Friday, August 17, 2012

Move On

I just found this photo a few days ago. This is how I made the final trip from our farmhouse to the BDR. Quite fitting, since we'll be doing it all over again tomorrow, though I'm officially calling shotgun.

It should feel sort of monumental, but I'm too busy being troubled by the fact that Ruby's birthday decorations are still up and the garage isn't packed. Silas is sleeping in the hall. Things are more than a little wonky here.

But more than anything, what weighs on me is this: why is my thumb so dang long? It's like a second forearm up there.

Think of us tomorrow. I'm hopeful we'll survive because 1) we're well practiced 2) my mom surprised us and showed up today unannounced 3) silas will be wrangled by a friend 4) we have many amazing people lined up to help, one of whom is bringing a crock-pot full of sloppy joes

And stay tuned, because I have a whole big boatload of processing to do. This is an end and a bigger beginning. 'Twould be a shame to let it go un-over-analyzed.

Still FPFG, no matter what, even in the city, forever and always amen