Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Wish for You

My friend Amy.

I made it home. Be honest, you were worried about me after I wrote this yesterday.

I promise, I'm okay. I get nervous sometimes to say that I get nervous or shy because it somehow wigs people out a little bit. I don't say those things very often. So then when I do say them? Wiggy.

This is what we call a vicious cycle. Or maybe a Catch-22. Whatev.

Now you know, I get nervous and shy sometimes. I'm a regular girl. That's all. A very sketchy part of me likes feeling all out of sorts. It brings different junk up to my surface, junk that probably needs a little attention.

But here's the other part of my time away: I got to hang out with some really rad people.

I also slept stretched out on a King size bed. And who was upgraded to the 11th floor suite? This girl. (Not only that, it was the handicap-accessible suite. The bathroom vanity hit me right at mid-thigh and that's no joking matter.) I ate many desserts. I wore actual outfits.

I learned a lot about bloggy things, like branding. This incredibly savvy and cool lady made me think long and hard about what I really want my blog to say for me. I thought about it for most of the 5 hour drive home. And I'm not even close to done.

One of the things she said was, "What emotion do you want your readers to feel?" (Loved that Q.)

My answer? Easy.

I want you to feel Brave. Capital B.

Not arrogant or braggy or self-involved. Not "Hear me roar!". Just regular ol' vulnerable, earth-moving, soul-shaking Brave. Brave in Christ. Brave in purpose. Brave like, who the heck cares if no one gets me.

I don't think all of that can be contained in a logo, but maybe I'm wrong. It's too soon to say.

Just know that I love you Brave.

Also, let's pretend this fits somewhere into my 31 Days theme even thought it clearly doesn't.

Oh, wait... Go be Brave!




  1. sometimes you say weird things and i think -- what the heck. she lives in my head. that's bananas. like.. "A very sketchy part of me likes feeling all out of sorts. " admit it.. you have a favorite 'out of sorts' outfit. oh wait-- is that just me?? ;)

  2. Girl, you inspire me to be Brave. Cause when I think FPFG - I think brave. I think of how amazingly brave you are. And I know you are cheering me on to braveness too.

  3. I used to be an extrovert with a capital E. Now, at the advanced age of 47 :-), the thought of being in groups/crowds making 'small talk' brings on dread!

    Glad your weekend provoked much thought and that you had the blessing of an upgrade and that king sized bed.

    And...just to let you know, I had the chance to be brave yesterday and her name is Rhodesia. She is weighing heavy on my heart this morning, but short of a miracle it was a one time encounter.

  4. I am proud of you.
    You make me feel brave.
    I should try wearing an actual outfit some time soon.
    I have been so lost lately.
    Lost with clothes. Lost with feelings. Lost with life.
    Happy Sunday. May the Son shine in.

  5. You do make me feel brave. Always have. Brave to try new things. Brave to accept new people. Brave to not have all the answers. Just brave. I think you've already captured that.

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  7. love love love this. and love your definition of brave. beautiful.

  8. I think I want to take the phrase "be confident" out of my vocab, and replace it with "be brave". I think "brave" completes any outfit you put on even if you only wear "outfits" on the weekends! Confidence can come across as prideful so I do like the new take on brave. I have NEVER thought of you as selfish or prideful, but kind, funny, weird (yes, I like weird), Christ-like, loving and generous.....not to mention brave. You are on the right track, don't look back, when you do, you slow down....fix your eyes on the prize!
    ps I am proud of you for being out of your element!

  9. What emotion do I want my readers to feel?? That's a good one to ponder...maybe inspired...loved to who God made them to be...

  10. You're just fab. And sometimes scared and nervous, which is totes acceptable. :)

  11. Love it....brave is a perfect description of how your blog makes me feel.

  12. Your blog makes me THINK w/ a captial T!!! I think about more then me and my stuff and my place in the would I THINK outside of the box because of your blog!! Thanks!

  13. Oh goodness me. Brave. I 'feel' brave but to 'be' brave. Hmm. AND with a Capital B. ;)

  14. I like who you are. And strangly, it makes me like who I am. I am not a blogger, I am just a Mom with very little significance except to 3 little people (1 of whom came to me in a non-biological way.) But I admire you. I admire your ministry. You rock, in short.

  15. Yes you totally give me courage. Sometimes it's the simple courage just to think about thinks I like to avoid thinking about, that could use my thinking. :)

  16. Glad to read your 31 dayers. Gee, so many wonderful postings on your blog. We like what we read here. And talking about courage, we need lots of them here in Jakarta. Thank you for this post. It is Great!

  17. this is how you spell shannan martin: b-r-a-v-e.

    thanks for prodding me in that direction, too.

  18. because you are brave we are challenged to be brave.

  19. brave is scary.
    but the good kind of scary....not like a haunted house kind.
    thank you for reminding me.
    and i wish i had even HEARD of influence before this weekend.
    where do people hear of these things?
    how did i miss it?

    i want to be brave and i am trying.
    wait... not brave....BRAVE.

  20. i can't believe i've never been to a blog blog can tell, i'm sure.

    it'd be great to think about some of these things...the purpose of my blog...the thing i want readers to feel when they visit.

    it all sounds so professional...and i feel so unprofessional.

    hummmm. something to think about.

    glad you had fun. glad you got to wear real clothes.

    i do feel brave. i really do. took me years to think that about myself.

  21. um, so i saw you. and you looked brave. but i wasn't. but, i was. it was weird. this comment is bizarre, yes? i actually thought probably three times when i saw you "should i go talk to her? what will we talk about, salsa? God? how incredible you are as a writer, and me, i'm small potatoes?" and then, i wimped out. but i am so glad you were there. :) thanks for reminding me i should have been brave, and that maybe (YES!), i will be next time.

    1. You oughta be spanked!

      I would have loved it if you said hello. I would have hugged you and thanked my lucky stars for all of it.

      Next time!

  22. i kinda feel like i got a proverbial spanking all weekend. so much that it overwhelmed me in a good way, and a hard way. but, i did come home, and have chips and salsa for dinner, and promised that next year, i'll be even more brave. thanks. next time for sure! :)

  23. Brave to become what you are. Thank you for reminding me. It makes me feel brave.