Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mudroom Peek and Gallery Wrapped Canvas Deal

I knew when we moved to our new house in town that I wanted it to keep some farmy vibes. It's who I am. It feels like home.

So even though I went brighter and maybe even nuttier, it has been fun and important to incorporate elements that keep me the same old girl that I've always been.

For example, there was a pile of things that just wouldn't fit in our new digs, but I'd rather eat soggy cereal than leave my beloved windmill blade behind.

We found the perfect spot for it in the mudroom, connecting the garage to the kitchen. Cory made a coat rack for the kids out of a vintage yard stick from Calvin's old school and a few hooks I'd picked up at Junk Evolution a few years back.

Our canvas photo, taken back at the farm, completed the scene. This particular photo has been a perfect reminder to me over the past year or so that we are still who we are. We're a family there and here. We'll always be a little bit country.

This canvas was our first of what I hope will be many. I love the clean look of it and the processing was spectacular. It's such a great way to get some of our photos off the hard drive and up where we can enjoy them.

Good news: Canvas People is offering a  80% off all canvases right now.

Our canvas shown above is 11x14. I'm planning to order an 8x10 this time around (just $10!)... Cute kids or pretty flowers? It's a toss up.  :)  

This is a perfect gift idea for anyone from a grandparent to a teacher. Or, you know, yourself.

Click here to order. It's' super easy.

Now, I'm off to eat a turkey sandwich in honor of today's earlier pre-Thanksgiving festivities.

The next few days loom hectic and hard, but I'm leaning into this season with a ready heart, so thankful for my life and the one who gave it to me.

Happy Thanksgiving Week, Dears.

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  1. i JUST ordered a big ol' canvas from the canvas people. haven't got it yet, but i bet i'm gonna love it! and yes, i'm going to go order another one now for free ;) thanks!

  2. Looking good girl!!! What a handy man you married.

  3. Shut the heck up. 80% off! That is craziness! Fabulous craziness : )
    I am glad you are going to keep the kids.

  4. I love canvases. Perfect gifts for grandparents. Thanks.

  5. I just ordered my second canvas from Canvas People a couple weeks ago. It's a giant 18x24 of my favorite shot from our Alice in Wonderland Halloween photo shoot. I love it!
    Love that you kept the windmill blade. I have an old metal windmill in my garden out in my small backyard. :)

  6. your house slays me!
    you have such great style FPFG!
    and i wish we had our Christmas pics taken so i could take advantage of this offer.
    maybe i can dig up a good instapic! :)

  7. Wow that is a deal on the canvases. What a cute picture. Do you still have your sprinkler collection. So far I like all the pictures you have shown of your house.

  8. Hi I just found your lovely blog, Love the name and had to come and have a look. It's nice to see a little bit of your old place in your new home.

  9. That looks great! I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to order a canvas. I feel like I just don't have a choice when you throw 80% off out there.

  10. I have GOT to get some of these photos out of this screen and onto these walls! It's about time. Thanks for the info. I love canvas prints... I don't have to buy a frame. ;)

    Let Thanksgiving begin!

  11. Those kids are just edible. SO cute!! Thanks for the heads up on the canvas!! And sending big hugs your way this week. ( ) ( ) ( ) Wishing you and all your beloveds a happy Thanksgiving day.

  12. What's with the peeks? I want big glimpses;) kinda coveting your windmill blade. Is that bad? I'm so on the canvas art. Been wanting some. That's a ggod deal.

  13. gorgeous photo canvas of the kids! it has been awhile since I have checked in for a visit~they have gotten so big. and you have just answered the question of what to get the grandparents and aunties as a Christmas gift! Cory did an amazing job with the vintage ruler. I love it. I am also glad to know I am not the only one who made a turkey dinner on Sunday,lol! Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. okay. you need to know...i'm purchasing my canvas art TONIGHT....except, I'm not just stopping one. I don't even think I'll stop with three. we just got our family pics back, and i think i just figured out what i'm doing with them.

    how many is too many? no. don't tell me.

  15. Is there a special code for the canvases because the special price on their website isn't 80% off......

    1. Looks like they just switched the deal to 60% off plus free shipping. I think shipping was around $15, so it's still a great deal!

  16. Ahhhh.....thank you thank you for Ruby's name banner!!!! I love it. I wish...well...I may have your email...I could send you a pic of her room so you could see how great it will look. I need to find similar letters so I can spell out Kate too....Ruby Kate! You are so thoughtful. BTW, I love those canvas deals. I would love for you to send me your email so I can add you to my blog. Our caseworker said yesterday that our lawyer is pretty sure our court date will be between December 10-18. So....we will not be here for CHRISTmas but Praise God our whole family will be together at once....a 19 month journey!!! Thank you again for your kind heart. If you ever come to The Smoky Mountains/Dillywood, please look me up. Id love to do pictures for you guys! :)

  17. Those kids are just edible. SO cute!! That looks great! I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to order a canvas..

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