Thursday, October 25, 2012


Every chance they get these days, my kids are climbing trees. It hurts a little. I get caught between the thrill of seeing them do what kids do best and the pang of knowing we took away all their trees.

Dramatic, I know.

But man, I always wanted that life for them, bare-toed and dirty, memorizing the dips and ruts of the acreage, staying out 'til last light. I wanted them to have what I had. It was impossible to imagine anything different.

It's hard to reconcile my hazy hope with reality, because the truth is, they never climbed our old trees and they seem to be doing just fine in town.

We make our plans, you know? Sometimes, (usually?) we get them wrong.

I always thought a desire of my heart was reading under a shade tree while my kiddos roamed the land and waded in the ditches, when really, the desire of my heart was for my kids to know their worth and be Love.

Thank God those things are portable.

And thank God for friends with good climbing trees.


  1. What matters most. The beauty is how He changes our own heart in the growing of them.

  2. I am always sent here... So many reasons I love you and your writing... If ever you need bare toed n dirty, tree (and barn) climbing kids to come roam the countryside with, PLEASE LOOK US up (near DC/PA)! We'd be so blessed to have you all! I've been catching up on missed posts... Thank you for sharing your life lessons. You're an amazing teacher (and neighbor I can tell)!

  3. Our stories are similar! We're two miles from dowtown Indy in where most people wouldn't dream of being homeowners. Yet, here we are with a perfect house for us, amazing neighbors, a huge land plot next to ours (we sit on a corner lot with technically two lots one with a house and another with garden/tree forest!) and wouldn't dream of moving out of this place until hubby gets Marine Corps orders again. But of course we'll be gifting the house to his mother and the legacy will continue. :)

    Leaps of faith stretch us like no other, but in the end they're so beautiful and powerful at the same time. We've grown so much being in the "trenches" and I know you have, toO!

  4. There was a tree in the college campus yard near our house that had a huge butt-shaped place on a wide branch. I always let my leg dangle and thought about the book,_Hecate,_Macbeth,_William_McKinley,_and_Me,_Elizabeth
    in which the girl dangles her leg.
    Wow, weird comment. You spurred it.

  5. It's amazing how often we make our plans and they are so far from reality!! And yet, we keep a hold on them and it's so hard to let go!! I go from one minute saying "Yes, God I don't need or want this big house" and then drive through a quaint town with HUGE homes, and catch myself thinking "Oh I'd love a big house like that!!" That seriously just happened last weekend!!! What in the world!!! Or acquiring things because you have the most idealistic expecations that the kids will use them every day or you'll sit in that spot under the tree and bask in the perfectness of the moment! I'm to the point of letting go of those dreams and ideas and find myself yearning for the down and dirty, loving the unloveable and making big differences in someone elses life!! Thank you for always sharing your honest journey - you are inspiring me to do crazy things for Him!!!

  6. One of my favorite photos of my two younger boys is one of them both sitting on a branch in the Oak tree in our backyard obviously sharing little boy secrets : ) So precious!

  7. My dream plan was to live next door to my folks & siblings and all the cousins would frolick together every evening after big family suppers. I said "I will not live far from family" at least a bajillion times. I do. I live 12 hours from them. Boo. But still somehow right.

    We have one tree in our yard and when my Benny first climbed it, a neighbor kid yelled out, "hey, quit spying on us!!!" Ha! My kids have not been really big tree climbers since that incident. :) May I humbly suggest a trampoline? (With a net around it, of course.) Oh my goodness. This is our first year with one and it has been the best.

    Your sweet kiddos will love all their childhood memories just like you do, no matter where their yard is. :)

  8. hey farmgirl,

    i just wanted to tell you how much your words have ministered to me today. reading some older posts (haven't been on the computer much lately), but man, God has just blessed me so much through your example and being willing to share.

    i'm not sure if you see your blog as a ministry, but just in case, i wanted to tell you today thanks. thanks for your ministry. thanks for taking the time to share your journey. people are hard on a person who is real, and i imagine sometimes people say things that make it frustrating to be real, but God is using your willingness to share your life.

    this flowerpatch farmgirl ministry is being used by Almighty to convict and challenge.

    he has gifted you with being able to communicate and you are using it for His Glory. it pretty much rocks!


  9. I just discovered your blog yesterday, and as I've read through previous posts, and this one, I've been so encouraged. We're on a similar journey (although we left the suburbs, not farm land, for the city), and it's so comforting to hear other people wrestling with the same thoughts and feelings I've had or am having. Always nice to know you're not alone, and you're not the only one raising kids in a different environment. I totally resonate with this post, but trust that the things the city will teach our kids will outweigh the loss of tree-climbing and frolicking. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for sharing!

  10. I love how God loves your kiddo's SO much that He gave them different trees to climb. He does care about the details. And the desire of your heart, "for my kids to know their worth and BE love", now that is where it's at - country or city!

  11. thankful with you that you have friends with good climbing trees...
    you're right. we make plans and they're usually wrong. awesome that you remembered that your kids never climbed all the trees on your might have been sad for nothing.

  12. we make our plans and we sometimes (usually) get them wrong. yes. this is truth. i needed to read this today. i wrestle often with my lifelong dreams of raising my kids in the country. i think i feel like i have a right to it, somehow. and that is ridiculous. sometimes i wonder if God put dreams in my heart that are not even for this world. i think we always feel a longing for Heaven...our true home. and i so agree...i want my kids to be Love more than anything else. i want them to know their Creator wherever they're at. thank you for this...good thoughts to mull and pray over.

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