Friday, November 23, 2012

Hope Friday

It's after 1 in the morning and as usual, I should be sleeping.
I spent my today in the same way you spent yours. It was easy and good. My teeth are a little sugary.

But the underscore is the knowing that other people don't celebrate the way we do. Maybe it's not an option. Maybe why bother. Those are the people I've carried around today.

And when the phone rang and it was a rare call from our biggest boy, the thanks grew fuller.
And when the text came in and I saw hope rise up from grief? Fuller still.

So the real message today is that He is worthy of more than we fathom. He's more powerful than we believe. He trumps all the darkness, every kind. And He lets help.

Tomorrow, maybe we shop. Maybe we do, because we happen to be among the ones who can.

But can we tie this truth around our wrists and carry it with us? Our life is the exception.

Today's conversation that will stick with me well longest happened over late-evening pigs-in-blankets and cups of sweet tea. It was about hope, how that's the thing we're all scrambling for. He has made us all worthy but for you and me, maybe hope lands a little more lightly. What about the rest?

Last month I discovered fashionABLE and something in me clicked, because that lovely woman in the video standing on the streets of Ethiopia in her long skirt and sensible shoes is me, and she's you. She's searching for hope, only her search might seem a little more lost.

I know I bring things like this to your attention frequently, but I promise, I'm not going to stop. Especially right now, when it's so easy to lose our way, so easy to abandon the lost causes and the far-aways for the perfect mod wrapping paper or the zoomy party dress.

Businesses like fashionABLE give us an easy opportunity to make a difference in a real life. How cool is it to have the privilege of holding out a little hope like a light, with our own two hands?


Etanesh Stripes

And hey, the scarves are total radness. 

Please watch the video. It's 3 minutes. Go ahead and fall in love. I dare you not to cry. And please, buy a scarf for your sister. Hack, go down in Secret Santa hall-of-fame with this one.

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