Thursday, October 25, 2012


Every chance they get these days, my kids are climbing trees. It hurts a little. I get caught between the thrill of seeing them do what kids do best and the pang of knowing we took away all their trees.

Dramatic, I know.

But man, I always wanted that life for them, bare-toed and dirty, memorizing the dips and ruts of the acreage, staying out 'til last light. I wanted them to have what I had. It was impossible to imagine anything different.

It's hard to reconcile my hazy hope with reality, because the truth is, they never climbed our old trees and they seem to be doing just fine in town.

We make our plans, you know? Sometimes, (usually?) we get them wrong.

I always thought a desire of my heart was reading under a shade tree while my kiddos roamed the land and waded in the ditches, when really, the desire of my heart was for my kids to know their worth and be Love.

Thank God those things are portable.

And thank God for friends with good climbing trees.