Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why We Have to Go

I stitched up some curtains for the dining room on Friday, but opted not to drive to Target for curtain clips because it was "too far away" (i.e. 3 miles). Today, my little sister Keisha snapped this photo in Singapore (stuck there for a day en route to India) and uploaded it to facebook, where I immediately hawked it without permission.

I've never seen anything like it. (Meg, I hope you're reading today, because this has your name all over it.)

I'm sorry to always be the girl conjuring life lessons from a fluff of culumus and extracting metaphor from Southeast Asian architecture, but this photo perfectly summarizes my day. There's so much beauty out there - but we'll never see it unless we go. Seeing it second-hand just isn't the same. And true, the journey might be unexpected and painful, we might have to leave some things behind (or be left behind), but in the end, there we are - we're arm's length away from a rainbow. It's just for you, just for me, just exactly what we need. It's a gift, and the fact that it's all so haphazard, so confusing, so impossible to summarize or capture only makes it more so.

So go there, okay? Wherever it is. You know where it is. Yeah, it's scary and I promise, people will say you're crazy. But not me. Nope. I'm right here screaming like mad for you. I'm at the curb with orange slices and Gatorade. I'm at the airport with your name on the sign. I'm writing you on the ballot. I'm brewing the tea extra strong because I want every single detail. It's not dumb. You're not foolish. I don't think you have some kind of a God complex or that your dreams are too hot to handle.

I think you're brave. I think you're revolutionary. I think you're just the kind of ordinary that changes things - really changes things.

You might as well know, there's a good chance you'll end up with tension headaches and the odd cold sore, but push through, because there's also the heartbeat of real people - different people - who shake up every thing you ever knew. They bring the sun with their rain. They bring the rainbow.

~Graceful Winners~
-Rebecca Beurrista
-Dear Emmaline