Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From There to Home

As much as I'd like to ring in the new house with a beautiful first blog post, full of wit and wonder, this is all I got: We made it.

Are you thinking about moving? I don't recommend it. It's just not fun, that's all. Because it's enough that you have to pack up every single belonging you own. And, you know, maybe your oldest will be hospitalized overnight 2 days before moving day - just for kicks. Maybe you'll miss closing on the new house because you're trapped in a hospital with a kid who isn't really sick. Maybe you'll shower twice in a span of 5 days. Maybe you'll start to scowl a little, just so your greasy hair looks more at home. Maybe you'll stop labeling boxes. Maybe you'll curse the day you decided to sew the curtains.

Maybe all of that will happen, or maybe it won't. But either way, you'll get all your business moved and then you'll realize you still have to unpack it all. And not in a philosophical sort of way. You'll actually have to take the crap out of the boxes and find it all a new home.

So, all that to say, just don't do it.

Unless God told you to, then totally do it.

All melodrama aside, moving day went off without a single hitch. Thank you so very much for the thoughts and prayers. We started at nine and had everything here by noon. Pretty fancy, right?

I owe a debt of gratitude to our family, church friends and regular friends alike - the very people who have supported us every step of the way on this seemingly ridiculous journey. They rallied around us and made our day feel as big and loved-up as we ever could have hoped. It felt important to be surrounded by people who really get it. They made us laugh, ignored the dust rabbits lurking behind every blasted piece of furniture, loaded the truck like a pack of rogue Tetris geeks, carried all the heavy boxes (and the light ones), watched the wilies, made lunch and dinner, and did it all with a smile. I wanted to cry several times that day, but I was too dang happy.

Also? My Mama surprised us by showing up at our door late Friday afternoon. I lost the bulk of my big packing day to hospital drama and she swooped in and saved us all, International Spy-style. I positively could not have done it without her. Pulling off her trick was not without consequences though, as she almost had to lie to cover her tracks. Almost. Upon close review, it was determined that she made short work of dancing around the full truth while retaining her full integrity. She gets an A+ for Vagueness and a solid A- for Believability.

Me: (upon reaching her on her cell that she never, ever uses) Where are you?
Mom: Oh, just out running errands.
Me: (suspicious and slightly hopeful) What kind of errands?
Mom: Well, first your dad wanted some milk. Then he wanted some cookies...
Me: (Since when does mom drop everything and run to get dad milk and cookies in the middle of the day???)
Mom: Oh, and we needed dog food.

The dog food is totally what sold me.

So, here I sit, in a house only partly unpacked. It's starting to not feel like a weird vacation home and beginning - just barefly - to feel like home, tried and true.

I walked the kids to school yesterday and felt so alive, joy seeping through all the tiny cracks. I love being part of this community already, the one that doesn't bother putting on airs, the one that probably doesn't know how. This right here is the life for me. It just feels right. It feels like the exact thing that our hearts have been moving toward.

I'm not gonna lie, the house is beautiful. It's more than I could have imagined. Much more than what we ever expected. That's the part of the story that I still can't wrap my brain around. But everything else is the part that waltzes my soul around.

Details to come, but you probably already assumed.

Flower Patchy

ps - Photo in honor of our 13th Anniversary today. I'll let you guess who the cheap skate is.