Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Front Entry Drop Zone

I had no plan for creating a front entry drop. I thought I'd hang a little hook thing for visitors (remember, we transformed the closet into a desk nook) and call it a day.

My Dad was irrationally hopeful that we might procure a "hall tree". You've never seen anyone so worried about the outerwear of guests. He used any opportunity to endorse Ye Olde Hall Tree. I didn't see it happening.

But, we moved in and started tracking dirt in, so I threw a rug down. And then I started to think about the bench I've had forever - it just might fit.

It was only right to add some punchy thrift-store art.

And I was dying to find a home for my Goodyear hooks.

So, again, what you'll see here is a whole lot of hodge-podge. Stuff we had on hand.

It thrills me to the ends.

It's happy and functional and brings order to our prolific shoe situation.

This combo? Serendipitous.

Cory balked when I brought this rug home from Marshalls. He thought it looked "Aztec".
(Not that there's anything wrong with Aztec.)

(Raise your hand if you miss Seinfeld.)

Goodyear hook: Antique store - $15
Paint-by-Number: Thrift store - $ can't remember
Bench: Springfield flea market circa 6 years ago
Rug: Marshall's - $18
Basket - Home Goods - $25 

PS - Speaking of situations, we've got a new one on our hands... Do yourself a favor and stock-pile the heck out of these babies. I bought a bag yesterday, sniffed it through the rest of the store, toasted it up for breakfast and smeared on a little whipped cream cheese, felt like I died and went to Heaven, went back to the store in a panic and bought 4 more.

Limited Edition, people!


  1. I need you to come decorate our house.

  2. Love what you're doing with your new home. So happy for you! I have both hands raised. Miss Seinfeld tremendously! Love watching the reruns. :)

  3. Be still my heart on that pumpkin goodness.
    (And cute entry way, too!)

  4. My hand is raised. Literally, as in I raised my hand.

    Love the nook. Come over please.

    Also, I'm scheming how to get to the store now and it's 9:34 in the pe-em here. Do you see what you do to me?

    Also, check you e-mail.

    Also, I love thee.

    And also Siley. Rubes. And the Calvinator.

    Sorry Cork.


    P.S.- Hi Shannan's dad! My college roommate has a snake in her basement, and that made me think of you today!

  5. Okay. I officially want to live in your entryway now, too. ;-) So sweet and cheery!

  6. Now, in the same section as the cream cheese, buy the tub of pre-made cheesecake filling and put it on those limited editions. !!

  7. What is it with Dad's and hall tree's?? And then it went and rubbed off on MY man. Oy. And now I am the owner of a retro one from a garage sale this summer that he found and carried in. He says it's me that brings home the stuff. But I have proof that it's not JUST me.
    LOVE the entryway--just wait. Our shoes over run.

  8. You seriously crack me up. It is like hearing myself talk. I love the hooks.

  9. So gorgeous!!! I love this look xox

  10. How DO you do it? LOVE that hook rack thingy and the basket. Would you believe I've never been to HomeGoods? MUST have those English Muffins now. Thank you for the tip off. You know us so well!

  11. I love your front entry and especially the aztec rug!!!! : )
    I love your dad. I think you should get a tree just to make sure he is happy when he comes.
    Dads are the best!
    Should I go to the grocery store right this second for some of those? I mean, I am wearing my jammies and my hair is wet and I might or might not have on 2 different slippers, but I am still thinking about going.
    Thank you for inspiring me. XO

  12. My mother has that same thing about guests outerwear LOL...
    Look at that yellow balance you achieved with the scarf and boots!
    I love the whole scene and did you know Dreamy Whites is showing hers as well?

  13. My son was born here at home, and in the background, Seinfeld was playing. Nothing like humor to get you through contractions!

    Your home is lovely, the pictures seem like a combo of a home from a magazine tied with a lived in and loved on home. It is simply wonderful.

  14. Good LAWD! Limited edition punkin english muffins? Who knew? I'm off!

    You make hodge podge look intentional and great! Love the aztec rug and the florals..the combo wouldn't seem to work, yet it DO!

    Also..LOL on your dad's concern for Ye Olde Coat Tree! Love!

  15. oh, i am such a big fan of serendipitous combinations. they are my most favorite. and yours...well, i love all of it!

  16. Gorgeous entry way. And I'm hoping, hoping that they have those English muffins here in the south.

  17. So cute! I'm tryin to figure out my entryway drop zone. It's small and nothing can be centered on the wall because the front door opens there.
    I'm a huge Seinfeld fan! I live the reruns I laugh every time no matter how many times Ive seen the same

  18. Well, we have a problem here on the ole farm. We have a beautiful oak and pewter hall tree, but it has been shunned by our cutting edge, interior design loving daughter. We have decided maybe we should have a give away of our own. I think this is where we post a photo, but we are clueless when it comes to all this new technology. In fact we don't even have a blog to do a give away. I guess the hall tree will have to remain in the shop.

  19. Pumpkin spice English muffins do not exist in England. It doesn't seem fair, they sound delish! X

  20. I really like your decorating ideas!

  21. THANKS for the heads up on the english muffins (I eat them almost every single morning...but PUMPKIN?! YUM!). Your entry is lookin good, mama!

  22. You've got skillz.
    (Those muffins look good, too.)

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. ONE of the best things about fall is pumpkin.....anything! I shall have to get some TODAY! Here is my latest pumpkin treat.



    1 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt, strained
    1 cup pumpkin puree
    1 tablespoon granulated sugar
    1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice


    Mix everything together in a large mixing bowl until completely combined. Churn the mixture in an ice cream maker for a few minutes until it is a smooth, cool consistency.

    Alternatively, place the bowl in the freezer and stir mixture every half hour until it reaches desired consistency

  25. Love the entry.....love your writing even more! Have a great fall day..:)

  26. I second what Lisa Tucker said. Off to buy muffins now. Have a blessed day!

  27. Love what you have created here in your entry fpfg!

  28. I love how your entry has turned out, using what you had on hand. Very, very nice, happy and homey.

    I've got pumpkin cookies baking in the oven right now and they are smelling up our little cottage nicely.

    Enjoy your week and thanks for sharing so much with all of us. You are an inspiration.


  29. Yum! I am off to find some myself.Entry looks great~Cheers Kim

  30. {raised the hand} i have to say that though they seem to be fewer, my husband still manages to find the reruns. {a bit tangentially- i just read that Manhands, part woman, part horrible beast,is pam on true blood!}

    great front entry. i particularly love the rug. and the cheery yellow scarf— i have a similar one.

  31. Love your lil drop zone girlie....man do you have a way with color. I could NEVA pull it off!
    Oh, and I already snagged 3 packages of the pumpkin english muffins. And did you know there are pumpkin bagel thins out right now??!!

  32. the goodness of Thomas wrapped up in Fall? oh my heck. too wonderful. just like your entry.

  33. Ooh, love it! How do you do it?! Inspiring, I tell ya. You'd laugh and run back out the door if you ever stepped foot in here...

    Also, just got back from the grocery and I remembered the cream cheese and FORGOT to go back for the muffins! Gah!!! Oh well. Next time.

    Also, I love the comment from your folks. Love them. :)

  34. Do you think I will be on pumpkin overload if I have one of those babies with my pumpkin coffee? Anyway, love your entry. You have a way of making Goodwill stuff look so unGoodwillish.


  35. a to the mazing, girlie!
    my hubby said the same thing about my 'aztec-y' rug!
    long live home goods!

  36. I think that your entry has inspired me to finish painting mine, maybe take it a step further and hang a picture. Love your style. Also, will be hot footing to the store for some pumpkin english muffins.

  37. I am so distressed, I can't find any of the pumpkin muffins. Where did you get them? Company comes today want to share with them. Help?

  38. Cute! I put some old hooks in the kitchen last year...above the window. It fits the space, but has no purpose over the window. Sigh. Off to find some of those pumpkin muffins! YUM!

  39. i LOVE all things pumpkin in the fall. Will have to add these to the grocery list.

    i love your entry way!! so cute!!

  40. Memories...I believe the fabric on your bench is a Waverly fabric that that I used in my dining room previously. Loved it then & still do!

  41. raising my hand...miss Seinfeld.

    loving your entry way....very impressed with every stitch of your hodge podge...it looks quite the opposite.

  42. I love this space. I love it's unique Shannanness. Which is clearly just another name for amazing and beautiful.

  43. Thanks for the English muffin suggestion. A little smear of Biscoff spread on that baby made it a great day.

  44. what the heck??!!!
    pumpkin spice english muffins!!!

  45. I'm sorry. I want to comment about your lovely entry but all I can think about are those muffins.

  46. Soooo I was just at the grocery store with my kiddo and noticed a whole stand of pumpkin-spice flavored baked goods. Sitting at the top was the coveted muffins! From your review I of course bought some :) Toasting them up now!!!! Smells soooo goooood!

  47. LOVE the photos!! lovely blog too. http://emsdarkroom.blogspot.co.uk Emily xx