Friday, August 17, 2012

Move On

I just found this photo a few days ago. This is how I made the final trip from our farmhouse to the BDR. Quite fitting, since we'll be doing it all over again tomorrow, though I'm officially calling shotgun.

It should feel sort of monumental, but I'm too busy being troubled by the fact that Ruby's birthday decorations are still up and the garage isn't packed. Silas is sleeping in the hall. Things are more than a little wonky here.

But more than anything, what weighs on me is this: why is my thumb so dang long? It's like a second forearm up there.

Think of us tomorrow. I'm hopeful we'll survive because 1) we're well practiced 2) my mom surprised us and showed up today unannounced 3) silas will be wrangled by a friend 4) we have many amazing people lined up to help, one of whom is bringing a crock-pot full of sloppy joes

And stay tuned, because I have a whole big boatload of processing to do. This is an end and a bigger beginning. 'Twould be a shame to let it go un-over-analyzed.

Still FPFG, no matter what, even in the city, forever and always amen


  1. You have me analyzing my thumb now. I have freakishly long fingers and toes, but I don't think my thumb is as obvious as the rest of the digits.

  2. Yaaaaa hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!

  3. Amen. And God bless the keepers of Siley and the makers of sloppy joe. And Mama. (Hi Shannan's Dad!, and by the way, Shannan told me about that snake of yours... EWWWWW...)

    Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Better long and freakish than Fred Flintstone-ish. Just saying. Hang tough, Mama. You'll be settled in those new digs faster than I'll get my laundry put away. (Part of it's been sitting, folded, in the same tote since the end of July. See?)

  5. Wow...wishing you the smoothest move ever. May you only move stuff once...may your house not get scratched...may your children fall asleep within a few hours of bedtime!

  6. Shannan,
    I heart you more than you can imagine even if I started of BFF with your hubs!!! Good luck with the move.

  7. I'm moving tomorrow too. I hope both of our moves go well and nothing gets broken. Good luck.

  8. Oh, and I bet your thumb would come in handy if you played the piano. You could reach a wider range of notes.

  9. Happy Trails to you! My Girls have finger toes they hate them so don't feel to bad it could be worse.Long fingers are pretty, my middle Grlr has very long fingers too!

    So excited to see your new place after you are settled in.Nice to have great peeps in your life~Cheers Kim

  10. yes, will be thinking about you and prayin' it goes smoothly and knowing He goes with always.
    p.s. you better have stuck beside the curtain decision!

  11. Good Luck tomorrow! I hope it goes as smoothly as any move can! If you're a coffee drinker (I don't think you are) or if anyone helping you move is~ what works well is hitting Caribou Coffee and having them "Moose the Cr@@!" out of an espresso drink. Run on crazy caffeine fumes!

    Your thumb comment made me LOL and reminded me of my always-present question "WHY does my hair have to look like that? Why the Don King hair TODAY?"

    I enjoyed the large box of bathroom tissue in photo. I'm sure it was filled with other things, just know it made me happy.

    This made me snort:

    " 'Twould be a shame to let it go un-over-analyzed."

    I'm back to quoting you again! HOLLA!

    Rock this move, Shiny!


  12. One question.

    Are you taking the "attached to the wall can opener" for the white on white on white?

    (BTW, we HAD one of those when I was little...but I didn't remember it until I saw yours. I didn't know what it was back then. I just spend time flopping the metal thing back and forth...probably until I got distracted and smashed my little

    You'll be fine.
    And, if we don't hear from you in a while - we'll check behind the pretty flowered curtains.

    ~ Dana

  13. Can't wait to hear of the next chapter of your adventure. And P.S....You DO have an abnormally long thumb, but I will continue to read your blog anyway. :)

  14. haha I seriously cracked flat up over your thumb question because I saw the pic and thought wow her thumb is long. Feel bad for me ....I have the hands of a 9 year old boy with nail polish and age spots. Poor lad.

  15. May your move be smooth as you continue on this journey of yours. I look forward to future posts and pictures. You are such an inspiration.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  16. You are going to have such great adventures and make so many wonderful memories in your new home - just you wait!!

  17. Ahh, the chaos of moving. The garage will get packed and you will eventually catch up on sleep. Can't wait to read all about it! Prayers for all of you but especially your sanity going up!

  18. I am praying right now that you are having a perfect moving day.

  19. I'll be praying for you today as we're packing up our own house. I feel your range of emotions.
    Thanks for letting us share in your journey!

  20. Your comment about your thumb being so long really cracked me up.
    Just think, it could be worse, your toes could look like that.
    Happy Move to you.

  21. Amen, darlin'. I can't wait to see and hear all about it.

  22. Your thumb is fine. Everyone picks apart our real or imagined flaws. Hope you have a smooth and uneventful move.

  23. Hi, Shannon, Was just passed your place last week on the way to visit a friend on down Waterford Street, I wish I would have stopped in, but oh well. Wish you well oon the big final ??????? move, my son works for Hoosier Foundations and he said he and his crew put in your basement, small world. Take care and blessings in your new surroundings. Ann Schrock

  24. happy moving day! :) hope it all goes well...and what an awesome mama you have!

  25. ...i cannot imagine how you can even are so covered up in prayers...blessings laney...who is always lurking

  26. ...i cannot imagine how you can even are so covered up in prayers...blessings laney...who is always lurking

  27. Happy moving! Cannot wait to hear all about this new thing you got going. Analyze away, girlie.

    You are precious in that pic. Big thumb and all.

  28. Girl you got a wonky thumb. Some day I'll email you a picture of my weirdo toes.
    Oh well, we're all still fabulous.

  29. I wouldn't have missed the "final" move. Plus, I was able to meet some of the sweetest and kindest friends in the world!! Not to mention four of the cutest little helpers. They made the move almost painless, Or maybe it was the fact that there wasn't any wall paper to remove this time around.

  30. Hey Farmgirl, praying for you!

    So excited about this new chapter.

    Bugs & Sunshine

  31. hey, sweetie farmgirl!
    stopping by quickly, to say we prayed for y'all today.
    love love LOVE you. so grateful you process here.
    hope you're getting some sweet rest tonight! xo


    1. AHAHAHAHA. Sorry. I thought I was done ahahahahaahahahah. Choke.
      It's not that I am laughing at your freakish fore arm thumb. It's that my claim to fame since childhood is my freakishly long middle finger. I am not a swearer. Never have been. So when I whip that guy out its a crowd stopper. All eyes on me and my tall man. I like to show it to my kids sometimes and just calmly say "look. My finger is so long". They get all huffy and in a tif because that's their "no no finger". I get all huffy and in a tif because I never taught them to speak like that. I might call them nerds. They are teenagers. They can take it.

  33. praying for you friend. loving you and your long thumb. :)

  34. Kevin and I just laughed out loud together about your thumb. :-D
    Good luck moving...can't wait to hear all about it!


  35. Your sense of humour is the best! Good luck on your move!

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  38. looks like you got some SPAM up above me. geez.

    praying for you as you settle into your new digs....standing by to hear all about it. :)

  39. Thank you for using the word "wonky". . .I do all the time and get silly looks from people for using such a British word. I feel not so alone in the world! Happy move to you (even though technically you moved four days ago- i'm a little behind).

  40. yay you! love that long thumb, love your wit. x