Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Million Miles in A Year. Just One.

I blinked for just a second yesterday and my baby turned four. Well, fine, it was more than a one-second blink. It may have been more like a teeny, tiny cat nap, because blinking too long leads to that sort of thing these days.

Regardless, I didn't see it coming.

He was greeted by this when he came downstairs. He called it a car wash. He told every single person he encountered, "Today's my birthday. I'm foe. I get a car wash."

Yeah, it was hard to explain.

What's this, you ask? And what does it have to do with four-year old birthdays? Well, it's individual cups of homemade mac & cheese. For his pre-school party. It's just how homeboy rolls. It was that or kimchi, okay? We opted not to put our money on fire-hot cabbage.

No one wants to incite birthday treat anarchy.
This was our insurance policy against said potential revolts.

And now, a word on mini Milky Way race cars:

The candy bars crack. I just want to warn you of that in case you're a fellow only-partially-recovering Type-A. Our cars were all busted up in the rear. Every one of them had been rear-ended by an unseen force. It's almost as if Cory was behind the wheel of all of them.

Also, you may not have noticed (I hadn't) but Teddy Grahams are divided (unevenly) among cheery, "arms up!" teddies and stodgy, grumbly, pouty, stomp-around, arms-down bears. I didn't figure it out until I was a good 6 cars in. The arms-downs looked all wonky and mean. So I had to excise them from their vehicles and call in replacements.

Another thing? Brown M&Ms. You just can't put a brown tire on a brown car. Trust me on this.

You can, however, put 3 blue tires and 1 orange tire on a car, in honor of your brother's high school Chevrolet with the single orange door. It's your call.

As you can see, the day was already almost too much to handle.

We loaded up all three boys (see Charles and Baby Nolan above) for a special dinner out. As fate would have it, they all share a birthday, though Baby Nolan reportedly turned six.

His only request was that we all wear our boots.

We had to wake them up for dinner. They were all a bit sullen at first.

But chopsticks and kimchi cukes have a way of changing things.

He plowed through an entire plate, double-fisting his chopsticks (which he uses more like skewers.)
They brought out a massive bowl of ice cream covered in caramel and scraped the caramel off and ate it, then pushed the ice cream aside, saying he was full, only to eat more kimchi by the fistful.

Cory and I had such a blast on our Siley date. He was so much fun, so charming, so alive, so fully Silas. All day long, my heart was pinched up with that I'm so lucky feeling. I look at those eyes and see a whole world, an entire volume. I know it hasn't all been written yet. I know we've only known him for two-and-a-half years, but we've lived a lifetime together. All of the pain and the sorrow, all of the tears (ours and his), have slowly begun to give way to hearts that are mostly stitched back together. We have suffered with him and it has made us a family, for real and forever. He's finally able to let go of some of his anger, making space for things like learning and growing and yes, (hallelujah) sitting quietly now and then for an episode of SuperWhy!

We love you so much, Silas Park. You really are four now. You really are big.

Some of Siley's favorite things at 4:
potty humor (totally tops the list)
Baby Nolan
mommy shirt
chocolate milk
spicy cucumbers
cell phone ring tones
pretty lights
sprinklers, hoses, and general water
The Carrot Seed
This cd (aka "Bible schools")