Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days: Going Doesn't Mean What You Think

I used to assume that Going meant being a missionary, and everyone knows, true missionaries live in Sierra Leone or Papa New Guinea.

But God poured His sweet mercy out on this feeble soul, making me a girl who mostly loathed camping. Hallelujah. He wouldn't send a non-camper off to the Mission Field.

I started to read a bunch of verses about Going, and being sent. It made me sweaty. It seemed like the words were for everyone, not just Paul or the Disciples or my sister.

Here's the thing, I like it when I ask my kids to do something and they do it. It's a window into their little soul. I like that they trust my authority and understand (even if they don't appreciate) that I'm the boss of them. They believe in the deep that I want the very best for them, and that I know how to help them get there.

I don't ask them to do something crazy as a test, then yell "cut!" at the last possible second. There are real reasons behind my asking. There's a plan in place and they probably had no hand in its design.

So sometimes Going means traveling. It might mean moving to the other side of the tracks.

But maybe it means taking lasagna in a tin-foil pan to the guy across the street. Maybe it's making friends with the girl who's as mean as a snake. Maybe it's the PTO. Maybe it's an idea so hair-brained that you hesitate to say it out loud.

Maybe it's art. A child you didn't grow. A pay cut. Heck, maybe it's a raise.

The Going seems to know no limits, because the architect of everything spins the universe on his index finger with his eyes closed and one hand behind His back.

He invented crazy. He's the original forward-thinker. He reasons in reverse.

So stop trying to make sense of it. Go already.


  1. It's more than we can handle, and that's why we need Him.

    I think that's the whole point.

    If I move across the street will you bring me lasagna in a tin tray?

    Please hold while I pack.


  2. My cuurent going- being a part of a young adult group I ignored in my twenties and childless years. I am the wrong demographic, but felt God calling me to participate in the community - and I have been so blessed since we started going a year ago. (And I hope I have blessed some people along the way, too.)

  3. "The Going seems to know no limits, because the architect of everything spins the universe on his index finger with his eyes closed and one hand behind His back."

    going knows no limits...amen.

  4. I've been thinking a lot today and yesterday about God's goodness and how his good is so far from our idea of good (which is often equal to "nice" and "fine" and other vague, meaningless words). How his good can sometimes be aggressive and threatening. How sometimes it comes with more pain and a lot of death. How it moves slow or too fast. How it means going where you didn't want, didn't think you could, didn't ever see yourself.

  5. I liked your reminder that God has good reasons for his direction, just as we have good reasons for instructing our kids.

    We are at a crossroads with several good options to go, so your 31 Days insight is so good.

  6. What you said about the kids trusting you. And what it says about their heart. That speaks to me. I've been praying a lot for my son's heart and his rebellious nature lately. The connection you make between our children and ourselves--how He calls us to be obedient, even in the simple--is one that I've not thought of, yet it's what He's doing in me lately. He's asking me to respond to the invitations to trust that He'll lead me in the simple ways. It's huge for me--this trusting thing. From the way He wants me to choose a response, to visiting a friend at lunch...all such "sudden" responses to promptings He gives's worship, He's showing me. And He wants me to "stop trying to make sense of it" and just do. (great stuff, friend!)

  7. Don't know if you've ever gotten a few "You're NOT THE BOSS OF ME!" from your kids,(I've heard it plenty here at my house, in word and glare,) After reading your paragraph, it occurred to me that is what I've been saying to God— perhaps not with those exact words, but definitely by my actions.

    It's not crazy what I'm supposed to do. It's a deliberate and intentional choice. Gulp. I just have to do it.

  8. Isn't God the coolest? I have been praying about going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with my church.I just said to God yesterday, "if you want me to go, speak clearly" and this morning here is your post in my inbox.Thanks so much for being God's mouthpiece to me and others, your writing is beautiful and I am so grateful you are using the gift God gave you to touch lives!! God Bless

  9. "an idea so hair-brained that you hesitate to say it out loud." I am undone. Thank you for sharing your story, your gift, your heartache, your Going. For His glory & our encouragement.

  10. P.S. Just so you know. I stalk you kinda like you stalk Jen ; ). Sometimes I pretend we are besties, and we have quite the grand time together. Much love & prayers from your own personal stalker....

    And girl, you funny!

  11. "He reasons in reverse." Yes,yes, he does. Good stuff.

  12. He invented crazy! I love that. Yet He keeps it all in order, sustains it all! Amazing, huh? I love that He invented crazy and that He hasn't called us to mundane living. The way you write draws pictures so we can see Him a little differently than before and I like that a lot. He can't be contained. Every moment we can see more of Him, if we're looking.
    I took a look at Keisha's blog. How did one family get blessed with 2 such wonderful girls? Are there more of you?

  13. Your last line nails it. Stop all the thinking and just do. Too many situations when I hesitate or reason my way out of it or get lazy....ugh. He's working on me.

  14. Good stuff, Shannan, good stuff...

  15. Convicted. Apparently God wants me to trust Him in the way my son trusts me. The way a child SHOULD trust a parent. *sigh*

    Inspired. "So stop trying to make sense of it. Go already."

    Thank you for your beautiful post and the reminder that God has a plan for us and that HE knows best.


  17. This shouts hard truth to me, and I love you more for it. Brilliant write, my friend. Thank you.

  18. Can I just tell you how much I am loving this series?! Hits me right between the eyes, and I like that feeling. ;) Seriously, I have been reading it to my husband too (who thinks blogs are weird, so I generally keep my mouth shut, whatev)... And he says? THIS'LL PREACH!!

  19. "The going seems to know no limits." How true. Because if it is God sending us to go, the the possibilities are endless. We often look for the big "goings" like missionaries and the like and miss out on the blessing of taking lasagna across the street.

    And PS: I do live on the other side of the tracks : )

  20. I am amazed by you. Your words speak to me in unexpected ways every time. If you do not have a published book, you should. If you do, I need the title. I know you will give all the credit to God, but he has given you many talents including your writing ability. And then I checked out our "my sister" too and yes-where do you women come from? Both marvelous women following the way of the Lord!

    Keep on Farmgirl! You are in good hands and teach me so much! Thanks for sharing with this farmgirl:)

  21. i am way behind on your blog!
    i love the last sentence "GO ALREADY!"

  22. Just hopped over from Tara's blog.

    Oh. my. goodness gracious! Not the PTO!

    I'm hooked! I have to read all of your entries on your 31 days series.