Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days: Sing Like You Mean It

"God will do what He's going to do and I just need to be willing to journey through it." - Lisa Leonard

Maybe the largest part of the Going struggle is relinquishing control. We've heard all of the analogies and cliches, we've belted it out with Carrie, "Jesus take the wheeeeeeeeeeel!"

Sometimes we mean it.

But most of the time it's just hard to do. We trust His plan, in theory, but we can't see it. We're left here with schedules and bills and kids who won't nap. There's spaghetti to boil and peppers to chop. The laundry won't walk itself upstairs.

So sometimes, we derail an adventure and settle for life. We don't say we won't go. We wouldn't dare. We just say we're busy. We're already underwater. There's simply no room.

And all the while, He wants nothing but our willingness.

We say it's His foot on the gas, but we'd rather not talk about ours jamming the brake.

The good news is, He'll do what He needs to do... no matter what. He laughs at the brakes.

The bad news is, He'll do what He needs to do... even if it means doing it without us.