Tuesday, August 7, 2012

White House Diversion

Can I call a diversion?


It's been a really difficult couple of days with the big kids. Like, heart-breaking, cry-my-eyes-out difficult.

As surely as I sit here in a cherry-stained t-shirt, I'll be ready to talk about some of it before long.

But tonight? I need a vacation from the darkness.

I'd like to be blinded by the light a little.

Are you with me? Well, pull on your shades. It's about to get bright up in here.

First, here's a close-up of the nook paper. My friend Heather kindly pointed out that it looked yellow in the last post. Eeek! Low light photography, people. Remember, I'm a novice.

Now, remember that Barn Light Electric contest? Well, I took the Bronze. I could scarcely believe it. It was so unexpected and it jacked us up so bad. I got word that I medaled exactly two days before our lighting selections were due. It was a huge, wonderful, farmy, free wrench. Thrown right in. I fretted and stewed and changed my mind eighty-five times.

Pretty pumped with my final choices.
(Low light, people! Low. Light!)

Thank you to the ends, Barn Light Electric.

Okay, do you see what I see? Cause I see a whole lot of white. I've always pined for the all-white interior but was too chicken to try it. The problem was solved when our builder handed us six different whites and told us to choose one. One. Voila! White house.

It's so...white.

I'm kind of scared.

Hold me.

And yes, I did pick white lights on top of the white walls. They were cheap at a flea market. (And no, I'm not defensive at all or worried about it in the least.)

 And indeed, I went with white cabinets to go with the white walls and white lights.

Who put me in charge???

Not this guy, that's for sure. He only puts himself in charge. I tell him many times a day, "I'm the boss." It does feel a little throw-back first grade, but it seems to get the job done. And by that, I mean that he ignores it not quite as entirely as most of the other things I say throughout the day.

But is he ever pumped about New House. If you've crossed paths with him over the past few months, he has surely invited you to come to New House. "We get a new house. You can come!" He's probably also told you about new microwave, new fridge, and most importantly, new ding-dong.

 And dare we forget, new fan.

So here's the thing: I got all practical and put ceiling fans in the 2 upstairs bedrooms. White, of course. In a surprising twist, it ended up saving us some money to vault the ceilings. Oh dear Heavens, it killed me to not order up some massive Barn Lightery for those ginormous ceilings. Did I mention that the upstairs ceiling height in our farm house was 7 feet? Kid you not. Kid you not.

So yes, this feels extra indulgent and exotic, what with the big ceiling fans and all.

So there you have it. Our all white house. Word on the street is, we might be in by next week.