Monday, September 10, 2012

Money Shot Monday

I drove today. I hustled the hustler. I gave the benefit of the doubt beyond all reason. I held hope in my hand, hope that the course of a stagnant future can be shifted, changed, redirected, anything. I ran in circles. I validated my quiet skepticism. When given a prime opportunity, I sighed too long, too loud. (I failed.)

But without meaning to, without trying, I reached from my seat to hers and grabbed her elbow. I called her honey, like she was my child - one that I love. Her tears fell and I wanted her to know what it felt like for someone to catch them. Who cares that some things never change? Because there she was, broken and lovely, never believing a single good thing, always inclined to doubt me and the rest of the world.

So maybe tomorrow we'll try again. Maybe she'll learn more about the lining up of ducks and I'll learn that my day was never mine to begin with.