Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Heavy Influencers** - Going Edition

Just a song won't heal a bleeding wound
Church wake up, you're sleeping in an empty tomb
Church arise!
Arise and shine, shake yourself from the dust
God is calling us to Go
-Leeland While We Sing    
 Back in the drears of January, I felt a certain pull to spend more time reading. I assumed it was just because I missed sticking my nose in a good book, but it turns out, God had a whole lot of things to say to me.

I've talked here and there about most of these books/resources, but it makes sense to consolidate them here, as part of 31 Days of Going.

These are the voices that reeled me in and made me believe harder. They kept me company when it seemed like no one around "got" us. They challenged me to get the flipping lead out and move.

So, if you're feeling your pulse quicken a little, if life is throwing you curve-balls and you know things are about to get crazy up in here, if you ache for a broad stroke of wild in your life, pull up a chair. And bring a highlighter.

I will now attempt to list them in chronological order, because that's just one more kind of crazy that I am. (Click each link for more information or to buy. I linked to old-school formats, but all are available in the newfangled formats as well.)

Brave -Nichole Nordeman (the sound track of my life)
Radical - David Platt
Crazy Love - Francis Chan
The Gutter - Craig Gross
Kisses From Katie - Katie Davis
Leeland -  The Great Awakening
The Irresistible Revolution -Shane Claiborne
Sacrilege - Hugh Halter
The Barefoot Church - Brandon Hatmaker
Anything - Jennie Allen
Interrupted - Jen Hatmaker

Honorable Mention:
A Framework for Understanding Poverty - Ruby K. Payne
When Helping Hurts - Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert
Promises I Can Keep: Why Poor Women Put Motherhood Before Marriage - Kathryn Edin, Maria J. Kefalas (One of the most fascinating books I've ever read.) 

Blog Edition:
Sit a Spell
Seventy Piggies
The Stanley Clan
Amy Sullivan
Natotela Africa (my baby sis)

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Bible - New Living Translation

* Most links are Amazon Affiliate links
** I borrow the phrase "heavy influencers" from my pretend BFF, the zany, whip-smart Jen Hatmaker (see above). I'm sure she won't mind.