Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mennonite Portland

A friend of mine described our new town as Mennonite Portland. Truer words were never spoken, though I'm not Mennonite and I've never been to Portland.

Let's just say that there's a certain crunchy vibe happening around town. And I dig it.

I don't know exactly what's happened to me. I think it all started back when I began sliding from my former Right Wing status into a vague sort of political apathy. I will spare you my beliefs - they are complicated and boring - but suffice it to say that over the past year I've decided that maybe they aren't the most important thing, after all. Maybe they don't define me as much as I once fancied. Maybe they'll be just fine there on the back burner. (Don't. Tell. My old boss Robert.)

Alas, here we are, in the land of quirk, braids, and upcycling.

Rubes and I did the whistle-stop tour yesterday morning and I decided some things.

1. I will visit the Farmer's Market every Saturday.
2. I shall dine in the coffee shop.
3. I will bring home a bouquet of flowers. Always.
4. And maybe a cupcake with frosting twice as high as the cake.
5. Or some cheesecake.
6. Or a personal cherry pie.
7. I would like to become more familiar with grains.
8. I'll start with wheat berries.
9. Is that even a grain?
10. Seems like it shouldn't have "berries" in the title if it's a grain.
11. Portland is confusing.

Flower Patch Hippie Girl