Sunday, September 16, 2012

Can't Stop Weekend

 This weekend, I couldn't stop...

* Eating this.
(With these for dessert.)
* Remembering how much I love this song.
* Watching this youtube video and bawling for a couple of reasons, but mostly because it gripped Calvin with stoic awe and inspired him to say, "I can't wait to be in the Air Force. Or the Navy." (This is one of Ruby's fave songs because it says "and they went to Africa".) :) 
* Reading this.
(And another secret book that you'll have to wait to hear about.)
* Falling in love with this art.
* Wearing this.
* Appreciating this awesomeness.
* Getting excited about this.
* Making notes for this. (eeek.)
* Thinking about making this. Only in an M. haha
* Watching (loving) this movie.
* Being rattled by these verses.

What reeled you in this weekend?