Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Front Entry Drop Zone

I had no plan for creating a front entry drop. I thought I'd hang a little hook thing for visitors (remember, we transformed the closet into a desk nook) and call it a day.

My Dad was irrationally hopeful that we might procure a "hall tree". You've never seen anyone so worried about the outerwear of guests. He used any opportunity to endorse Ye Olde Hall Tree. I didn't see it happening.

But, we moved in and started tracking dirt in, so I threw a rug down. And then I started to think about the bench I've had forever - it just might fit.

It was only right to add some punchy thrift-store art.

And I was dying to find a home for my Goodyear hooks.

So, again, what you'll see here is a whole lot of hodge-podge. Stuff we had on hand.

It thrills me to the ends.

It's happy and functional and brings order to our prolific shoe situation.

This combo? Serendipitous.

Cory balked when I brought this rug home from Marshalls. He thought it looked "Aztec".
(Not that there's anything wrong with Aztec.)

(Raise your hand if you miss Seinfeld.)

Goodyear hook: Antique store - $15
Paint-by-Number: Thrift store - $ can't remember
Bench: Springfield flea market circa 6 years ago
Rug: Marshall's - $18
Basket - Home Goods - $25 

PS - Speaking of situations, we've got a new one on our hands... Do yourself a favor and stock-pile the heck out of these babies. I bought a bag yesterday, sniffed it through the rest of the store, toasted it up for breakfast and smeared on a little whipped cream cheese, felt like I died and went to Heaven, went back to the store in a panic and bought 4 more.

Limited Edition, people!