Monday, September 3, 2012

Money Shot Monday

Maybe you noticed, but I started Money Shot Monday. I invented it. Like the internet.
I'm sure your Mondays were revolutionized, as of one week ago. What did the world ever do without me?

The thing is, I've been a photo slacker. And a blog slacker. I blame it on a general loss of mojo coupled with increased life insanity, but the truth of the matter is this: I hate uploading photos to the computer.

There. I said it.

I hate finding the cable, hooking up the cable, transferring the photos into the file, deleting them off the memory card, editing them, and loading them to the blog.

This entire process used to be one million percent simpler. And that's no joke. Now, my folders are all in disarray. We have duplicate photo numbers so we now have a duplicate file. Blast it.

Aren't you glad you came here today?

Do I light up your life, or what?

But I'm committed to pushing through. I can do this.

If Dean Cain can pretend to be in the armed forces, I can embrace a bit of unruly technology.

Also? It's high time I started sniffing out the best moments of my day and holding on to them.

So every Monday, for the rest of my life or until I tire of it, I will be posting one photo, taken on the very day, that summarizes one of the happy little blips on the radar.

I'll try to keep my yammering to a minimum.

Though tonight totally doesn't count.

And really, if I'm feeling especially verbose on a Monday, well, you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't invent this game first. I wrote this rule book, Mamas.

Or, as I tell Silas numerous times a day, "I'm the boss!"

I have no idea why I'm in the mood to throw my weight around tonight. It's just the cards we were dealt.

Maybe I'm angsty because we went to the zoo and all of the animals were boring and lazy. I needed to hear those lions, man. They freak me straight out.

Maybe it's because I hit up the new J Crew store and had trouble understanding why a rayon granny blouse needed to cost $80.

Maybe partially stuffing myself into bright coral cropped jeggings from the Gap clearance rack was even more demoralizing than I remember.

Whatever the case may be, that's not even what I'm supposed to be talking about tonight.

(Be honest, you don't hold high hopes for MSM, do you?)

(Me, either.)

But I'm The BOSS!!!

The moral of the story is this: Our landscaping was installed on Friday. Yes, I said installed. Some landscape snobs might say "planted". Whatevs.

We were exactly zero percent helpful in deciding what would be installed. I regressed to my typical level of helpfulness, saying things like, "What about those little trees that look sort of like umbrellas?" I said that very line to an ex-Amish man. Over the phone.

In the end, he read between the lines and planted a crab apple tree, some boxwood, a knock out rose bush, and a black eyed susan. The flowers are totally random and were never discussed, other than my constant refrain, "I just love flowers!"

I do love my flowers. I'm thankful for the surprise. I feel a bit more like my real, old self, the one who has flowers and mulch. It's been too long.

If the plant installation business ever dries up, ex-Amish Dave might consider a career as a therapist/mind reader.

Boss Lady

ps - Have you watched the Mercy Project video yet? It's important stuff, homies.