Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Going Starts with More

 I used to believe that God had a plan for every one of us. It involved hugely important things like:

 1. Will I marry the tall guy or the taller guy?
 2. How many kids will I have?
 3. Where will we live?
 4. Will I have a job where I get to dress up?

I assumed that the plan had mostly to do with me, like God folded up a celestial-sized sheet of notebook paper and folded it into one of those oragami "fortune" games, then flapped it around a while until he had answers to all the Big Questions.

 1. Tall 

 2. At least 3
 3. Which year?
 4. You will sometimes wear earrings to your "job". Is that dressy enough?

Voila! His plan for my life.

Only I still felt like I was just half-way there. That's where the Going started for me, with the red-orange spark that there was more.

First, I had to abandon the idea that I was the one called to stay. I wasn't a Go-er. Maybe one day, but not right then. I was a stay-at-home mom. That was the beginning and end of all that I was capable of, all that could ever be asked of me. I'd go when my kids were in school...and by that, I may have meant college.

Now, I'm starting to see the way God likes to call us out. He loves up-ending us and showing up while we're hanging from our ankles. He loves the way we look when we step off the tilt-a-whirl, stumbling around, reaching out to be steadied, searching hard for our center.

He didn't make me an introvert because He wanted me to stay inside. He made me an introvert so He could shock my boots off by the way He'd never stop chauffeuring me to all the crazy places He needed me to go.

{Click here for the rest of the 31 Days of Going series.}


  1. I can't wait to see where this series goes. I love this...He didn't make me an introvert because He wanted me to stay inside. He made me an introvert so He could shock my boots off by the way He'd never stop chauffeuring me to all the crazy places He needed me to go. Good stuff!!

  2. Hmmmm... I am liking that introvert quote, too. From one introvert to another, it spoke to me. Going can be so hard when it is so comforting to stay inside. Looking forward to more from you!

  3. Well it is obvious that God is speaking to your fellow "introverts" out in blog land today! That quote stuck to my heart like glue and I will be pondering it for a while now...

    PS: I am wearing boots as I type so maybe I best be getting myself ready for a shock!

  4. Like I've said, I love this and you and your heart. Also, I want to write just like you when I grow up :-)

  5. Love that last paragraph! (says the introverted-extravert)

  6. i like to say that God uses me despite my introvertedness. sometimes it feels like a disease. good thing He is the healer.

  7. The introvert part hit me between the eyes. Also, the stay at home part...except that now I only have a high school senior at home...either I should get ready, or maybe (hopefully not), I have been missing my cues so far. Yikes.

  8. 2 things in this post that made me say... "You too??"

    First...all of the questions (1-4) are the same ones I ask everyday. My answers vary a bit.

    1) Still waiting on the answer
    2) Still waiting on the answer
    3) Savannah (unless the answer to question 1 changes things)
    4) YES! One of the highlights of my job!

    Second...I am an introvert too, 100%. I like how you said its not because "He wanted me to stay inside"

  9. you are so right.
    i remember thinking the same thing about his will for my life. i made it so complicated. so, so, so complicated. i need you to believe me. :) i worried myself to a fetal position over the smallest parts of his great, big, ginormous plan for my life.

    come to find out...it really is super, super easy and not complicated at all.
    love God, love others.
    know him and make him known.

    he chooses all sorts of ways to do that...we focus so much of our time on those smaller parts of the bigger picture. who will we marry...where will we live....where will we work.....etc....etc....etc......

    when i started just loving him and loving others and knowing him deeply and making him known....all the other stuff just fell into place....

  10. Love your last paragraph! Thanks for the encouragement as I sit in my 4th year here as a missionary in the Czech Republic with my husband and 3 little ones (ages 3,2, and 7 months) and think of "all these crazy places God needs me to go!"

  11. My Going has also looked FAR different than I envisioned. I'm an extrovert and so I thought the places He sent me would be super easy and fun. Oddly enough it's the places He's taken me inside my heart that have upended me the most. Nobody warned me about the pain of a pierced heart, but no one could have expressed the joy that accompanies that. Keep going, girl!

  12. Beautifully written. This resonates loud and clear with me right now, too. Same questions, similar answers, same challenges (as in the going part, sooner than later). I've also had that red-orange flash, nagging that there's something more and I need to press on.

    Good luck to you on your going, knowing when and where, and how to start.

    Thanks for your words, you encourage so many. :)

  13. "He didn't make me an introvert because He wanted me to stay inside. He made me an introvert so He could shock my boots off by the way He'd never stop chauffeuring me to all the crazy places He needed me to go."

    Exhibit A of why I keep soaking up your posts. You are one crazy talented writer, girl!

  14. Oh my, if I had a dollar for every time I travailed for God's seemingly elusive will for my life. How I wished He'd get my show on the road. I'm guessing I missed more than one opportunity waiting around to check those things off my list. And here I am at age 36 merrily checking things off and you're telling me I don't get a free pass being a stay-at-home Mom?! What in the what is going on here, FPFG?

    This 'going' is just as easy as letting go...

  15. This was so interesting to me because I realized: I am an introvert by nature. Can you hear my "I HEAR ya!"??? I have always thought that being alone is where I get my energy and I can be happily social. But reading your words made me realize I think I'm naturally somewhat introverted but have always been in very extroverted type jobs: Design, waitressing, bartending...various cashier jobs at places like Target when young, etc. So odd to jus sort of realize it. A few months ago my nephew wanted me to ask some teenagers at a park if he could play soccer with them. He said he was too shy to ask. I said "I can be shy too. Do you think I am?" and he said "NOOO!" like it was crazy. It's interesting what kids and others see vs. how you actually feel.

    Anyway..food for thought and I thank you.

    Also..sorry about the Dexter "issue" here on your blog. I LOL at "Deb and Dexter were wed in real life, but divorced. Must have made for an interesting filming of season four."


    You bedazzle me, kid!



  16. The hubs and I have been talking a bunch about comfort. How when we get too comfortable, that's when we lose sight of "going". That's when we get lazy and self centered.

    Last night I watched Half the Sky {saw your tweet about it!}. Oh my. I wiggled in my seat the entire time. Uncomfortable. Moved.

    There is so much going to do.

  17. love that last line.