment to spare.
    I do try to put on heels since he loves them.
    You know, once a year is sort of doable ; )
    I want to see the movie for sure.
    I bet your new blouse is ravishing.

  7. We need to go on more dates...we don't even need a sitter anymore! And I tend to choose comfort, which in my book does not include heels. If I could get away with yoga pants, I would...but I am not that bad :)

  8. I just bought a pair of very nice black-almost-to-the-knee-boots, with a nice heel and I feel sooo great when I wear them. Knowing they were 40% off also helps the feeling awesome bit. However, it is all totally ruined when someone watches me take them off - some round these parts call them Nipigon nylons; also known as furry trees; or "just plain I'm too damn lazy when it is cold to shave my legs". Oh my poor husband! :)
    So that's my ode to style - the 6 days in a row jeans? Yup, know all about them. I actually have only 1 pair of jeans at the moment that are allowed to leave this house. If people notice, I don't care ;)

  9. Favorite line: "I thought I remembered hearing that was a thing." Hilarious.

  10. i'm too busy laughing to actually participate in answering this post.
    goodgracious fpfg. what a riot!

  11. Flats...kitten heels at the most. Clean jeans (sorry). Clean hair (sorry). After that, comfort all the way. On date night or a special night out with your bestie, let loose!


  12. No way... No. Freaking. Way. Were you guys at Dewey's?? Because Im tellin' ya I ate the EXACT SAME thing last night. Same salad. Same pizza. No lie...only I did not share.

    Ok, going back to read the rest of this post.


  13. Ok, I just finished reading... First of all you're always, always cute! And second, I feel the same way about heels. Overrated. If Joe's lucky I *might* wear some tinted Chapstick. And friends you don't have to dress up for are the BEST!


  14. ok, im grabbing my spouse and going right now, or in about 20 minutes for the 9:00 show!
    thanks friend!

  15. i'm grabbing my spouse and going right now...i cleaned the horrible garage in the rain today, so i do look kinda gross. cornstarch won't help, maybe i'll finally wear that hat ; )

  16. I agree you always look darling even in your grubby jeans! I LOVE my jeans and boots a simple pair of buckle boots or rain boots of any kind are my go too's I hate heels they hurt. I use to love wedge heels but no longer do I'm to old.
    I refuse to pay much more than 30 ish for a shirt of any kind or 40 ish for jeans.Then I also want a coupon for extra off.Though I have a love of clothing and shoes and dream of an unlimited budget but knowing it's never going to happen~Cheers Kim

  17. I don't dress up when I go out. I'll sing karaoke in puffy pink snow boots.
    I also don't wear make-up or do much with my hair because I know I'll be self-conscious about whether it's smearing or still in place or whatever.
    Then I see other girls looking so pretty and put together and I feel like a lazy slob.

    I also work full time and it seems like such a waste to do make-up every day and wash it off every night haha. And embarrassingly, I don't really know how to do make-up.

  18. you should know that you're my fashion hero. a whole year ago you introduced me to the beauty of layers. now if only Charleston would be cold for once, so i could put all you've taught me into action.

    i still cherish my pic of you and hillary. i feel closer to you because of it.

    i have heard a lot of good about Argo. now you've convinced me.

    ps. you are obligated to post a pic of tomato blouse asap.

  19. Ben Affleck - the one (I think) celebrity crush that has lasted since high school.
    And date night? What is that? Might need to plan one. We go out like three times a year - sometimes I dress nice-ish (which means clean jeans or a dress w.leggings) and I try to do my hair - which basially means I wash and blow dry it! Ha!

  20. I'll tell Dave to watch Argo. The fact that you were having a heart attack means it is too intense for weanie-me.

    I totally rewear jeans, too. A lot.

    And I'm sure Cory did NOT mind because you looked stinkin beautiful!

  21. Congratulations to Patty! She is a sweetheart and I'm glad to see her win.

    Argo is on our list of movies to see. I'll have to make that happen soon so we can see it in the theater instead of on our dated television screen.

  22. Ah I was really waiting to see your tomato shirt :) Glad y'all had fun, sounds like a fabulous date!!!

  23. I haven't wanted to see a movie in a long while, but I wanna see Argo.
    I love Ben Affleck...clearly, not as much as you do, but I dig him. :)

    I hope he and Jennifer Garner last forever....hoping hollywood doesn't kill them like every other couple. gah.

    as far as dressing up or down on dates....I go back and forth....we had a double date last night and I went casual.

  24. This post made me giggle.
    Our date nights are few and far between so I do try and dress up but there have a few date nights on the fly that have been "come as you are"...

  25. My love language is quality time. My husband's is short dresses and boots with sassy socks. Well. Right now anyway. When the trends change, so will his love language. Or does he like me to do laaaundry? You know I can't remember. But he ALWAYS wants me to dress up. And oh how I love a smokin deal, so when he asked me to go see Argo, I ran out and found myself options at the bargain store. Black and white retro dress circa 1950. Boots. Snazzy hose. I am a layering fanatic. I have been for a decade, mostly due to climate. So wearing two measly clothing pieces was a stretch.
    Also. Argo? SO GREAT. if you aren't a need for history, not only will I have difficulty understanding your English, but maybe you won't appreciate this movie.
    On the flip side. If you have an aversion to Afleck because you are used to seeing him with that white build up of saliva on the side of his mouth, you are in for a treat. He has matured. He has swallowed. Or his beard covers it nicely. Either way. I agree. Go see it.

  26. Dressing up for date night? HA.
    We had friends over for board games last night.
    I had plans of making some soup - maybe 2 kinds - so people cold have a bit more than potato chips. I was going to at least put on a nice sweater with my jeans.

    Then life happened. Soup. Not a chance. I asked my husband to go get some chips but I didn't tell him what we already had. We ended up with 4 bags total of Tostitos and salsa (jarred), leftover Halloeen candy, instant popcorn, and whatever soda was in the fridge.

    I tossed on some jeans and a t-shirt.

    We don't entertain much. We'd like to, though.
    I kept having to remind myself that they are here for us - well, the board games - and they don't care about the house, nor the non-existent soup, nor the Close Encounters sized mound of Tostitos.

    It was a good night :)
    ~ Dana

  27. I'm glad others do that. Last Sunday my husband & I had "date night". We stayed in our PJs & watched TV & a movie & ate left-overs in front of the TV too. It was wonderful.
    But once in awhile I do like to dress up & wear heels.
    Julie :)

  28. i've got to see it! Girl wishing you had IG...going to Meg's this weekend. I think I'm sleeping in the house with Megan all alone the first night. I might just die on the spot. DIE!

  29. I almost laughed out loud when you ask, Do you dress up to go out? hahaha.
    I did LOL. Couldn't help myself.
    I once had to have pre-op test and my sister showed up to give me moral support. Within minutes of showing up she said, Do you ever wear anything dressy? Do you own anything besides slop clothes? *my word for how I dress everyday of the week* I politely told her that I was having test. I was not having dinner with the hospital president. Not that that would have mattered.
    Yesterday hubby and I rambled about. I had on navy parachute-ty capri's and a gradient colored blue t'shirt with my slip-on converse that doesn't require shoelaces. Hubby ask, Are you wearing that? Yep, I am. Its not cold out but you'll think it's chilly, he said. I replied, That's why i'm taking your old shirt as a jacket.
    There is more to life than worrying about what I wear. My hair was spiked just right and my make-up really nice. But the most important part? I was comfortable. My favorite part. Hey! I wear jeans, t'shirts and such to church.
    So my answer would be, No. I don't dress up when I go out. I do have nicer shirts, jeans, and church/funeral/wedding clothes for when the need arises. I'm just so thankful that I can spend more time being comfortable than not. And my feet don't hurt. ;)

    So glad you had a nice evening out with being comfortable, seeing a Great movie and enjoying yourself.

  30. Yea!!!!! My mouth dropped open when I read my name. Seriously...I was enjoying the date night story so much that I had forgotten about the give away winner annoucement. Happy Sunday morning to me! btw...I don't dress up much through the week so when I do got out (which is not that often) I try to wear something cute and tons of jewelry. Thank you, thank you!

  31. Don't you just love good friends who love you no matter what you feel like wearing?!

  32. This week was a BIG dress-up week. Charlie Chaplin for Halloween (pic on the blog if you're interested...), then my friend's art show the next night. By the time my friend's James Bond themed 30th birthday party rolled around, I begrudgingly through on my version of a cocktail dress and the never-worn diamonds hubby got for me for Christmas 3 years ago!

    I was so fed up with it that this morning, I wet my hair down in the back and just went out the door to church with last night's James Bond themed make-up on. (Shhh. Nobody noticed.)

  33. Can you tell me, please? Did that cornstarch work in your hair? I gotta know. Because I've been paying good money for a small bottle of powdery product that I shake into my hair. And just a couple weeks ago I told my sister that I think this stuff is really just cornstarch packaged all fancy. I think I'm going to start putting cornstarch in a spice shaker and keeping it on my bathroom counter!

    1. Hi Jamie - It works for me, but actually switched to regular old, yummy-smelling baby powder. My hairdresser actually suggested I sprinkle it on a vented brush and brush it right through, starting at the roots. I might or might use that method often enough to horrify my 20-something daughters ;)

  34. You crack me up! And yes, I usually do dress up for date night... ok, I guess I am one of those makeup wearin' girly girls... but I would NEVER spend $98 on a blouse and only wear flats, but I am going to be headed to my closest Target (an hour away!) to find that tomato blouse you are raving about! Oh, and I am going on day #3 of my $8 jeggings. (:

  35. I never spend a tonne on clothes. A few nice things and I am happy. I am sitting here in my favourite dress which has a couple of small holes appearing (from wearing it too much !) and I couldn't be happier. Be comfortable, forget heels....they only kill your feet and most importantly, be yourself because that's where the real beauty lies.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again.....I LOVE your blog and LOVE your happy disposition and writing style x

  36. I am always the hippest of the hip. Call me Coolio. Or Liar. I try to fix up when I go out but at home all bets are off. I wanna see the movie. I don't want to eat that meal. I wanna hang wth you.I think you looked cute as a bug. Good job sir. :)

  37. I love your funny style - of humor, your clothes are great.
    I love friends who don't give a rip what I wear.
    I never wear heels...where does that put me on the spectrum? Actually I don't care about the spectrum. I like to look nice but be comfy, know what I mean?

  38. I went on a date with my husband for the first time in many, many months (saw Argo and ate Thai) and when my 5yo daughter heard, ran for the red lipstick, told me I needed to curl my hair and put on a dress. I let her apply the lipstick on my me and I scrubbed toddler grubbiness off my shoulder and knees. I can't honestly tell you she was impressed. You can only imagine her disdain when I told her there was not a flower in the middle of the table and we didn't go to a ball.

  39. what is this 'date night' that you speak of?


    must.see.tomato.blouse.soon. pretty please!

  40. Haha--hilarious as usual! Jeans make me feel like my stomach has flab that has no where to go--I go in cycles as to whether I live in jeans or dislike them. For the last six months, I've wanted to live in skirts and dresses. I like looking put together but I'm totally a fan of a sweatshirt and lounge wear at home. I rock the puffy vest when I can in fall/winter and I love, love, love that you say "put my face on." I need to see Argo....

  41. I need me some Argo! I like Ben. And I heard a rumor that Coach T is in it. It might all be too much for me to take.

    I'm now wondering if you and I have the very same Target tomato red blouse?

    I am way WAY behind on reading here. Just a warning in case a slew of comments pours in from me. ;)

  42. loved Argo! when I got home I was so exhausted from how much it stressed me out. I usually put on nicer jeans and a blouse, but there are days when it's just not in me and I think can't I just wear sweats, after all a date is supposed to be enjoyable, and sweats make life more enjoyable :)