Monday, October 8, 2012

You Tell Me

One of the places my family has gone over the past year is to a small group. It's a mix of people from different churches (of which we all still attend). Some we knew going in, some we have gotten to know. On Monday evenings we come together with all our wild kids and eat really well. The kids are then blessedly whisked off with a sitter and we circle up. We are a bunch of slam-dunk cooks (thank you, Pinterest!), but the circle is the real reason we go.

It's no accident that right now we're knee deep in Acts.  It's getting crazy up in there. People are being stricken by flesh-eating worms, angels are punching prisoners in the ribs, Saul is being Paul...

We come together flawed and ordinary, with past experiences that try to taint our truth. We don't see eye-to-eye on everything. Let me say that again: We don't see eye-to-eye on everything.

[Unflattering photo alert! This is me clearly putting the smack-down on Cory over a "minor" disagreement.] 

But we feel God moving among us, funneling us into some type of a mysterious shared purpose. The suspense is almost killing us.

But in the meantime, we wrestle (figuratively), read (literally), and chew (both). We cheer one another on. It's an amazing thing. I won't call it a "house church" because 1) it's not in a house and 2) I've said in the past that house churches are weird.

But as with everything else, the joke is on me. Because these people have become my family and house or not, isn't that what church is?

Tonight we were privileged to pray for our brother Jon, leaving for Nepal and India later this week with Tiny Hands International. He's doing the Big G Going and I can't wait to hear all about the way God moves and THI continues in their mission to rescue victims of human trafficking. 

Here's one thing we got stuck on for a while: Does God ever have us exactly, precisely where He needs us? Or is there always more Going to be done? (Remember, Going as I use it does not always refer to physically going to a different location.)

Of course, presumably, wherever we happen to be right now is somewhere God sent us. But is that ever the end, even temporarily? Does God look at someone and say, "Hey, you! In the strange stripes-with-plaid combo! You're good for a while. Huddle up with your family and stay inside. Keep doing what you're doing and I'll let you know if I ever need you to be concerned with something else." ??

I think I've already made it fairly clear where I fall on this discussion right now, but God continues to grow me up and show me that I'm wrong more often than I'm right (except for with regards to the discussion happening up there in the photo) I'd love to hear your thoughts. Are we ever "there", or is there always somewhere else we need to "go"?