Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Going

Exactly one year ago, I sat in the Betty Draper rental and wrote for 31 straight days about letting go. We had just boxed up our dishes, books, socks, all our junk and every bit of our hearts and moved from our picture-perfect farmhouse to temporary digs. Our hearts were raw, our heads in a fog. We knew there was a plan taking shape, but it wasn't ours to hold yet. So we waited. We continued the hard work of prying our fingers off our control, our comforts, our identity, our cash, so much of what we had been living for so long. We started to really let go.

365 days later, I sit in my sunny new home, situated next to an abandoned house with busted out windows, on a street where women pull wagons of dirty jeans and towels to the church across town for free laundry on Thursdays. We came and we stayed. But every day it slides into sharper focus - the going isn't over yet.

Sometimes I wish Going was a one-time deal. I'd love to cross it off my list. We went where we were sent, but the ground still shifts beneath us. Every day we have a choice to Go again, again, and again; or to just close the drapes and stay at home, inside the thoughts that warm us up at night and the instincts that keep us sane.

Some days that choice is harder than others.

I desperately want to get better at Going. I want to see it as the beautiful adventure that it is and not as a drain on my time or an interruption of my big, bad plans.

So while the leaves captivate us then tumble away, I'll be right here, thinking out loud, writing with an open heart, ready to see.

I'd love it if you'd Go with me.

If you're writing for 31 days along with The Nester, be sure to link up over on her site and feel free to link your topic below as well. I'd love to see what my peeps are writing about!

(MSM resumes next week.)