Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Living Room and the Icing on the Cake

Here's the thing: my tendency leans toward not showing something until it's *just* right. So yes, I have dawdled. I keep thinking about the things I still want to do, the details, the yada yadas. Part of me loves the idea of a magical Big Reveal. Give me some wow factor, people! Give me a megaphone to scream into! Give me a living room that is staged to within an inch of its life!

It's a nice dream.

But I'm finding that "that" part of me is fading a bit. I have bigger things on my mind. I'm not a perfect person with a perfect house. My living room often includes dirty socks strewn about, piles of laundry on the floor, library books covering all flat surfaces and the odd Lego or a hundred. You might as well just know it.

So, here she is.

Full disclosure on the curtains: The first night we hung them, I was sure I had made an egregious error in judgment. It was dark and they were pulled closed, in all their zany glory. Complicating matters was the fact that my pregnant friend had just hemmed and backed 5 of the 6 panels. I'll be honest, I'm a tiny bit afraid of her right now. Sister's tough as nails, and that's without the pregnancy  hormones. So I couldn't really imagine a situation where I'd tell her I had scrapped the whole idea.

The next morning, Calvin came downstairs and yelled, "Cool! It looks like a Mexican restaurant in here!"

I could see his point.
And as much as I want to marry Mexican food....

But then the sun started to filter through them and I fell in love.

And then, my sign arrived.

Have you visited Between You and Me's etsy shop? Do yourself a favor and go. Pronto.

I adore Tara (she blogs here). She's my fashion muse and shares my passion for adoption and good food. I already knew that everything Tara touches turns to gold, or maybe something fabulously chippy and layered and rustic and truth-soaked, but even I was not prepared for how much I would love my sign.

I stare at it many times a day. Last night, I took a break from the book I was reading and reached up to touch it. Not even playing.

It's the perfect size to fill that large space behind the couch and I love that it's a one-of-a-kind. The quality of craftsmanship is impeccable. I cannot say enough about it.

Between You and Me is offering FPFG readers $15 off any purchase through the month of September. Just be sure to mention the code FLOWERPATCH when you place your order. All signs are hand-crafted and fully customizable. (Example: I gave her a verse and a particular translation for my sign and they rocked it.) They also offer a  range of sizes.

So, there you have it! The first peek. And now, I shall retire to said room with a slice of pie. (Love you, pie. Love you so much.)

Scripture sign: Between You and Me
Light fixture: Barn Light Electric giveaway
Orange chair: church tag sale
Turquoise foot stool: St. Vincent de Paul ($3)
Turquoise end table: An old crate from a local antique store ($20)
Lamp: Pier 1 clearance circa 8 years ago
Coffee table: Pottery Barn circa 11 years ago
Metal magazine basket: antiques store
Rug: Pottery Barn via Ebay circa 8 years ago
Curtains: Urban Outfitters bed tapestries (no longer available)
Flowers: Our rockin' local farmer's market
Pitcher: St. Vincent de Paul ($3)
Tall cabinet: garage sale
Small oil painting: Goodwill Outlet  (still one of the funniest memories ever)
Vintage camera: thrift store
Clock: the auction of my childhood school
Round pillow: Urban Outfitters
Grey damask pillow: TJ Maxx circa eons ago
Purple pillow: DKNY via TJ Maxx (traded with Sarah)
Grey flannel pillow: Target clearance 2 weeks ago ($12)
Vintage grain sack pillow:Vintage Junky Style