Monday, September 24, 2012

Money Shot Monday - Link Or Bust

We've been so busy around here that it's been hard to find a second for the best kind of mundane.

Today was the day.

So we grocery shopped in sweats and a ball cap (me) and sweats and cowboy boots (Silas). We stripped sheets and Leeland sang us through a double batch of Mac & Cheese and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. We got flour in our hair and my knuckle fell victim to the grater - yet again.

We took naps.

I sought refuge in the bathroom to read jailhouse mail and smiled through most of it.

The afternoon got wild and wooly, but this is my life. (All the rest, too.) But this, this dirty-kitchen Monday is the very best of me, the very best for me. It holds me together on the days I haul around different kinds of burdens.

In summary: dirty kitchens are underrated.

So, this is it, party people. Link on up! I might get fancy sometime soon with a button and a photo link up widget, but for now? We embrace simplicity. Enter your post with your name or that which you celebrate today. Surprise us. (And yes, I tend to blog late. So MSM will often really become MST, but I'm okay with it if you are.)



  1. gratered knuckles are the worst. the worst. eat an extra cookie to make up for it. i insist.

  2. "I sought refuge in the bathroom to read jailhouse mail and smiled through most of it." that line.

    Would you believe, today someone told my husband that they were afraid he would bring one of those people from jail to their church. Heaven forbid!

    Sorry. Cannot seem to shake the sarcastic tude tonight.

    Thanks for hosting the linky. I played along. Not totally sure if I did it right, but I gave it my best shot.

  3. Because of Money Shot Monday, I remembered to bust out my camera in a very impromptu happy moment today amidst the laundry. It was such a better day just from shifting my perspective a bit.
    I had a great picture in my head of sweatpants and cowboy boots b/c a hilarious student I had when I taught first grade often came in such an outfit. :)
    Also, I think I need a chocolate chip cookie.

  4. There is beauty in the everyday.....everyday miracles. They happen all the time.

  5. So glad you got your day. Hip hip!

    No joke, I almost used a similar photo for my own MSM. (Only my kitchen was spotless, which NEVER happens - hence the need for a pic.) Same angle, same canisters, but my countertops are yellowy with a greenish hue depending on the light. Wanna trade. ;)

  6. I am a total stalker but am buds with our friend Farmgirl Paints, I love your blog, you crack me up, and warm my heart all at the same time. I am linking up so someday I can say, "I did her first link up"......

  7. Kitchens sporting evidence of full living are the very best kind of all. (p.s. I'm wishing for one of those cookies right about now...)

    I almost forgot about MSM but not quite, so my picture was actually taken yesterday, but it made me smile all Monday long so I believe it counts ;)

    (p.s. sorry about the knuckles)

  8. awww.... seeing your mixer makes me think of my lonely ole kitchenAid in the corner who doesn't get used much anymore... you gotchyourself a white kitchen there girl!;)

  9. I swear our kitchens are twins. Same countertops (Basalt Slate Formica?) & same cabinets only I have a Bosch instead of a KitchenAid. Y'all have great taste!

  10. Ok, I was prepared to ask 20 questions and still do this wrong. But you have made me glad with your simplistic link-up. Hooray!

    ps, so happy you got mail. :)

  11. I just submitted. And now I'm late for work. But had to participate in MST.

  12. Linked up. My post is a tiddler and was part of a flower link up already (which kind of makes me feel I am two timing on this linky malarky!) but it comes with lots of love from Blighty!x

  13. I tried to link but no go....
    Apparently I must admit "stalkerness" as well. I stumbled onto your blog from an editorial that the local paper wrote about something you shared. I jumped over and have loved reading your words and insight and as I have stated before, for such a young pup you be so wise!

  14. Speaking of jailhouse mail....there is a young man from my church who was about to graduate from college with a degree in computer science but has now gotten himself in a whole lot of trouble. He is looking at a minimum of 10 years in jail. I don't know him well, we just spoke in passing. He can receive postcards. I want to send him some words, I just don't know what to say. Do you have any advice...something pithy I could say to encourage him without being judgmental?

    Thanks, Julie in Oklahoma

  15. Oh! I see, but it's Wednesday and I have blown it!
    Lovely Belinda suggested a gander over here and of course she is quite right it's really rather marvelous, may I call in again? I loved your post...posts about...well I have loved all I have read so it's back to battening down hatches as it is frightfully windy here in Sussex...

    Sarah -x-

  16. lovin' your dirty kitchen....what i can see of it that is.
    your counter tops, i MUST know....what are they??? i have real black granite now, but i see something much less spendy in our future. :)

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