Monday, September 17, 2012


Some days we decide to stay in our pajamas and watch SuperWhy and Dinosaur Train.
Some days we run too fast, yawn too much, and eat left-over tomato soup for lunch.
But some days, we get brave for no good reason.
We believe that we can do that thing, even if it involves an empty bobbin.

I'm feeling kind of Superwomany now. Be warned.

Okay. You don't love Money Shot Monday. I get it. Maybe it's the name? All I can say is that it came to me in the shower, and I've learned to never doubt shower wisdom. So the bad news is, MSM is sticking around, and here's why: I like it. I strangely liked knowing that today was Monday so I needed to track down my goodness and look it square in the mug. I enjoyed exercising my ability to be succinct. (And am ever thankful there are 6 more days in the week...)

But there's more! (insert infomercial voice)

Starting next week, I'm linking up, pups. My first-ever link-up. (I still can't bring myself to say "linky".) (told ya)

So be ready. You've got 6 days to prepare thine hearts. Fancy cameras not required, because it's not about the photo. Just find that sweet spot and prepare to share.

I think it might be fun.